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Which REI should we recolor?

Trilune's Covenant 0.035142118863049 3.5% [ 136 ]
Moira's Fashion Flashback 0.072609819121447 7.3% [ 281 ]
Petit Cherie 0.066925064599483 6.7% [ 259 ]
Hardhearted 0.10723514211886 10.7% [ 415 ]
Dark Heart 0.22558139534884 22.6% [ 873 ]
Custom Cut 0.16072351421189 16.1% [ 622 ]
Watchmaker 0.097416020671835 9.7% [ 377 ]
Pandaista 0.10594315245478 10.6% [ 410 ]
Volante Reverie 0.050904392764858 5.1% [ 197 ]
Mystery of the Stolen Sapphires 0.077519379844961 7.8% [ 300 ]
Total Votes:[ 3870 ]
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lilloulou's avatar

Angelic Bunny

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  • Magical Girl 50
  • Little Bunny Foo Foo 100
Maybe they considered the results yesterday and just forgot to close it? And maybe they are already working on the possible colorschemes (I wonder how they will post the suggestions).

Maybe, but It would've been easier just to set the date for the poll to close on. As for the color schemes... I just hope nothing involving pink and pastels wins. >.>'

I'm more concerned about the fact they could add really strange and unmatchable colorschemes or mix of colors which we don't really put together on an avatar usually. Or... just things which makes it hard to use with something else other than the item itself.
fallheart's avatar

Codebreaking Singing

10,100 Points
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  • Nerd 50
I've always wanted a Petit Cherie recolor, in brown and pink maybe? 3nodding
Daltar's avatar

Muscular Bear

Except for Dark Heart and Volant Reverie, the rest of the REIs have more gender-neutral poses.
Gaia should base their options next time. It's unfair that two girly REIs got in.
There should only be "gender neutral" items.
No, I meant the REIs being voted for.
Sellesion's avatar

Invisible Giver

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  • Conventioneer 300
  • Elocutionist 200
I'd love to see a recolor of The Watchmaker. I love that item, and its pretty unisex, but Greens are hard to match, on gaia. A navy, off-white version would be pretty.
SongwriterPatries's avatar

Dangerous Hunter

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  • Magical Girl 50
  • Elysium's Gatekeeper 100
I hope we can vote for the colors to be reversed <3
Ysavvryl's avatar

Peaceful Lunatic

I've always wanted a Petit Cherie recolor, in brown and pink maybe? 3nodding

That would be cute. 4laugh I think it'd be nice in lavender and black, or blue and pearl white.
babyl10's avatar

Fuzzy Bunny

I'm happy dark heart is winning.
It's not gender neutral, but it's my favorite of the bunch.
I hope the purple/black get redone into silver/green, while the brown/cream/amber get redone into white or light brown/ black/gold. The feathers in the hat, instead of rosamund red, could be a rich blue.

Well, my favorite besides Petite Cherie.
Ambiverted's avatar

IRL Traveler

My vote went for custom cut. I want that scarf thing in a dark blue. I'd like more color options for the eyes and wigs in it too.
I'm cool with dark heart too, but idk what colors we'd want to see it in? I hope they keep the complex color scheme of it and don't just paint it whatever shade is voted for.
I thought this was supposed to be over.. =/
Poison_The_Well's avatar

Original Smoker

i voted watch maker
Yokies's avatar

Stone-cold Shade

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  • Valiant Collector 300
This was supposed to end on June 25th (announcement). When do we vote on the colors?
Clawed Darkness's avatar

Sweet Friend

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  • Battle: KO 200
so do we have to wait till friday?
Clawed Darkness's avatar

Sweet Friend

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  • Battle: KO 200
in my personal opinion i really wanted to see custom cut recolored...
RekaChio's avatar

Questionable Bear

Maybe a B/W Custom Cut? emotion_kirakira
RandomKate's avatar

Festive Spirit

Several days after the closing date later...

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