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I guess if I have to pick one it'd be Perfect Blue. just ughh.

Oh god, I forgot about Perfect Blue! gonk Yeah... that was a disturbing, and just over all creepy and wrong anime.
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Elfen Lied was pretty disturbing for me. Lots of violence and gory murders. It was the first manga I'd read like that. I loved it in the end, but it shocked me at first.
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Alice L O V E S You
When I was real little I used to watch dbz, and I remember one episode where a bald guy gets impaled by like a horn or something, and that disturbed me quite abit.

More recently, the second Kara No Kyoukai film (the one with the purple haired girl who couldn't feel pain). Why so much rape? D: and the last movie, why so much saliva? D'X
Kara no Kyoukai... That's the one with 6 hour/ hour and a half long films in the horror vein, right? Are the other ones any good? I tried to watch them online, but the first froze up on me. crying

Anyhow, I found Umineko's scene where Beatrice left the candy in the ripped open corpses of the Ushiromiya family in the church and then dedicating the offering to Maria pretty messed up too. And don't get me started on another of Ryukishi 07's pieces, Higanbana no Saku Yoru Ni (sp?). That was a kick to the gut with how that teacher wound up raping and killing an elementary student. That really pushed my comfort level. But, I did like the second arc a LOT more.

Yup. All the movies are really good, I highly recommend them. :3 I had issues with them too, the player I was watching them on lagged alot and froze on the two longer movies. I had to refresh more then I would have liked but it was worth it.
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Boku no Piko (dear god don't watch), and KissXsis
Umineko and Higurashi ....pfffft, and some pany's freakin complain about the grudge. If your a** never wants to sleep peacefully again without hearing the the deranged psychotic laughter of little girl's in your ears, the watch those. I mean, freakin don't get me wrong, both are very good Anime... I'm actually glad I watched them... but...they will mess with your head. Umineko in particular always seemed so...sick, to me. There was this over all air that no matter how this game played out, it wouldn't be a happy ending for anyone... except Lambadelta... but all she wanted to do was rape the other supernatural antagonistic loli and screw with everyone else as much as possible...which is in itself even MORE messed up!! xd Seriously though. I STILL am not sure how I feel about that series...

So, even though Higurashi was messed up, it...presented itself better. If that makes sense. It didn't really mess with me as much as Umineko.
Shin chan it made me regret ever being introduced to anime
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As I draw my latest breath...
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Higurashi and Umineko. I was maybe thirteen when I watched those for the first time... -shudders-
I loved 'em though: some of the best horror anime I've ever seen. :3 And I typically don't enjoy horror because it usually never disturbs/scares me enough. XD (The whole notion that it's just a movie/show sorta prevents it from having much of an effect on me... save for certain cases. ;P )

The Kara no Kyoukai movies were pretty disturbing as well, but I liked them even more than Higurashi and Umineko. XP Been considering re-watching them when I have the time.

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...Amazing Things are done on earth!
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I do not know the name of it because I only watched one clip of it (AND THAT WAS ENOUGH) but some guy could turn into this demon thing and a group of other demon things swarmed around some girl he liked, pinned her down, cut off her head then paraded her head around on a stick to some really freaky techno/tribal music.


Technolyzed and Serial Experiment Lain both just made me feel like "dafuq did i just watch." Even though I liked them.

OH! and that part in End of Evangelion were Shinji masturbated while Asuka was comatose. I watched that movie with my dad.... CREEPIEST PARENT/CHILD BONDING EVER
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Okay, so that topic title is a little over-dramatic in comparison to what this thread is about, but it's still... kind of relevant?

We've all watched a lot of anime. We've watched anime that we loved, and we've watched anime that we've hated. Today, we're going to talk about the anime that made us feel... Well, just plain uncomfortable. The ones that we don't really like talking about, because of the affect... positive or negative... that they had on us.

For example, the Adolescence movie from Revolutionary Girl Utena. The main couple from Koi Kaze. The Ending of Berserk. Or in Digimon Tamers, how... off Juri was.

So lets do this, comrades. Let's dig deep, open up those old and fresh wounds alike, and get down to the discussion. You can talk as much or as little about any anime that disturbed you, confused you, depressed you, or just made you feel kinda weird.

Bonus points if it's Now and Then, Here and There.

There are movies of Berserk now. Just by the way.
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Spirited Away scared the heck out of me as a kid. Especially No-Face.
And now I have a liking towards the strange and grotesque.
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I'm amazed no one has mentioned Speed Grapher. It had lots of WTF! moments.
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Anime? Not really. Manga? Sorta. I can read some of Junji Itou's stranger stories and even Mai-chan's Daily Life, but Shintaro Kago's manga often leaves me not knowing whether I should be fascinated or horrified.
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My God, Sensitive Pornograph scared the crap out of me the first time I watched it, but then I watched it again a year later and enjoyed it.

Boku no Pico......enough said. emotion_donotwant That show disturbed me so much, I officially hate shotacon. -shivers-
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The plot behind School Days (more specifically the visual novel PC version) scared the ever-living crap out of me. The drastic change in tone with some of the more...gruesome.. endings completely freaked me out. I'd never, EVER supported any sort of harem ending before. But in this game, some of the endings were so disturbing and heartbreaking that School Days became the one exception. eek

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