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I forgive but I never forget.
I forgive people..All the time.. emotion_8c It's not my fault.. it's lust something I have to do.. emotion_facepalm
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For the longest time I kept a "grudge list" of people stretching all the way back to kindergarten written in a secret code I devised so I wouldn't get put on suicide watch or some s**t. It was a lot of baggage to deal with and I'm only just now starting to get better about that sort of thing. Don't get me wrong, one of my main goals in life is still to become ridiculously successful just so I can go back and laugh at everyone who ever s**t on me.

My main policy is still "forgive when convenient, never forget."
The heart forgives but the mind does not forget.
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Punctual Warlord

When it's physically,
and emotionally against me,
they become scars,
and thus,
held as grudges.

I have O.D.D..
Oppositional defiant disorder.

I seek revenge,
anger issues,
etc, etc.

I only forgive those who I have a misunderstanding with,
and with that, I say,

I rarely forgive.

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I am more forgetful than I am forgiving, and that is saying something, because I forgive a lot of people for a lot of things.
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Fu*k no. If people break the basic level of trust I bestow upon them then they aren't worth my time. If people go out of their way to do things that go against the grain with me then yes, I will absolutely hold a grudge. I'm an easy to get along with person, you basically have to try to ******** it up with me so I have no sympathy past that point. If I forget it's from years of substance abuse and sleep deprivation mixed with anxiety and how that effects my long term memory.
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Depends on the fault. If it is small, due to misunderstanding, and no one really got hurt from it, I tend to forgive. Outright betrayals and things done with malicious intent towards me and mine, however, will never be forgiven. It's not really a grudge, though. I tend not to think much, if anything, about the unforgivable folks. The only time the anger ever crops up is if they come up in conversation or they are physically there, which does not tend to be often seeing as those sort are cut out of my life after the offense is made and a truce could not be agreed upon.
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it depends on the situation, and what I have to forgive.
I'm the farthest thing from a forgiving person but also I'm ******** forgetful.
If someone's done something bad enough to make me remember it, I never forget it and I hold it against them FOR ALL OF TIME.

People shouldn't treat people badly, holding grudges sorts out all the shitty people and gets rid of them.
You can't forgive completely if you don't forget. And if you forget, then there is nothing to forgive. Therefore, no - I don't forgive.
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Do you hold grudges? What exactly is that doing for you?
Are you a forgiving person? When is enough, enough?

I hold grudges, typically for good unless the person genuinely makes a real effort to change. But most never make that effort b/c it is too difficult to change. I guess it's a flaw of mine to be this way, b/c I can be rather harsh with it, but oh well.
I am not forgiving. I can forgive small things usually. A mistake here and there, totally cool. Lying to me about something relatively important, and you're getting the boot from my life. I can't stand lies. I won't lie to you if you don't lie to me. Lie to me...and well, I won't be honest with you anymore.
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Dapper Gekko

I'm a forgiving person to an extent.
I go by the rules of baseball.
Three strikes and your out.
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Dapper Codger

Do you hold grudges?

What exactly is that doing for you?
Absolutely nothing.

Are you a forgiving person?

When is enough, enough?
When an individual begins taking advantage and abusing my willingness/efforts/time.

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