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You forgot one very important thing, mate...

gonk *adds Mary Magdalene to the list*

...I'm Captain Jack Sparrow.
C. Jack Sparrow
You forgot one very important thing, mate...

This thread has been claimed! BY ME!

...I'm Captain Jack Sparrow.

Loooooo. *Loveson*
Omg. You have so many colors in your posts. x_x
*Dances in*
Hello my lovelies~
*Aura shines like the summer sun*
La la la~

You're the girl I'm rping er I'm going to rp with no?

n__n Oh my dear!
*Pat pat pat*
You are ever so smart.
o_o Why...I could just marry you~!
*Pounces and puts a veil on her head*
XD Yeshu yes, I am~
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Awww dang I wanted to make my own Lolita thread in this forum. D:

Oh wells, I'll just hang out here instead. xD
Oooh~ I was hoping there'd be a Lolita thread. @-@ heart
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Tipsy Bard

It's not up there, but Innocent World is my favourite brand!

So glad to see a Lolita thread in here! heart
:O *hugs lolita thread* <3
jeej! it's saturday, time to dress as a lolita ^_^
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A gothic lolita thread! heart

This fashion style is cute ... I went gothic loli on Halloween last year ... But I ended up creeping out the people at my school. >_<;; It was quite interesting. But .... Anyway. I LOVE YOU! ... For making this thread, of course. <3 Consider this subscribed.
i'm officially camping in this thread stare
*sets up miniature plastic fire and raises parasol*

Hey people, how do you think I could do all white EGA dress without looking like a bride? Any ideas?
it would help if the cut of the dress was more angular than normal, which would look less pretty-bride-y...perhaps making the hemline end at mid calf and using white boots or something could also help heart

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