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This thread is a petition for exchangers and vendors to recieve access to their old accounts or at least stop the unjust banning in the future

Gaia, please understand, this is a huge issue where you have ripped off your own customers. I guarantee if I asked my mothers lawyer about it she would say that we could sue, depending on the amount of money they put into the site that they were ripped off on. You banned people who got jobs and spent their entire pay for two weeks on this site. Young kids everywhere losing their hard earned money which at our ages is hard to come by. Teenagers work their asses off for minimum wage so they can afford to buy as many collectibles as they can, even merchandise from the G-store. So unless you agree legal action should be taken, I suggest you hire on more staff to work out these kinks and make the system safe for teenagers to use.
This is why parents don't put their own money on sites like these, and that's why I'm sure every teenager out there's parents say "No, I'm not using my credit card number on that site, it's a scam" Because when you look at it from our angle. Gaia is a scam. A scam is where they steal money from you buy talking you into buying things that you never recieve or can't keep.
This would make Gaia a scam because people who spent money on their accounts, lost all their collectibles due to an unfair banning, in which they were completely ignored.

If every single person that Gaia banned unfairly had bought monthly collectibles, if you read through the pages you'll find most had bought a VERY significant amount of collectibles, older ones that have much higher value now, like Kiki's and mini wings and the angelic halo, if every single one of those people who lost all their items sued gaia, the site would be forced to shut down.
Example: Like how gaia banned user run banks/loan services. They did it to avoid future scamming and hassle.

This would force gaia to shut down, to avoid future scamming and hassles.

A lawsuit could indeed be set up. All the user would need is their parents credit card bills to show proof of gaia receiving the money, and the only proof of scamming needed would be to try to login to their username.

Knowing this, I ask that everyone speak to a mod, and have this situation worked out immediately, before those who were heavily scammed by this website take up legal matters.

Gaia, take better care of your customers. If you plan on being successful in the future.
Signers Party! I'm going to be hosting a party in gaia towns for the petition!
It will be a dress up party, Peasant clothes or poor outfits are the theme.
Also I will be looking to give out some event items as party favors. This is a party for all of those who were unfairly banned to chat about all of the things that they lost, or just for fun to meet some new people. Everyone is welcome to come to listen to our stories so that some people who think that we're playing games can realize that it's true, we've been treated horribly by gaias staff and we need to have closure. It will be an all day long party and the date will be posted soon, so keep your eyes open!

Also invitations will be sent out to ALL signers when the date has been set. Thanks everyone!

Okay everyone, so I spoke to a new person the other day and I've been pretty busy lately bein' pregnant and all, but I have some new directions for all of you who were unfairly banned!

I lost the PM, but she said it was okay to use it. Apparently, she too was banned for password scamming, which she didn't actually do.
She sent an email back to gaia, with the email they gave her to ask questions.

Apparently, that email address is answered by a bot, and just basically tells us what we've all heard already!

She spoke to a mod, and found out that there are more actions to be taken when being unfairly banned.

She was infected by a keylogger and they banned her account for her own protection.

So with all of this in mind, please gaia do NOT give up on your unfairly banned accounts. I ask you to go to the feedback section and file out a report. Or speak to a mod, I've been quite busy lately so sorry it took so long to put up this response.

If you want more info about her story, please take a look at our affiliates with the banner stating "Again, I was shocked to tears".

We understand that it takes gaia a lot of time to do absolutely anything, let alone take their precious time to look through peoples accounts to make sure that we aren't actually guilty. In this case, we ask gaia to GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER. You make all of this money from sponsors when people in other countries can't even join in on them. Obviously if you don't have the time to reply to all the questions of the people you wrongly banned you need to hire more people, and in the eyes of all gaians, there are so many things that we need fixed not even just our accounts, but things with the site and the games that haven't been working for months even over a year now. If you need the help, get it, because your users are sick of all your inconveniences.
Anyone who's interested in having their story posted as proof that this happens can send me a PM with their story.
I'm also thinking about starting a charity for those who were banned unfairly. Any ideas on how to choose people to receive donations would be helpful.

As I read, this type of petition is not allowed, but if you ask me, it's needed.
The rules clearly state that the account owner can contact them if there was a banning error.
Why ban these petitions if you ignore those people? Lots of users have spent real money on their accounts and used it to exchange and were banned, when they asked questions they were ignored.
So gaia, if you're going to tell us not to have something as a petition, then DO something about it. Don't tell us the account owner can ask questions when all questions asked by banned account users are ignored. We're being generalized into hackers/botters/scammers because gaia banned us for no reason. And after being banned instead of being treated kindly and quickly by the admins we're ignored and treated like we're guilty.
We're Not Guilty! So fix this problem rather then limiting what we can have petitions for! These people are innocent and had their items taken from them, and something needs to be done about their loss of money!
Isn't it considered stealing to accept money for a persons certain account and then ban it without question or warning? I believe so!
Please Vote us a thumbs up so that more people will sign this petition!
A lot of exchangers and vendors are banned by accident.
Not only exchangers but regular Gaians as well.
The offenses that most gaians are found guilty of:
We've all been on myspace I'm sure, if not I'm sure you've clicked refresh a couple of times on your page to see if anything's been posted in a forum. Especially new exchangers and vendors who don't realize that by refreshing the page it's considered "Botting" which if you ask most new users they don't even know really what's done to actually "bot". So many new exchangers click the refresh in the market place to keep an eye on
items because a deal will show up and be gone as soon as it's posted.
Sure, our regular vendors know better and hit that go button, or for our exchangers we know to click the thread link at the top, but just recently did I find out that that's considered botting.
More details?: There are programs out there that allow your computer to refresh the page repeatedly without actually sitting at the computer. They allow people to get gold quick. Because of these users people who refresh the page unknowing that these programs even exist, just for checking if someone replied or if a new deal has popped up, instead of clicking the name of the thread or go, end up getting banned for botting and these users are ignored when asking for proof. When if gaia looked they would see posting in this time, and changes in their store are proof that the users were active, not just refreshing one page for hours on end. Crucial to banning, yet obviously the mods are too busy messing up the games and older features then to look into an unjust banning.
These Gaians I'll assume that someone put something expensive in the MP and filled out the form wrong and sold it for almost nothing and our vendor bought it. Which would lead me to believe they got mad and reported them for hacking, although it says in the PM all transactions are final and are not negotiable. Lots of people have all of a sudden had their accounts taken for this with absolutely no proof of who they hacked and for what.
These are the main two reasons that I know about if you have a story and you want it posted here send me a PM with it.
This thread is a suggestion that should be done about this problem that upsets many gaians. But wouldn't you be furious if you spent a total of 20 real dollars to get MC's and then have all that money thrown to waste?
We think that:
If gaia bans someones account, they have the responsibility of checking the trading activity of that account and PMs to recieve PROOF of the hacking or botting. Anything that can be done to recieve proof would be acceptable. And all emails regarding bans need to be answered.
Also the PMs and trading activity should be checked to see if the person was active during the alleged botting. If someone only appears to be doing it for the time that they're online and are active whether talking or exchanging or vending gaia should have the right to check ONCE to make sure that you are not just refreshing the page for gold but refreshing it to find a deal or to see if that person has responded to you.
Any unjust bannings that no one has proof of should have the account unblocked and the password sent in an email back to the user.

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The Rules

1. Do not PM me telling me you sign or begging me for gold.
2. Don't post saying you don't sign, it's pointless and it will just be deleted along with any other rude posts you may have, and you wont get a response from me out of it.
3.Follow the TOS. This is a given but people always tend to do something.
4. Try to keep discussion around unjust bannings. It's okay to stray away to other topics involving gaia that makes you mad, but try not to.
5. Don't Advertise! You can send me a PM with your banner and I'll set it up as soon as I can.
6. No Flaming. This is a petition, we need to stand together, not against each other.

1st times a warning, 2nd time your gone.

I reserve the right to delete any and all posts that break any of the rules. And you will NOT receive warning.

White List:

Black List:

2.Needless Fury
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105.Empress of Aquileia
107.Le Fobsession
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113.A Missguided Keyblade
115.steph kasen
118.Lunar Rose Cheza

Feel welcome to look at all these other cool petitions and links!
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first sign, woot
I know someone who was banned for "botting"
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My first avi was banned just after I got upwards of 100k.
Weeping God.
Please put me on!
gosh, I got 5 accounts banned for botting! (just because sometimes I have to refresh the page to make it reload because my computer's connection's really crazy!!!)
Put me on, my gaia wife, BlackWingedGirl was banned for 'hacking' I believe she told me, and I know for a fact that Roze would NEVER do something such as that! mad She told me that they apparently unbanned her account, but her password isn't working. I think this to be very unjust and that she should have access to her account again.
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my account screw like bunnies was banned simply because i recieved botted gold from a friend in a trade. she too was banned.

how was i supposed to know Gaia?

I sign.

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