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marvelous misadventurer
InuYasha... yup
I thought he was very hot, not only that but a animal I wanted to tame. eek
That and I didn't find myself being a normal "human". I was a different weird when I was a child. I grew claws ninja

InuYasha AND Miroku. Loved him so much. 4laugh

pretty much! razz o bad cartoons cant come to life, just for a few hours rofl
Let's see: Blackarracnia from Beast Wars, Demona from Gargoyles, Shego from Kim Possible, Star Fire from Teen Titans, Catwoman from Batman the Animated Series. Just to name a few
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I had the fattest crush on Danny Phantom as a kid.
at some point in the 1990s i began developing a crush on Rogue from XMen
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Trent from Daria
Yamato from Digimon
Mamoru from Sailor Moon
jasmine. pretty, smart, and HAS A PET TIGER
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Ruki/Rika from Digimon Tamers.

Her tough personality really got to me as a kid, and I honestly just thought she was really cool heart .

I originally watched the dub as a kid, but it's been a tradition of mine to watch the original version at least once at the beginning of every year. I don't really have a crush on the character anymore, as being an adult now, I'd feel weird if I did considering she's supposed to be around 12 years old, but she's still my favorite character in the series.
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Probably Kimimaro from Naruto. I remember being in sixth grade and fawning over him.
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I had this strong crush on Yoh from Shaman King! Now I have it on Ren XD. I'm 18 with a boyfriend! I can't believe I still love Ren * shakes head in disbelief *
Mine as usual was....Goku of course idc I just liked him and thought he was real and thought all guys should be like him then i figured out the truth crying now I don't like him at all
My cartoon crush was Aladdin 4laugh

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