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My sister has some real uggs, and honestly, you can tell the difference. Especially if you compare it with those very cheap rip offs (although I hear that Ella also has pretty good ugg-like boots)
It looks better and has better quality.
But she has a different pair.
She has uggs with a sole like these, which I find more suitable for wet weather.
I think these are pretty cute as well.
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I'm a bit biased as I always agree with paying more for better quality shoes.

I'd definitely agree with getting some branded Ugg boots, or going for EMU possibly as they have a good reputation too.

Whether they last longer is dependant on how you look after them. Some real Uggs I see are ripped, bowed in the middle, etc, from where people haven't kept them in good shape. But if you waterproof them (as mentioned above) they'll stay hardy. Some people have them for 4+ years.

There's no point getting the cheap fuggs re-soled. But if anything does go wrong with the soles on branded ones, I would definitely see about them getting fixed. With expensive shoes it's more worth it.
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Oh look a kitty
    you dont have to buy uggs,
    bear claw brand is jsut as good, if not better imo.
    and significantly cheaper. 4laugh
I will look into those emotion_kirakira
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Uggs are nice, but you shouldn't get them wet (rain, snow). They will last if they get wet, BUT it makes the sheepskin look ugly and the colours change a bit over time.
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Bearclaw boots, man.

Those are the s**t when it comes to UGG knockoffs.

My sis is obsessed with them because they're great for her - she's a runner, so when she's feeling sore she can rock those pretty easily. User Image
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I have off brand ones from like JCPenney and never had any problem with them. Had them for about three years, I think.

I love them they're super warm.

I've heard Emu's are just as good as Ugg's, if not better, and a little cheaper. Never had them, myself, though.
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i buy normal boots and they're fine for me razz my soles kinda get ripped...but i buy boots for every winter so it doesn't really matter for me...i don't think you should get ugg boots though; there's probably pretty good quality boots for wayyy cheaperC:
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I've had Ugg boots since I was a baby, and I've only gone through like four or five pairs in my life (mostly because I out grew them). They last a long time, and they are really good quality. I love my Uggs, and I don't think I will ever really buy any other kinds of boots.
Uggs are made in Australia using Australian workers paid the very high Aussie wages ($20 an hour in manufacturing) aaand are made using Australian merino sheep's wool.

That alone accounts for the cost of them razz

Also, they last. Years and years and years. And I wore mine out (in Asia lol not in Australis - everyone wears uggs in Asia so it's not daggy) and they still look fine.

So yeah they're worth it!
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Air walk brand is really good...
I got them when my foot was a size 8, and that was about 2-3 decent years ago.

mine to do not have any holes etc., and i have walked with them through snow, mud, rain etc.

they are cheap too! go to payless smile
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I honestly didn't think anyone liked uggs any more, they're a pretty ugly shoe

but I'd say if you like them a lot it would be worth the investment!
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I have two pairs of real Uggs and they are really nice. But I do own a few good Fuggs too. Then again, I switch up my shoes, and don't wear the same pair daily. But most people I know who have Uggs say they've lasted them a very long time. Sometimes the high price tag is worth it.

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