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Who is best pony :T

Twilight Sparkle 0.051851851851852 5.2% [ 7 ]
Fluttershy 0.15555555555556 15.6% [ 21 ]
Applejack 0.081481481481481 8.1% [ 11 ]
Rainbow Dash 0.17037037037037 17.0% [ 23 ]
Pinkie Pie 0.066666666666667 6.7% [ 9 ]
Rarity 0.14814814814815 14.8% [ 20 ]
Derpy 0.18518518518519 18.5% [ 25 ]
Discord :U 0.14074074074074 14.1% [ 19 ]
Total Votes:[ 135 ]
If you looking for a place to go where all sexual orientation is welcome and yaoi and yuri too come to Furries Cuddly Cute Boy/ Girl Lounge
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I'm glad a lot of people found a place to call home. But seriously, it was in no way Charon or Slags fault. It's called drama, overreacting, over sensitivity, and cybering. You have no idea how much I wanna punch some of the people in the now closed thread pointing fingers when if anyone is to blame, it is me.

I was a horrible thread owner, vanishing and getting distracted, not being more strict, not explaining things. Every time I tried to do something fun or nice someone had something to complain about. Every time there was someone breaking the rules, people would b***h at me to ban them, or their friends would b***h otherwise.

It's a precarious business that kept me up at night and actually physically made me sick. I've lost several friends over the thread, I've lost a single real life friend over it, and now, I'm seeing people's true colors with their comments.

Needless to say, I'm sure Drizz will do a better job than me. We've been discussing a new thread for several weeks and decided he should be in charge, note this was a fair group of people INCLUDING Charon, Drizz, Shaid and a few others in conference.

But seriously, don't play the blame game. Don't think this is the end, because it's not. When Voulez got bad, I made a new thread to make people happy; Drizz is just doing the same. At least I had the dignity to end the thread rather than abandon it.

Now this thread seriously is in the Recycle Bin, please don't post. You're welcome to PM me if you REALLY need to b***h. But please do not fill Drizz's thread with complaining or drama.

It's been fun and I'll miss this, but this is the BBL's last moment. The closed sign is up, the kitchen is empty. Thank you for being faithful customers.

Owner and head Chef, Mitsu

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