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Story Title: Fear

Author: Tail Kinker

Category: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Summary: Shinji arrives in Tokyo3 to see his father for the first time since his mother drowned and to meet his new fiancee. He is not pleased about being engaged against his will, but this pales when he discovers the role he has been selected to fill...

This is what happens when H. P. Lovecraft and Hideki Anno go out to a bar, get hammered, and decide to combine their talents (Cosmic/Body Horror and Psychological Horror, respectively). The angels have been replaced by Lovecraft's deities, and woe be it on anyone who would see the spawn of Shub-Niggurath - otherwise known as the Eva Series - as anything less than a partner. And somehow, despite the fact that it ramps up the psychological trauma beyond the original series, it has possibly the single most happy, heartwarming, "Bad End" of anything I have read to date.
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Story Title: Aoi

Author: Random1337

Category: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Summary: Without Shinji Ikari, life in Tokyo3... goes on. Relationships develop... love and hate wax and wane... and the angels continue to arrive.

Oh lawdy.

Read this at your own risk. Seriously. It's brilliantly written, and certainly among the most in-character fan fics you will ever have the (mis)fortune of reading.

And that's why I say read at your own risk.

You will feel tears start to come as the story goes on - if you don't, you are what we like to call an 'emotional eunuch'. But seriously, it's like the author decided one day to see how much more depressing s/he could make NGE. How much more ******** up s/he could make the relationships between the characters.

And s/he succeeded.

In spades.
If it's not too much to ask, I'd also like all of you to check out my account Russian Lullaby. Danke~!


Story Title: Seven Sinners

Author: dancer4ver

Catagory: Axis Powers Hetalia

Summary: Remember me. Touch me. Know me. Fear me. Give me. Feed me. Leave me. These are the cries of those that suffer. Rated T for language and sexual content.

Notes: Contains yaoi.


Story Title: Brother Complex

Author: MeowChan16

Catagory: Axis Powers Hetalia

Summary: Dysfunctional family AU. Al and Mattie have always been close brothers, but when Matthew gets hurt falling off a motorcycle, more people start giving him attention. Possessive Alfred doesn't like it - not one bit. Matfred with some FrUk. Rating bumped up!

Notes: Contains yaoi, smut, and incest.


Story Title: Amaranth

Author: M.JS.KK

Catagory: Axis Powers Hetalia and InuYasha crossover

Summary: Noun - an imaginary, undying flower, maybe that's how she could be described as - imaginary - there was no way she could ever be undying, immortal.

Notes: It's dark and sort of scattered, but very well written.


Story Title: Risque

Author: Uchiha b***h

Catagory: Axis Powers Hetalia and InuYasha crossover

Summary: This infatuation of his was getting far too dangerous.... IY/Hetalia inter-connected drabbles/one-shots/

Notes: I reccomend this to everyone. You don't really need any knowladge on either of the series, and it's quite cute.


Story Title: The Price You Must Pay

Author: Stiches-the-Cat

Catagory: Axis Powers Hetalia

Summary: Ludwig never did understand what his brother had meant until he grew old enough to wage his own wars..

Notes: This actually inspired my "What is War?" story. Short, but filled with emotion.


Story Title: Vigilant

Author: ChaosLydia

Catagory: Axis Powers Hetalia

Summary: How Mathew Williams lost his voice and became invisible. This is an extremely dark Holocaust fic.

Notes: Very dark, very sad. There's a reason it's rated M, people, and it's not because of secks.


Story Title: Tear Down the Wall, Romeo

Author: LightofaThousandSuns

Catagory: Axis Powers Hetalia

Summary: AU. A dictator has come into power, and divided an Empire into two parts: The Worthless and The Necessities. And two young boys, brothers, on opposite sides of the Wall, will write letters to one another, fall in love, and start a Revolution. Germancest.

Notes:This is very well written and, somehow, I think that every single one of us can relate to it in the least bit.


Story Title: All the World's a Stage

Author: Tatsumaki-sama

Catagory: Axis Powers Hetalia

Summary: AU. All Matthew wanted to do was find her long lost brother. But somehow she ended up pretending to be a guy who is pretending to be a girl.

Notes: This is one of the best Hetalia fics that I've read so far, next to "Dancing with Cinderella".


Story Title: Dancing with Cinderella

Author: eloquentelegance

Catagory: Axis Powers Hetalia

Summary: Austria never wanted a family. The idea was pointless. Until he met his little girl. His little, human daughter.

Notes: Heart-wrenching. I've read it three times, and the ending still makes me cry.
Azure Night Rain
Title: The Lucky Ones

Author:Terri Botta

Category: Inuyasha

Summary: Sometimes Fate hands you a gift you never thought you'd ever get, and it's up to you to accept it for what it is.

I read both this and "The Once and Future Taiyoukai". They're very good. :3
Story Title: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7539979/1/Babble_On (Babble On)

Author: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1374460/Aurette (Aurette)

Summary: One person's nervous tic, is another's nervous joy.

A quirky romance between Severus Snape and Hermione Granger.
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Title: Don't Shed a Tear For Me

Author: Slumbering Potion

Category: Harry Potter

Summary: After losing his wife to an illness that now threatens his daughter, Harry must trust a stranger with her life… someone he's mourned for ten years! Slow moving Snarry, sap, fluff, lots of build-up, now with copious smut! HPxSS

Notes: Slash, male/male
Title: Unfamiliar

Author: Cpl_Facehugger

Summary: Louise summons the Blacklight-virus entity that calls itself Alex Mercer. That alone would be enough to describe the story that ensues, except that the history of Halkeginia is a little different from in canon...

Notes: Crossover of Zero no Tsukaima and [Prototype]. You'll have to make an account to read it (which I did), but it's a fantastic story with great characters and freakin' awesome interactions.

Hee I love Alex Mercer ~ <3
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MY favorite one is A Very Important Day. by the amazing author Cambion Delacroix.
Summary:Your name is Dave Strider, and the love of your life is getting married. What will you do?
Category: Homestuck
Pairing: Unrequited DaveJohn. John/forgot her name
Its gorgeous. The emotions and plot and everything. ohhhh.
Story Title: Thief!

Auther: Volpone

Category: Yu Yu Hakusho

Summary: Someone has replaced Youko Kurama, the top thief in the Makai? And meanwhile, a new student at Kurama's school seems hell bent on not noticing him. Not that he cares...right?
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Story Title: Continuing the Cycle

Author: Phantom Feline

Catagory: Harry Potter & Naruto

Summary: "Dark magic, a trip through the Veil, being called Lord by all the snakes he comes by, and a humorous and dangerous case of mistaken identity. What more could Harry ask for? Harry-centric, slow buildup. Eventual Naruto AU. Rated M; Dark Themes."
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Title: Lovely

Author: Rorschach Kitty

Category: Naruto

Summary: Deidara would do anything to be lovely.


Title: Cancer

Author: Rorschach Kitty

Category: Naruto

Summary: Deidara sacrifices what he loves the most, for someone he loves the most.


Title: The Ghost of You

Author: Silentz

Category: Naruto

Summary: Naruto swears hes being followed by a boy that no one else sees. Enter stumped classmates, a psychologist, and many one-sided conversations.


Title: Genius is a Curse

Author: Bloodshot Eyes

Category: Death Note

Summary: If Light had never touched the Death Note, would he ever have found an escape from the depression and boredom that plagued him? Would he have had a future at all?
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Title: Harry Daniels and the Order of the Shadows

Author: blade625

Category: Harry Potter

Summary: Harry is the older twin brother of Christopher Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived. After that Halloween, his parents forget about him in favor of Chris. After he overhears his parents talking about doing something terrible to him, he runs. He becomes Harry Daniels.
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Title: One Path

Author: Lionchilde

Category: Star Wars

Summary: COMPLETE. The story begins during TPM with an unexpected but welcome friendship. When friendship turns to something more, an entire galaxy will be changed, for better and for worse. Obidala.
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Title: What Makes A Hero

Author: Selphie Kinnieas 175

Cateogry: Legend of Zelda

Summary: TP. The struggles of being the Goddesses' Chosen Hero are limitless and immeasurable. When everything Link knows is taken from him and his every waking moment becomes a battle to stay alive, how does he keep going? This is what made Link of Ordon a hero.

Just a mini note from me. I usually don't like game fanficiton, but this is really good. It's not finished yet, and it does leave you wanting more, but since fics should do that anyway, there really isn't a problem.
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Title: LOL

Author: The Moonclaw

Category: Legend of Zelda

Summary: A humorous look at some scenes from the Legend of Zelda games.

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