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As the title says, its where you put fan fiction stories from other authors on fanfiction.net up. You don't have to put a reason why you like said story, just the title/link (preferably together), author, fan fiction catagory, and summary. Please note that this is a way to get stories by friends out, not your own.

Example of what to do:
Story Title: Haunted

Author: Regnig-oftheblackforest

Catagory: Labyrinth

Summary: He still watches. And still wants her... WARNING! Rape/abuse in later chapters

Quick note: I don't put up the example to make anyone feel inferior or anything like that, I do it because I know some people feel better having an example of what to do up. Also, it makes me feel good knowing that I put up fail proof instruction so others can't blame me for not explaining what to do if they do it wrong. It has nothing to do with those who can actually follow instructions without an example.

I am trusting the people who post on this not to put stories they made on here. While I have no way of actually knowing if the author is you or not, I am hoping that you all are nice enough not to abuse this thread by taking advantage of my trust.

To show that I mean this, I will tell you who I am on Fanfiction.net. I am the author Hearts In Strangeness. There. Now, if any of my stories appear up on this, you'll know that it is not me who is placing them.

Next post begins thread.
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Story Title: His Little Girl

Author: WhisperingWolf

Category: Inuyasha

Summary: Tired of being a glorified babysitter and angered by the attention paid to Rin by Lord Sesshoumauru, Jaken plots to kill Rin. As Rin becomes ill, Sesshoumaru and Kagome are brought together.
Story Title: My Personal Valentine

Author: ronOReds

Category: Twilight

Summary: Forks High is running a special Personal Ad column in their newspaper! Can Bella, Alice, and Rosalie find their special someone in time for Valentines Day!
Story Title: Of Curses and Cures

Author: SiriuslyPadfootsGal

Category: Twilight

Summary: AU: Edward is finally prepared to begin his medical career—a career ninety-years and four medical degrees in the making. He is, however, anything but prepared for the change that comes with his first patient... Bella Swan.

Had to change it because, as of now, Tristelianna Haliwell's fan fiction account, Hearts In Strangeness, is shared between her and four others, me included. So, while this story was on there before this decision, I thought it better to change it in case someone tried accusing me of breaking the rules, as all of our gaia profiles will be on the fan fiction account profile.
Story Title: Parenting Skills 101

Author: vjgm

Category: Twilight

Summary: Forks High is making the jr and sr class pair up and be 'parents' and take care of a baby doll. All the Cullens are in school still and taking the class. How will Charlie react when Bella and Edward announce they're pregnant?
Story Title: Just one Week

Author: PegasusRider

Category: Fruits Basket

Summary: Shigure, Kyou, and Yuki will be out of town for one week, so Haru ends up watching out for Tohru with Momiji, the local bunny cupid. Momiji, with the help of his cousins, trys to hook Haru Tohru up.
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Story Title: Imagination Land

Author: Daddys Little Cannibal

Category: Twilight

Summary: Complete with epilogue. Bella is an author that just happens to be in a coma. But instead of being completely brain dead she's living in a part of her brain where all the fictional characters she’s created are alive. BXE Edward is a vampire!

Note: As of May 8th, 2009, Daddys Little Cannibal will no longer be gracing everyone with her wonderful stories. She was killed in a drunk driving accident. Everything that says it has been updated has really just been her friends posting to let everyone know as well as placing one of her stories that had been deleted back up. I am letting you know now, A lot of her stories will be posted on this thread, because she was an amazing author. The world should be grieving for the terrible loss of such an awesome writer.
Story Title: Fighters and Lovers

Author: X-Keva-X

Category: Inuyasha

Summary: He found it hard to believe that there was a female out there that was revolted by him. He wasn't conceded by any meaning of the word but after so many years of being wanted it caught him off guard to find that there was actually one that didn't want him.

Note, the author tends to change her name a bit, so if you it doesn't direct you to her profile, then just click on the story. It always give you the correct link to the author.
Story Title: Vampires in Vegas

Author: vjgm

Category: Twilight

Summary: Alice and Rosalie decide to take Bella to Vegas for a bachelorette party against her will. The boys feeling leftout, decide to get themselves into a little trouble too. 1st fanfict...rated T
Story Title: Boycotts and BarFlies

Author: vjgm

Category: Twilight

Summary: AU Everyone is Human and living in Portland. The girls decide to boycott boys and the guys make a bet to keep them from dating the 'wrong kind of girls' what happens when they all stop looking for love? ExB, JxA, RxEm
Story Title: Family Therapy Cullen Style

Author: vjgm

Category: Twilight

Summary: Carlisle has had it with the children's constant bickering so he sends the Cullen's to family therapy. Suicidal Edward,Bella's fear of committment, Alice addicted to shopping, Rosalie's hostility, Emmett and Japer's gambling..who will survive? FUNNY
Title: A Simple Fight
Author: Ellourrah
Summary: Between beautiful weather, good traffic, and happy teens, the world was a good place. In fact, it only seemed to get better as a little fight goes over the edge.
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Story Title: 12 12 Small Steps Against Inertia

Author: tsubaki-hana

Category: Harry Potter

Summary: It will put his heart out like an only eye. (Severus never did know when to say the right thing. One-sided Severus/Lily. Spoilers for Deathly Hallows.)
Story Title: brb suicide

Author: Kitteh and Neo

Category: Invader Zim

Summary: A bass ackwards universe in which Dib is just your regular Tomemo in middle skool, his father isn't the renowned Professor and Zim is actually smart and oh so fabulous. [ZADR AU]

Uh, just one thing though. They quit the FF.net account and put everything on DeviantArt. Plus, they put that on hiatus as well.
Story Title: A Midnight Fall

Author: Kyashii

Category: Vampire Knight

Summary: 12th chappie up! A fateful meeting between Yuuki and Kaname results in Zero, Kaname, and Aidou courting Yuuki! Let the games begin, with some under-handed tactics and suggestive pranks played by all. A bit serious at first, but funny later on. K/Y Z/Y A/Y

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