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$125 is the most I ever spent on a pair of boots, but they're a nice pair of leather boots that go with everything and I've had them for years now...

The cheapest pair of shoes I own are a pair of $5 strappy, wedged heels, super comfy! And a pair of sneakers for $10 which are really comfortable and feel so light when worn.
With my own money, $40 I think. My mom spent $60 on a pair for me one Christmas. I won't go higher than $80 Lol I'm cheap.
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The most I've spent is $90 and that's with the tax. But the zipper on my suede boots, the only other pair I own, broke so I was desperate and bought the first pair of boots I liked.
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I am not a big shoe person, so the most expensive I have is 120$ for boots. I need to get more gothy shoes though. A lot of my loli comm is into fluevog, which are REALLLLY pretty, but quite expensive. These are 300$ ish range of shoes. And the ones who own some say they are really worth it and last.

I dont really like nude as a colour. I personally wear my shoes out, so I dont really buy a lot of expensive ones and go for bodyline because i can easily just buy another pair when they die,
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Like $250 for above the knee leather boots with some discounts. Original price was like $400. I have a hard time finding comfortable shoes and with tall boots they usually don't fit my leg right. The boots were perfect so it's totally justified to me.

I don't like nude heels all that much. I don't think they 'make your legs longer.'
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I spent 168 on a pair. The only pair ever, lol.
Now I'll mostly go up to 80$ but even then they have to be some mighty fine looking boots. I'll look around for something similar before splurging on those.
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-Most you've spent on boots/shoes/heels/etc...
-Most you're willing to spend.
-The insanity of expensive shoes.
-Cheapest, but greatest find.
-People's obsessions with shoes.
-Girl's obsessions with nude shoes.
-Your ideal price range.

-The most I've ever spent on shoes would be $80. Pair of sandals from Journey's. The kind with the back zipper & chains/straps around the ankles.
-Probably $100, but I would have to really love the freaking shoes.
-I've heard that it's quality over quantity. But! I'm still not buying designer shoes for $400. I can find designer shoes for way, way less.
-Goodwill! I got Harajuku Lovers heels there for $8.00!!!
-I think it's totally fine if you wear all or most of them.
-I really want some nude heels really bad. I love how they elongate legs. It's just amazing, but they're really hard to find. What I mean is, it's hard to find some that match my skin tone. I can only find "fair skin" toned heels.
-My ideal price range is the cheapest possible price ever. That way, I can buy more than one pair.
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-Most you've spent on boots/shoes/heels/etc...
Like... . u . $120. LOL. They're cute boots though...I think they're Lacoste ones or something. But I didn't spend the money :c My uncle bought them for me ahafsiofhsisd *feels guilty*

-Most you're willing to spend.
Most I'll spend on shoes is like $20 >:

-Cheapest, but greatest find.
CUTEST PAIR OF BLACK BOOTIES AT ROSS OMG. I got them for $15 dollars and they clack when i walk and they look so cute with skirts with leggins int he winter and they have this small chunky little heel and they're so cute aaaaaaa <3

-People's obsessions with shoes.
pumps pumps pumps pumps pumps

-Girl's obsessions with nude shoes.
They make your legs look longer if you're wearing nude heels/pumps. c:

-Your ideal price range.
$10-$15 from Ross. eeeeeee.

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My Gma bought me a $90 pair of heels for Christmas one year.

I won't spend more then $60 on a single pair of shoes, and I rarely do that.
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The most I've ever personally spent on boots is about $41. I'm a poor-a** college student, and it broke my heart to spend so much.

I'm really not willing to spend more than $50 on boots.

Goodwill & the Salvation Army are the best - I picked up a pair of steampunk boots for about $12 at Goodwill recently.

I too am obsessed with shoes - I own 20+ pairs, including dress shoes & work out shoes.

Nude shoes are ugly, and I personally do not own any.

My ideal price range is free to $20.00 US - but I'll spend a little more for better quality. User Image
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-Most you've spent on boots/shoes/heels/etc... Probably 150 euros...
-Most you're willing to spend. At the moment, I wouldn't go over 100.
-The insanity of expensive shoes. Well, if they were custom made by hand locally, and I was rich, I don't think paying a lot of money would be crazy.
-Cheapest, but greatest find. Well, I don't really fare well with shoes, but maybe a pair of leather boots for 70 euros that were originally 140. Other than that, pretty much all the shoes I buy second hand... One time I bought a brand new pair of high heels for 1 euro, and sold them for 10 euros to my workmate. She was so happy to buy them. I asked for 5 euros.

-People's obsessions with shoes. I guess I can kind of understand it, I myself am obsessed with clothes, due to my studies..
-Your ideal price range. 40-100 euros. I could go lower, but it would have to be a really good sale... Usually the shoes that are less than 40 euros are really crappy, except for the sandals, but I don't need sandals...
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Probably only 200 to 300 USD. So long as I have a good, durable pair of boots to wear all day, every day, I'm good. Clothes on the other hand...I have a thing for Ralph Lauren blouses, like this one:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

They're freaking 80 USD a piece. gonk
Resonare Praeteriti
Probably only 200 to 300 USD. So long as I have a good, durable pair of boots to wear all day, every day, I'm good. Clothes on the other hand...I have a thing for Ralph Lauren blouses, like this one:

They're freaking 80 USD a piece. gonk

LOL. I spend more on clothing than I do on shoes, :'< I'm just as guilty, I'd buy an 80 dollar
shirt without hesitating if I fancied it. (But I always get insane buyer's regret bahah) :l I do
it with dresses, then I only wear the dress like once or twice, I need to stop that.
And those pants make her look like she has a huge, sleepy, vag. U:

-Most you've spent on boots/shoes/heels/etc...


i thrift. i get really cool, unique shoes for psycho cheap.
and i don't really buy shoes. i steal my mom's.
i know that sounds bad but she has some really cool stuff ok

-Most you're willing to spend.

don't really have a price range. i'd probably consider exchanging a kidney for really cool shoes, i am a fashion addict. lol

-The insanity of expensive shoes.


-Cheapest, but greatest find.

black rocking horse platforms for 3$.
they were so cool and beautiful until i was dumb enough to try and walk through mud with them on and broke the strap. cry may they rest in pieces

-People's obsessions with shoes.

i can't say anything about that because i'm one of those people

-Girl's obsessions with nude shoes.

not obsessed, do own.
they are nice. don't wear them much anymore. they're kind of out of fashion right now anyway

-Your ideal price range

a price that wont make me cry when i read it
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-Most you've spent on boots/shoes/heels/etc...
uhm... $90 for my killer nursing shoes. I can stand in them all day and my feet never hurt.

-Most you're willing to spend.
um.... depends. on good, GOOD boots, probably... $200- $250.

-The insanity of expensive shoes.
SERIOUSLY. I could never spend some of the money people do on shoes. Like $700? Like that'll pay 2 months rent for me. No way.

-Cheapest, but greatest find.
Um, Sketcher's Shape-Ups marked down from $100, to $25. They don't do anything for my a**, though xd

-People's obsessions with shoes.
I ******** love shoes. I can't explain it.

-Girl's obsessions with nude shoes.
Nude shoes? Like the color? Can't get into it.

-Your ideal price range.
$30-$60 is fabulous. If I can find shoes under $50, I almost always buy them.

-Why having bigger sized feet makes you pay more than you want to.
I have super tiny feet (like a size 4), so I can shop in the kid's section if I need to. But it is hard to find heels that aren't baby heels.

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