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Why on earth does Gaia not have Fonts? Most forums do, but all the other forums don't usually have as much BBCode as Gaia does.

Even the text caps are higher here!!!!

So I really don't understand why Gaia doesn't have Font. Font would look something like this:

[font=courier]HELLO WORLD[/font]

That's not hard at all, is it?
I really don't see the need for different fonts, I reckon the default one is fine IMO
It would be really nice to have different fonts, actually :]

It's a great suggestion and would be a good addition to the forums - I'd be all for it.
I agree. Not everyone likes the plain font. You can either keep the plain, or you can change it. Whatever you want.
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I like this idea.
I'd love this. This could help me get more creative with my sig in terms of having words in it. Decoration purposes for posts, it would be great for mini shops, contests, quest threads and charities. ^^
I'm fine with the default font.
People already try to "dress up" their posts with post styles, which already look pretty ugly.
I would hate to see a whole post with 50 blinking images, 2 full emo song lyrics, 1 line of actual post all in the font Jokewood.

But maybe I'm being a pessimist. If they restricted it to maybe 2 or 3 fonts that weren't illegible I wouldn't mind too much.
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Let's just pray they didn't add Wingdings.
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Oh there you are remote...
Im all for it. As long as they dont put in really annoying or hard to read fonts, then its all good.

...How did you get so big?

Gaia has that in journals. I'd like to see it on forums as well.
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While I'm all for personal customization, and more options for users...I rather like that there is one default font allowed...

Like others have said, there is already so much liberty taken with post styles for posts that adding yet one more editable parameter such as font type might just push me over the edge (sanity-wise)... sweatdrop

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I like things nice and simple, actually...

We do not really need to complicate things. Besides that... we want the Devs to concentrate on fixing all the things that needs to be fixed before they start adding things we dont really need.
How do you change the color of the text?
What is the code?
Someone PM me please.
Would really help!!


-Panda xd
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Yes, please.
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I was swimming across the sky, in the ocean of dead lights;

Well I think that it would cause too many problems.
New features come with the lovely price of new glitches.

Plus I would like to see Gaia fix that glitch that shows ALL the bbcode used to edit
text in profile comments before adding any new text edit stuff.

I was looking for your smile in the wind, but there was nobody there this morning

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