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Yes it's unfair.
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Stop complaining! You can easily buy it off marketplace or buy it off someone else who's selling it.You non-US users are acting like little kids.
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You know what's unfair? Expecting Gaia or Funimation to break the law for your own selfish entitlement. They'd be infringing upon international copyright laws. They'd be infringing on Square Enix/Bones. They'd also be infringing upon other localization companies world wide.

You know what else is unfair? Saying that no one should be allowed to have the items just because you're denied one way of accessing them.

Everyone has a different view than others, but still I don't think the bragging US residents deserve the items.

And no I don't want these items.
you are not required to pay cash to use Gaia. using cash on Gaia makes it easier or gives you advantages but you can still do basic functions without paying a cent

Yeah, that's what I do
I'm from America. Nobody cares.
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Because gaia knows that most users would rather have the items available than not have them at all neutral
Things like this come with the territory with sites that are based only in one country, it's just the way things are because of licensing laws, shipping fees, ect. Every site like this that I've been one has had at least "so and so only country" sponsor, it depends on where they are based. If gaia was based in Australia, you can bet your a** they would have Australia only sponsorships, simply because it can take years of work to make deals with all the different license holders.
Gaia took the sponsorship because they need money to stay free to play and because they knew that users have been wanting items like these for a while, they probably figured "hey, why refuse when everyone will have access to the items via cash or marketplace?"
As for the convention thing...do you REALLY think gaia can afford to ship out people to different countries to go to cons? Do you know how expensive travel can be?
Also it does cost alot of money just to have the permit to have these items on Gaia.....maybe all they could afford was just in the US, don't jump to conclusions there is probably a logical explanation
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Is ANYONE going to focus on the actual point of this entire forum being made for FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST and actually post about the show/manga/merchandise instead of complaining about pixels that you spend your real money on instead of perhaps things you could use in real life?
Those that are bragging about America being special with getting said shop and everything are usually trolls who are seeing others get uptight and angry about this (seeing how there's countless threads about the items being sold only to Americans instead of the actual Fullmetal Alchemist series) just so they can get more of a reaction out of people.
Yes, I understand that it is unfair, but it is due to copyright licenses. Perhaps Gaia could have broken those though so that everyone could have bought the item, owned it for a short period of time, then lost it the moment Gaia most likely got sued and had the site shut down for breaking such laws.
I am tired of people complaining about this entire ordeal instead of focusing on the actual point of this entire forum! We have an entire forum, FORUM just for Fullmetal Alchemist, people! And yes, the item is only available to be purchased through real money (which, as I said, could be used instead on actual, physical things) in America, but you can still buy it in the marketplace. Yes, the prices are high, but prices also drop.
TLDR; people are ranting and raving over the exact same thing over and over again when they could simply be talking about something they love with fellow fans of Fullmetal Alchemist. Thank you, my rant is now over.
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If only the US members can get it, WHY EVEN HAVE THAT DAMNED THING?
Fnck!ng unfair.


When it comes to items gotten on Gaia conventions and all that s**t, and NOW THIS?

Go suck a goat USA, go SUCK A Fnck!ng Goat!

Well, I see your rage, BUT that doesn't mean you should go tell America to suck a goat. God, really? stare
If you REALLY want the dammed FMA thingy, which cost 299G cash, THEN go to the Marketplace. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!! scream
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... Really?

Are we really gonna b***h and moan about a ******** promotion?

Ever think that maybe Gaia didn't have a say in not being able to release the item worldwide?

Ever think to yourself "Wow, I'm getting worked up over and spending [as you said] 'thousands' on pixels"?

Grow up. Buy it on the MP like a big kid.

I'm European, and when I saw that it wasn't available in Cash Shop, I didn't give a ********, because I don't spend actual money on a site that's ******** free. That's what Gaia Goldz are for, you dip.

I do not want this Item, I'm just annoyed that Gaia couldn't think and maybe just not have this item instead of giving hopes to thousands of people, who then got let down when it was just for the americans. Not because it's right, but mostly because most of the Americans are now bragging like pricks about their item only for them.

I've yet to see an American on here bragging about it only being available for them. I think you're being over-sensitive and irrational.
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As a non-American with hardly any gold, but a fair amount of cash sitting here... yeah.

Go suck a goat. Suck a goat indeed.
Actually I just really like that phrase.
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If only the US members can get it, WHY EVEN HAVE THAT DAMNED THING?
Fnck!ng unfair.


When it comes to items gotten on Gaia conventions and all that s**t, and NOW THIS?

Go suck a goat USA, go SUCK A Fnck!ng Goat!

Gaia explained why, you idiot.

There's a copyright issue. I don't think FMAB is licensed in your country as a manga/anime.

I understand your anger though. If Gaia did something like this again, with Death Note (probably won't, though), Doctor Who, or Harry Potter, and only, for example, people in the UK able to get it, I would be screaming on the forums for people in the UK to eat dirt and die.
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You can always buy the items in the marketplace.
But the prices are so high. I don't think I have the patience to do booty grab and zomg for the rest of the week just to earn enough gold to buy those items.
Buy a different cash shop item, sell it, then use the gold to buy the FMA chance item on the MP. idea
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Serene Dippity
Yeah, I am a LOT jelly about this whole "only US can buy these FMA items" but I have no range against America. Only a rage against this whole shop thing.

I get slightly annoyed when the US residents (not entire america, as canada isn't getting the items) are BRAGGING.
They are bragging? gonk Man, that's just low.
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You can always buy the items in the marketplace.

If you want a roy mustang set I hope you have at least a spare 41.25 million gold you want to spend.

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