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Welcome to the Official Gothic && Lolita Thread. This thread's purpose is for discussion of the Japanese originating fashion and lifestyle (music, literature, etc.) that's based on dressing doll-like and inspired by various historical periods, discussing Lolita brand's new seasonal lines or accessories, discussing brands themselves, arranging meetups, critiquing each other's outfits, and (of course) to make new friends that love and share the same style as you!

This thread is for those who are curious about the fashion and lifestyle, as well as those wanting tips on how to get started into the fashion.
Be sure to read the rules before posting!

For more information about lolita, scroll down a bit! You'll see a short blurb about the style, its sub-styles and themes, as well as links for websites that sell the clothing.

Forum Started Jan 26th 8:36pm =)

As for the subject of whether this really is the first OFFICIAL lolita thread I really don't have too much of an opinion. I'm not 100% sure if it is the first or not. I thought it was, but of course there are other threads and I have no intentions of starting up any drama. However I do pride my thread in being one of the longest running lolita threads in the Fashion and Style forums. Heh. <3

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Styles post and rules updated to reflect recent changes in trends and edit some previous (unflattering) phrasing.

Once again, we are accepting submissions for Lolita of the Month (also known as Thread-Goer of the Month). If you would like to be featured, please submit your entry at any time to spuntino or xflyingweasel. Include a photo of yourself (preferably in lolita, please!), a short blurb about you, your love of lolita or something important to you, and the name you'd like us to use for introducing you.

Don't be shy! Further details can be found below.

If you would like an example of previous submissions, please don't hesitate to ask in the thread.

5/3/2011 - Rules Updated
Please don't spam us with contest requests. I know that these have become popular lately on Facebook, but take it somewhere else. It is not appreciated here.

Also, we are still accepting lolita of the month submissions. If you would like to be featured, please submit your entry at any time to spuntino or xflyingweasel. Include a photo of yourself (preferably in lolita), a short blurb about you, your love of lolita, or something important to you, and the name you'd like us to use.

Don't be shy! Further details can be found below.

4/5/2011 - April's Lolita of the Month Posted!
Everybody say hello to Laura! Nefetiti is our Gaian Lolita of the Month.

If you would like to be featured, please submit your entry at any time to spuntino or xflyingweasel. Include a photo of yourself (preferably in lolita), a short blurb about you, your love of lolita, or something important to you, and the name you'd like us to use.

Don't be shy! Further details can be found below.

3/5/2011 - March's Lolita of the Month Posted!
Everybody say hello to Ginny! Cryrin is our Gaian Lolita of the Month.

If you would like to be featured, please submit your entry at any time to spuntino or xflyingweasel. Include a photo of yourself (preferably in lolita), a short blurb about you, your love of lolita, or something important to you, and the name you'd like us to use.

Don't be shy! Further details can be found below.
2/20/2011 - Systems are normal.
Nothing special going on right now, but I'm taking suggestions for contests. If you have any ideas, toss them into the thread!

Also: remember to submit your entry if you'd like to try to be featured as our Lolita of the Month! Entries can be sent at any time to spuntino or xflyingweasel. Don't be shy!
2/5/2011 - First Gaian Lolita of the Month has been posted!
Bunny-Lolita-Chan is our first featured lolita. If you would like to be featured in the future, please read the submission guidelines and let us know!
12/19/2010 The thread has been updated in full. To participate in the Lolita of the Month feature, please PM Spuntino or xflyingweasel.
Please submit a photo, your name (if you want to use your Gaia username, this is acceptable), a short blurb about you, and why you love lolita or your particular favorite style of lolita. Entries will be accepted at all times. The first Featured Lolita of the Month will be posted on January 5th, 2011. In order to participate, you must have at least four posts in the thread prior to sending your entry.
12/10/10 The thread is going to be undergoing some updates and a minor face-lift. Things won't be changing all that much, mostly just link updates, typo edits and graphic swaps.
9/08/09 "Fashion Info" added, First post edited, and Avi pimped. >:3 A contest may be announced soon.
6/18/08 Why halo thar. :B It's Amanikitty. I'll be updating the front page pretty soon.
Early June Aghh. This post from me is way overdue. But due to my lack of interest in gaia anymore, I'm quiting the site. I'm not exactly sure how to go about deleting the lolita thread or giving it to someone else for new ownership. But if it's alright with Amani, I'd prefer for her to take over. I'll still be on egl on lj, but I'm not going to do gaia anymore. So I'm guessing that you guys will have to either start a whole new thread or keep this one. Up to you guys really...
Hope everyone understands and sorry for not posting this sooner! Thanks~
Any questions feel free to IM me via AIM, my screen name is Umbr311a or comment my lj which is dinosaur_cards
02/16/08 Wow guys! The thread's been up for a little over a year now and going strong! Thanks to all the white list people, contributors and so on who've helped me make this thread one of the largest in the F&S forum! Just a new update, I've elected AmaniKitty as a sort of moderator for the thread since I can't be in here all the time to keep everything in check. Basically she has the rights to warn people and PM me with notes of who needs to be banned and what not. :3 Yay!
11/10/07, Just an important reminder that everyone needs to please stay on topic in the thread! I got a PM from a mod in the F&S forum telling me that if we continue to stay off topic this thread will be moved to the chatterbox. Let's not let that happen...because surely then it will be overrun by n00bs. gonk
08/14/07, Name change. Got rid of the 'Gothic' because people were getting confused. Lulz.
05/31/07, List of lolita guilds added thanks to the wonderful, Amanikitty! Even more people added to the whitelist.
04/30/07, More people added to the whitelist.
03/18/07, Contest added! YEAH BOYEE.
03/10/07, I've been having trouble keeping up with the thread lately as it's grown immensely popular over the past couple of weeks. Still trying to get that contest arranged. <3
02/25/07, Yay! The thread is still running strong! I added some people to the white list. Ooooh!
01/26/07, Wowww. I woke up this morning to check the thread only to find that it's got like 6-7 pages now. @w@ Yay.
Added some more links to the links section.
01/25/07, Thread is still in the works. First time I've ever started a big thread like this and tried running one...Hopefully things will run smoothly! sweatdrop First thread layout is sweet lolita. I plan to do other's like gothic lolita, punk and country. :]

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First and foremost: I know this fashion group tends to have a little bit of 'loli-drama' every now and then (the elitists vs. the 'not rori enough' crowd or what have you) all I ask is that you please keep it out of the thread for the most part. An occasional rant is alright but save most of it for your private journal posts please? Thanks.

Do not bump the thread unless it has been moved off the first page of the F&S forum.

♥ For those of you that are new an introduction post would be nice but isn't obligatory! Just tell us what style you prefer, how you learned about lolita or what you wish to learn about it, favorite brands, etc.

♔ As for critiques on outfits, please first clearly state if you want constructive criticism or not. If you request for constructive critique, please accept it gracefully. If you offer critique, please be polite. You do not have to sugar coat your advice, but I will not tolerate abuse in either direction.

Only proper ero-Loli will be tolerated, as Gaia is a PG-13 website. If you post pictures that are too risque for Gaia you will be reported; keep things tasteful and within the general guidelines of the fashion. While we're on this topic, this is not a kinderwhore, erokawa or sexual lolita fetish/lolicon thread. Cybering and the like will not be tolerated.

♔ Please be friendly and considerate to not just those who are just coming into the fashion, but to everyone else as well. Respect your fellow thread-goers and consider this an extension of your personal community.

Please be somewhat literate. I highly suggest that you don't use chatspeak; we can't stop you, but you'll probably won't be taken too seriously if you do.

Flames and claims of weabooism, wapanesism or Janapaphilia will be laughed at and used to heat our curling irons. ♥

Amanikitty and Spuntino are each a 'moderator' for this thread. So basically they have the authority to give people warnings for the three strikes out rule. One of these two will ban offenders as well as adding them to the black list as necessary.

Do not spam the thread with shop/guild/contest links. This has been a problem in the past with the proliferation of contests held by companies on Facebook. Please do not post "Vote for me!" requests, "Buy from my etsy!" requests or anything else similar if it's the only thing you have to say. You can link these items in your signature or if they come up in discussion, but do not spam the pages with self-advertising.

♥ Spam posts will be reported and you may be banned on sight if your post history includes repeated spamming of this or any other thread.

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Break the above mentioned rules? You'll probably be listed here.

Cohcho The Empress and various mules.
Dark_Mokuna - Spamming

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Do something special for me or the thread? Come here often? You'll probably see your name here!

(In no particular order)
Sweetened with Splenda
ADHD Lolita
Fluffball of Osaka
Toast in Disguise
Please pass the butter
Kanashii Sakura Uta

Kisei Prophet
Ichi Niwasaki

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In this section of the thread, you can find out about the folks who participate in the fashion on Gaia! This little monthly feature is not a contest in any way shape or form, but we do have some requirements for you to be eligible: any photo you send us must be clear and of at least decent quality. We want to see you, not the pixels! Second, and this is important, you have to have at least four, non-bump, non-spam posts in the thread prior to submitting.

If you would like to be considered for the feature, send a photo, your name (if you want to use your Gaia username, this is acceptable), a short blurb about you, and why you love lolita or your particular favorite style of lolita to spuntino or xflyingweasel via PM. Entries will be accepted at all times. The Lolita of the Month will be changed out on the 5th of every month.

This month's featured lolita: No one. ):

Past Lolitas of the Month:
♥ June 2011 through Mary 2012 - N/A ):
♔ May 2011 - Spuntino (Kate)
♥ April 2011 - Nefetiti (Laura)
♔ March 2011 - Cryrin (Ginny)
♥ February 2011 - Bunny-Lolita-Chan (Adrian)

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v230/pandiona/Photo Storage/attiredujour/backdrop test/nandg12.jpg[/img]

Because no one submitted this month, I apparently am the replacement filling in! hah

I'm one of the moderators of the thread and I've been into lolita for about five years now. You can call me Kate if you'd like.

I prefer classic and gothic to sweet these days, though I've been known to take a turn in pirate and old-school sweet or country. My favorite brands are Alice & the Pirates, Metamorphose, Atelier Pierrot and h.Naoto (though I hardly limit myself to JUST those four).

I enjoy sewing as a hobby, work in a fabric supply store as part of the low-level management team and have a degree in graphic design (which I rarely seem to use these days). Photography is one of my favorite hobbies, so I keep a blog about combining it with lolita: Iron Cage Skirt. Hope to see you around the thread!

I'm Laura, 17 and I've been into Lolita for about four years, having only worn the clothes for the past two. My favourite styles are Gothic and Punk Lolita. I also like to dabble in the themes of Shiro and Kuro Lolita too. ^^

I love Lolita because I love the feel of being cute yet edgy with a style that not everyone is wearing. I like to hope of my style as Gothic Lolita Princess because it's what I want to be and I want to bear the cuteness and elegance that is different to everyone else. My favourite brands are Innocent World and Alice and the Pirates but I have never bought from them. ^^; I'm more of a budget Lolita, my clothes are from Bodyline, Anna House, Secret Shop, taobao shops and handmade/customised.

I don't mind being called Nefetiti here but I'm usually called LolitaLaura - I have a Lolita article-related blog here: http://lolita-laura.livejournal.com/

Hello! I'm Ginny, and I am a 21 year old Linguistics major in my 4th year of University (specializing in the Historical Linguistics of East Asian Languages).

I have been a fan of Lolita since approximately 2003~2004, and I began actively acquiring my wardrobe in 2006. I've always been a fan of quirky fashions, lace, and of victorian inspirations, so I suppose this long love affair with Lolita was inevitable. And such a long love affair it has been.

Since 2004, under the inspiring hand of Lolita, I have spent much of my time fine-tuning my sewing & design skills and building a small business doing private seamstress work/building a fashion label. The majority of my work has been custom designs for some very special customers, every one of whom I love dearly. My favorite part of my work is design and consultation, as well as pattern drafting, and I believe that a seamstress is never done learning nor done perfecting her art. I love intricate tailoring techniques, millinery, couture hand-sewing, and over-the-top accessory design. My tools of choice are a Bernina 730e, Babylock Evolve, and a lot of tea. wink I also have a weird habit of naming my machines and equipment from Greek mythology.

My favorite style of Lolita is classical, with the occassional gothic touch, and recently I have been really inspired by Mori girl! I also delve into the punky brands when the mood arises.
My favorite brands are Mary Magdalene, Victorian Maiden, Innocent World, and Moi meme Moitie, and my favorite colors to wear are black, blue, and bordeaux (although, strangely, I've acquired a fair amount of brown in my wardrobe). I drool over chiffon, sateen, floral prints, and basically any design with a gathered bust and/or ton of ruffles.


Hello my name is Adrian but call me Bunny~ I'm 20 years old, married and recently found that I'm pregnant 7 weeks~ Although that is true, it won't interfere with my lolita style because I wear high-waisted dresses anyways, hehe!

My love for lolita started a few years ago when I was browsing dresses on the internet, and I saw lolita dresses and just fell in love with them~ I always loved little girls clothing and dresses which were very similar to lolita. After ordering one for my prom I then researched the style more and found out it was lolita. Ever since I've been sewing my own dresses and skirts (as well as accessories like alice bows, headdresses, wristlets and other things) I haven't been able to make blouses yet but hopefully I'll get to that soon!

You may see a lot of my dresses I made in my profile, but it's not all of them I made. I also have a shop with some of the other things that I made.

My favorite style is OTT sweet lolita, but Iike to mix in a bit of classic and deco too. I've also been admiring and wearing another style closely related to lolita, Fairy Kei. I love it because of the bright and pastel colors with a touch of 80's fashion and following characters like My Little Pony, Rainbow Bright and Barbie

I was visiting my moms house in this picture, this is my old cat Kiki I still love her very much~ heart

User Image
Lolita (ロリータ) is a Japanese street fashion that started in Tokyo in the 1970's. It started out as something described as a "rebel" style (similar to Punk fashion), because it went against the norms of strict Japanese society and its expectations. Lolita has since flourished to be appreciated by followers worldwide. There are large communities of lolitas in Japan, Berlin, Paris, the UK, Australia, the United States of America, Brazil, Mexico ... and on (we could list every country in the world with a lolita following, but that might get a bit tiresome, yes?).

It is also often called "Gothic Lolita" by western followers, in reference to the very visually-based style that was on trend when Lolita first began to get major media attention in the late 1990's. It was popularized by Japanese goth and visual kei followers of the period.

Lolita is inspired by the styles of the Victorian Era and Baroque/Rococo fashions, as well as the full-skirted silhouette of the 50s and early 60s. Other influences include the Georgian and Edwardian periods, as well as more recent styles such as Western goth.

This ultra-feminine style is often recognized specifically for that silhouette: a knee-length, bell shaped dress or skirt is key.

Frilly blouses, with matching shoes, socks, and accessories like headdresses, bows, bags, and the like are all additional, common pieces in a lolita's ensemble. There are many styles and themes, including gothic and candy-like sweet, to more classic styles, and even militarily-inspired sub-sets. Lolita spans from clothing that is extremely simple to outifts that are decked out in elaborate prints, pearls and lace.

Common throughout, the silhouette is the style's most defining aspect.

Contrary to popular belief (mostly in the eyes of people outside the style), Lolita fashion does not relate to the novel or the character created by Vladimir Nabokov. Repeated by both notable designers and devoted followers, the style is meant to portray an innocent, doll-like girl and has no connection to the novel other than sharing its name due to an unfortunate etymological quirk. With inspirations such as sweets, fairy tales, royal icons (such as Marie Antoinette) and items like as crucifixes and crowns, Lolita is nothing less than demure and quite frequently elegant.

Within the past ten years, the Lolita style has not only begun to get major attention in Japan, but worldwide as well. Multiple news articles have been written, by reputable and small-scale sources alike, about the style. Major lolita brand events in populous places outside of Japan (like New York City, San Francisco, and Paris) have gained popularity and occur fairly regularly. Many Japanese brands such Metamorphose, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, and Angelic Pretty have opened their online stores to international customers (for a full list of shops that ship overseas, please see below).

Tokyopop briefly took a foray into the lolita realm whem they released a few English versions of the Gothic & Lolita Bible, the main magazine for Japanese Goth styles and Lolita styles. Even more recently, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright has opened boutiques outside of Japan, in Paris and in San Francisco. Angelic Pretty has followed suit, also opening stores in Paris and San Francisco. With time, other brands are branching out: San Francisco now boasts a BPN and h.naoto store in addition to their sweeter lolita cousins.

Multiple movies and TV shows, anime and manga included, have featured the Lolita style, such as the well-known Kamikaze Girls (or Shimotsuma Monogatari), X-Cross and Mr. Rococo.

The Lolita style even has a twice-yearly "holiday" of its own, created by devoted members of the EGL community on Livejournal.com, the biggest Lolita Fashion forum on the internet period (now having over 20,000 members). International Lolita day is the first Saturday of June and December every year, allowing lolitas world-wide to enjoy a winter and summer holiday with friends.

User Image

Please take note of the fact that these sub-styles are guidelines for classification, rather than outright rules. You do not have to fit within any these definitions to wear lolita, nor limit yourself to fitting within just one if that is what you choose!

User ImageSweet Lolita

Sweet lolita is exactly what it sounds like: sugary. There are two levels of sweet by most reconings: ama and kotekote. The distinction is made only in discussion, rather than in classification. "Ama" refers to the more subdued style typical of brands like Baby, the Stars Shine Bright. "Kotekote" is more common with brands like Angelic Pretty, and leans towards the outrageous. In English, it is referred to as "over-the-top" or "OTT" sweet. Both are usually classed as just sweet, however.

Current hair trends favor large wigs done up either in the style of a hime gyaru bouffant, or thick, curly pigtails with a fringe and layers that frame the face. Split-color and multi-color wigs are popular with OTT stylings at present, as well. Large bows, multiple hair clips, dangly "deco" stars, miniature hats (themed to match the outfit), and bonnets are common hair accessories. For make-up, a "doll-like" look is currently preferred, and many sweet lolitas utilize false eyelashes, circle lenses and heavier liner than in the past, which favored more natural make-up.

Sweet style coordinates incorporate more youthful motifs and accessories than the other styles of lolita. Color schemes are also more varied. Pastels and primary colors are the most favored, but using black, jewel tones and even neon-bright colors have not been unheard of.

Some common motifs include:
♥ Cute animals (bunnies, bears, puppies, kittens)
♔ Children's toys (teddy bears, toy ponies, rocking horses, building blocks, miniature trains, dolls)
♥ Sweets (candy, cakes, cookies, ice cream, pastries, etc.)
♔ Fruit (strawberries and cherries are very common)
♥ Bows and ribbons
♔ Crowns
♥ Fairy tale stories
♔ Hearts
♥ Tartan fabric
♔ Gingham fabric

Further Examples: Sweet Lolita on HelloLace.net, !sweet tag @ Daily Lolita

User ImageClassic Lolita

Classic lolita is sort of what sweet used to be about five to ten years ago. It relies on a more subdued, matured silhouette, which frames the figure. Unlike the cupcake silhouette common to sweet, many classic lolita pieces utilize a more sleek, princess-line or A-line silhouette. Gathered waists are still used in the style, but the skirts are typically not as overwhelmingly full as in sweet.

The historical influences on lolita are also more clearly visible in classic lolita, and for that reason is occasionally mislabeled by newcomers as "Victorian Lolita" or "Rococo Lolita" fashion. Some classic lolita pieces are drawn from historical periods directly (as pictured left), by simply modifying the skirts slightly to fit the lolita silhouette.

In general, skirts are slightly longer in classic lolita. Some brands extend pieces to mid-calf intentionally.

Hair and make-up are generally more mature and less extreme than in sweet or gothic lolita. Pigtails are usually avoided unless kept low on the back of the head, or near the nape. Elaborate coiffures involving braids, curls, and even retro-influenced bobs have been popular lately. Boater hats, floral hair corsages and narrow headdresses are popular hair accessories. A doll-like appearance is still favored, but the use of circle lenses and heavy make-up is not quite as prevalent as in other styles.

Classic lolita typically utilizes more subdued color palettes. Pastels are typically low-saturation when used at all, and jewel tones, ivory, and neutral colors are more common.

There has recently been an upswing in "OTT Classic" trends. These outfits often draw inspiration from Baroque/Rococo themes, using elaborate headpieces or dresses that look like shortened ball gowns, with roses, birds and similarly old-fashioned accents.

Some common motifs include:
♥ Woodland animals (deer, squirrels, rabbits)
♔ Floral prints
♥ Historical or mythological stories/personas
♔ Musical instruments
♥ Fruit (cherries and strawberries, though "wild" fruits are also seen)
♔ Fairy tale stories
♥ Old Masters' Paintings (a recent trend, brought to the fore by Juliette et Justine)

Further Examples: Classic Lolita on HelloLace.net, !classic tag @ Daily Lolita

User ImageGothic Lolita

Gothic lolita is perhaps the best recognized style of lolita fashion. It is not the most common anymore, but it is the most prolifically borrowed from by western admirers when it comes to cosplay (we can thank Mana of Malice Mizer, and anime cliches).

Gothic lolita incorporates some similar themes as goth fashion in the west. "Dark" motifs and colors are often utilized, and styling depends upon a touch of the dramatic. Overall, however, it is incredibly different from most forms of western goth fashion. It has some things in common with romantic goth, but the similarities are mostly from the fact that they have similar historical influences.

In terms of silhouette, gothic is typically closer to classic lolita in its shape, but slightly fuller. Hems are generally wider than in classic. A gathered waist is also more common, though not strictly necessary, as it gives the garments worn a more extreme appearance. Traditional gothic lolita used primarily black and white, but it is presently more common to see jewel tones (particularly a deep, wine red), as well.

Hair and make-up when it comes to gothic lolita tend to be a bit heavier than in sweet or classic. Virtually any hairstyle can be used, though hime gyaru influenced curls and up-dos are presently popular. Hair corsages and round headdresses are presently very popular hair accessories, though vintage hats are beginning to be more commonly seen. The make-up leans a bit to the extreme. Dark eyeshadow and false lashes are commonly used to put an emphasis on the eyes. Sometimes, dark lipstick is incorporated as well. This is more common than in classic or sweet lolita, where a pale or nude lip color is more often seen.

Some common motifs include:
♥ Skull/skeletal jewelry
♔ Crosses
♥ Vampires/Coffins
♔ Bats
♥ Crowns
♔ Gothic architecture (churches, gates, skyline-style images, arches, etc.)
♥ Chandeliers

Further Examples: Gothic lolita on HelloLace.net, !gothic tag @ Daily Lolita

User Image

The following are a group of "sub-styles" which for the sake of this thread have been classified instead as "themes" to make explanation easier. They can typically be applied to classic, sweet or gothic lolita with equal amounts of ease.

Casual lolita is a more toned-down version of lolita, worn when one either doesn't have the time or circumstances (such as weather or activities) would make it uncomfortable to wear a full-blown coordinate. Hair accessories, make-up and styling are all less elaborate. Sometimes, regular clothing (such as T-shirts or cute sneakers) are worn in place of more "lolita" pieces. The silhouette is still a key factor, however. A lighter petticoat than usual is typically worn and some people skip their petticoat entirely.

Examples: !casual tag @ Daily Lolita, Casual lolita on HelloLace.net

Hime lolita relies on a princess theme. The idea is to resemble a fairy tale princess, rather than a doll. It often blends certain elements of hime gyaru into the styling of hair, nails and make-up. Sometimes, the style draws quiet heavily from the past, instead. In particular, many hime coordinates draw from fashions worn specifically by nobility of the past, such as Marie Antoinette. Crowns, tiaras, and delicate heels are all very common in this particular theme.

Many OTT Classic themes utilize this "princess" motif as a means of creating elaborate, luxurious coordinates.

Examples: !hime tag @ Daily Lolita, Hime lolita on HelloLace.net

Many companies release lolita pieces which have a military feel to them. Metamorphose is well known for their sailor and military-styled pieces, and they (as well as Milky Ange, Angelic Pretty and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright) have been known to release series based on school uniforms. The concept is to have a still fundamentally lolita coordinate, but to incorporate the elements common to uniforms. Sailor lolita is particularly common and uses sailor collars, stripes, badges and nautical motifs.

Examples: !sailor tag @ Daily Lolita, Military-inspired Set by Nessaneko, Sailor lolita on HelloLace.net

Punk lolita is a bit hard to explain and harder still to pull off. It is definitely lolita, but definitely not true punk. The theme uses the stereotyped punk aesthetic on top of a lolita silhouette. It incorporates mismatched patterns and fabrics, safety pins, badges and patches, intentionally deconstructed hems and edges, tartan fabric, and an intentionally "beat up" look. Two popular brands which release punk lolita items are Putumayo and h.naoto (under h.frill, h.jelly, honey/melt, gramm and Hangry & Angry lines). Like with any theme, the image depends on the accessories.

Examples: !punk tag @ Daily Lolita, Punk Lolita on HelloLace.net

Wa lolita is a theme which utilizes traditionally Japanese culture. Qi lolita (pronounced "chi" lolita) is a theme which utilizes traditionally Chinese culture. Han is an "unrecognized" theme in many cases, as it is very uncommon. It plays with Korean traditional wear (particularly the hanbok). In the case of any of the three, the theme can be executed by simply using appropriate fabric (kimono fabric for wa, Chinese brocade for qi) or by playing with the shape of traditional garments. The latter is more common, and you will often see wa lolita done with a short, yukata-styled top, obi and full skirt, while qi lolita incorporates the qipao as the top half (it should be noted that the qipao is a fairly "recent" garment by Chinese standards; it is mostly used for qi lolita because it is so widely recognized compared to historical styles). Han lolita, continuing that logic, uses the hanbok as a base, but shortens the hem and tailors it more closely to the figure. Qi lolita and han lolita are much less common than wa.

Fun fact! Wa lolita's name comes from the word "harmony" in Japanese. The name is more or less a pun, indicating that two opposing or conflicting styles (lolita and traditional Japanese clothing) have been brought together peacefully. There is also a fashion movement known as "wa kei" which incorporates other styles such as punk, rave/cyber goth aesthetics and aristocrat. Wa kei is typified by Takuya Angel, Qutie Frash and Gouk.

Examples: !wa tag @ Daily Lolita, !qi tag @ Daily Lolita, Han lolita set by Envirion

Ero is a truncation of "erotic", but does not mean that the style is overtly sexy. It is most commonly applied with a gothic bent, but has been done well with classic overtones or an OTT sweet styling as well. Ero lolita is in general a more "mature" view on the fashion. While still modest, necklines are a bit lower, skirt hems are a bit higher, and corsets come into play. Typically, ero lolita works best in art (such as illustrations by sakizou) and photography, due to its being a bit impractical for daily wear. It is very dramatic and should be "sexy" or "provocative" without being outright "trashy" or "skanky".

Examples: !ero tag @ Daily Lolita, Ero lolita on HelloLace.net

Pirate lolita is similar to punk in that it's hard to explain. It uses nautical motifs, tricorn hats (both regular size and miniature) and sort of capitalizes on the idea that lolita is a luxurious, frivolous fashion. It's sort of what I'd imagine would happen if you put Captain Hook in a dress. As far as influences go, the Rococo and French colonial fashions, as well as "pirate wench wear" (sashes, corsets, eye patches, tall boots, etc.) all rank fairly high. Brands like Alice & the Pirates and Atelier Boz often appear in pirate coordinates.

Examples: !pirate tag @ Daily Lolita, Pirate lolita on HelloLace.net

These two are actually separate themes with the same idea. Kuro is an all-black outfit, and shiro is all-white. You could do the same with other Japanese color words, I suppose (aka for all red, ao for blue, etc.). This theme is easily applied to any sub-style, since the only requirement is an outfit all in one color.

Examples: !kuro tag @ Daily Lolita, !shiro tag @ Daily Lolita, Shiro/Kuro/Mono lolita on HelloLace.net

Guro is another one of those themes, like ero, that typically looks best in art and photography. Guro is a shortening of "grotesque" and can mean quite a few things in terms of a lolita coordinate. It can mean a "dead" or zombie lolita, or an injured lolita (with or without bandages, with or without blood). This theme is particularly popular around Halloween (for obvious reasons). Sometimes, guro lolitas take their styling from nurse uniforms as a sort of "motive" to explain why they're covered in gore.

Examples: Guro lolita on HelloLace.net

This theme borders on cosplay, but is subtle enough to escape from that subdivision. The concept of this theme is to look like a fairy tale character. Alice is the most commonly portrayed, but there have been occasions (particularly photo shoots) of lolitas dressing to resemble Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Cinderella. The effect is generally subtle, and often used to create coordinates for themed parties, conventions or other events.

Examples: Alice lolita on HelloLace.net

The country theme is most often applied to sweet or classic. It utilizes fruit motifs, and the idea behind it is to look like a country girl out and about. Picnic motifs are also common (such as using hampers or wicker baskets for purses). Gingham and check prints are popular fabric choices for this particular theme, as are florals or polka dots, and boater hats, bonnets or large sun hats make for appropriate headwear.

Examples: !country tag @ Daily Lolita

Creepy-Cute Lolita and "Bittersweet" Sub-style
I've put these two together because they're similar and both still fairly recent developments.

The creepy-cute phenomenon is really quite similar to the "bittersweet" styles that sprung up in past years. It involves a paradox of combining typically sweet things with typically gothic things. In the case of "bittersweet" lolita, it's typically a sweet print worn in a dark colourway with subtle gothic accents such as bats or bones. In the case of creepy-cute, it would be closer to say it's a combination of "pastel goth" and sweet lolita. The big trends at present include eyeballs for accessories, bat or skeleton-themed tights and coordinates that favor bold pops of pastel to contrast with these "dark" elements.

Examples: Creepy Cute tag on Tumblr

Cosplay lolita can mean one of two things. The first is that you are dressing up as a character who is a lolita (such as Miwako from Paradise Kiss or Momoko from Kamikaze Girls). The second refers to lolitas who only wear lolita to conventions or for Halloween. They treat the clothes as a costume rather than a fashion, often pairing their dresses with other costume elements such as cat ears or maid headdresses (please note: this does not mean that people in "cosplay lolita" should be treated with any less respect than anyone else in lolita, nor does it mean that they're not "real" lolitas. Please be respectful of EVERYONE's feelings, regardless of how often they wear lolita or how they choose to do so).

Examples: [pending]

Style fusions
There are a lot of fashion fusions in lolita that don't quite break from either fashion enough to be dedicated as "styles" or even themes for the sake of this guide. Some of them are also not yet recognized as their own styles in the community, due to their rarity.

Others are seen as their own subset, but have been placed in this section for ease of categorization in this guide.

I will discuss fusions here briefly:

- Deco Lolita
Decololita is a term often applied to "OTT" lolita on occasion, but fusing decora and lolita together is a bit more complicated than just throwing on some extra accessories and a big wig. Typically, one style overrides the other. When decora is the dominant style, the lolita aspects fade into the background by comparison. A lolita dress may be used, but the predominance of decora-styled accessories and coordination takes the forefront. Some people have started merging this fusion with fairy kei, dubbing it "fairy lolita". Whether this trend will pick up has yet to be seen.

Examples: !deco tag @ Daily Lolita, DecoLolita on HelloLace.net

- Fairy Kei Lolita
Fairy kei is a very soft, pastel explosion of layers that is an off-shoot of the Spank! spawned fashion. Combined with lolita (typically, AP-style sweet), it becomes a mash of over the top cotton-candy fluff, using accents with cute, girlie-girl-power themes. These bags and accessories often include 80s and 90s cartoons (such as My Little Pony, Sailor Moon, Poffles and Rainbow Brite).

Examples: !fairy-kei tag @ Daily Lolita

- Steam Lolita
Combining steampunk and lolita results in an interesting mix. Sometimes it's very successful, most often it looks like lolita with gears thrown on top. While the two styles have quite a few common influences, getting them to mesh well in practice rather than just theory can be difficult. Lolita typically capitalizes on airy, light garments, while steampunk utilizes metals, leather, and other "rough" materials. It takes a very careful hand to combine them successfully.

Examples: !steampunk tag @ Daily Lolita, Scoundrelle's Keep - Lyric Dress. Evangeline Dress
User Image

User Image

Angelic Pretty
Angelic Pretty is a at the moment the premier over-the-top sweet lolita brand. They also occasionally take brief jaunts into gothic lolita and classic stylings. They have a separate shop for their overseas location, now, as well: Angelic Pretty USA.

Atelier Pierrot
Atelier Pierrot recently opened their shop to international buyers. You can also purchase their goods from Tokyo Rebel and Harajuku Hearts.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
A primarily sweet brand of lolita. Baby also produces a sub-line called Alice & the Pirates, which has a more gothic and punk bent. They ship overseas and list their items in both Japanese and English. For information on how to order from their shop, click "overseas" on the front page.

This shop is referred to, only jokingly, as the WalMart of lolita. They are an inexpensive store that started out as a sex and cosplay shop. Be wary when purchasing from them, as many of their items are not the best qualify. Feel free to ask for advice on quality if necessary.

Closet Child
This shop is a resale store in Japan. They carry a wide variety of brand name items. Some are more expensive than others, but their rating system is very precise and incredibly exacting. They have frequent online sales, so buying from them is very worth it.

Double Decker
This shop specializes in shoes. They have wooden sole rocking horse shoes as well as creepers and sandals inspired by Japanese geta. They vary in style from punk to goth to lolita and are of very good quality. Other styles are available only on their Japanese site and by special request.

Fairy Angel
Fairy Angel is another resale shop that allows you to purchase from overseas. Their English is not very good, so be very clear and careful in your communications. Their quality control is not quite as good as Closet Child's, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

A punk brand that releases some lolita items under their sub-labels. They also have recently started releasing "western" pieces, which are sized slightly larger than their Japanese lines, and are a bit cheaper to accommodate for importation costs. They're generally considered to be of a similar quality as Putumayo and owned by the same company who releases Gouk.

Innocent World
Innocent World is a primarily classic brand, but many of its pieces work well with sweet or gothic as well. They recently expanded their site to include a French language option, and are hoping to do this for other languages in the near future. They are good for western frames, as they tend to make pieces which are both longer and larger for many of their releases.

Juliette et Justine
A predominantly classical brand with the occasional sweet and gothic touches. They are known for having western models show off their clothing, and do currently have international shopping but only selective English on their site. They do not accept PayPal at this time, but will take credit cards. You can use Pui Puni’s shopping guide to purchase from them directly.

Mary Magdalene
A classic brand, Mary Magdalene tends to sell out quickly. They re-release many styles from one year to the next, which makes them a very good brand for staple classic pieces. Unfortunately, they are also on the smaller side for most of their items, so be wary in checking their measurements against your own.

Metamorphose is one of the first brands to have started shipping overseas. Their customer service is impeccable, and their shopping cart is very easy to use. They span the full line of lolita styles, and are known for their uniform-inspired pieces, as well as their (often zany) experimental fabrics.

Milky Ange
This shop does a little bit of everything. They do sweet and classic lolita, gothic, pirate, sailor, and more. They also do cosplay and maid costumes, as well as outfits for dolls. They have a gallery of past customers, including many who live abroad. In general, they are a very reputable company, but be careful of what you order or you may end up with a cafe-style maid's dress!

A classic and gothic brand of lolita. They do not have an English site or shopping system, but will ship abroad and can communicate in English, though it's not very good. Keep your communications with them simple and you have to be very patient when waiting for a response to inquiries and orders, as their English-speaking staff is very small.

This is the Japanese brand that resulted in people calling lolita "EGL". It's Mana's brand of lolita and aristocrat clothing, which means that it's almost exclusively gothic.

Tokyo Alice
This resale shop is about on par with Closet Child. They have considerably more available outside of the lolita fashion than Fairy Angel, so they're good for hunting down Japanese goth or punk pieces as well.

** for a full list of Japanese brands, including those which require a shopping service, please ask in the thread. Members of the thread will gladly point you to their favorite sites and shopping services.


69th Department
Mostly gothic, this TaoBao brand accepts orders from overseas in English, Chinese and German. They have high quality products and a wide sizing range.

Akane & Alois
This shop is a classic brand run by a girl and her boyfriend. They do accept PayPal and overseas orders. Production time can be rather lengthy, however.

Anna House
Anna House is a primarily sweet and classic brand, which a lot of very simple pieces. Everything can be custom made, so they're good for lolitas on a budget who don't fit into standard-sized garments. Please note: their prices are in HONG KONG DOLLARS.

As a whole, Fanplusfriend has improved greatly since they first came into being. They are, however, still a bit fuzzy on measurements at times. You will often get a garment with sleeves that are too long, or a skirt that goes to your mid-calf. Be wary when buying when it comes to materials and cuts, but they're a decent replica shop for people in need of custom-fitted clothing.

This shop has high quality replica and original pieces. They also can produce custom garments from photographs that you provide them. However, while ordering from their LiveJournal is very convenient, it is cheaper to buy from their TaoBao shop even after a shopping service's fees, than to order from them directly.

For further information on TaoBao shops, please see the list of reviews and shops on EGL and the TaoBao Shops! post on EGL. For shops not listed here, but on EGL, you will need a shopping service. ClobbaOnline, TaoBaoSpree, QutieLand and TaoBao Now are popular options, but not the only ones available.


Blasphemina's Closet
A classic and gothic brand for the most part. She is best known for participating in the Dances of Vice shows, and has been known to collaborate with Apatico and Scoundrelle's Keep.

Candy Violet
Primarily a sweet lolita company, Candy Violet also occasionally produces one-of-a-kind "couture" items for their shop. Be warned, there have been very mixed reviews on the custom products.

Dream Shoppe
Dream Shoppe is something like a shopping service turned store. They carry quite a few Japanese brands, and also sell magazines and cute accessories.

Sweet Rococo
This website's "customization wizard" lets you build any dress or skirt you so desire. Pick your fabric, trims, and designs and have at it.

Megan Maude
A classic brand, mostly. Prices are rather high due to quality and custom construction.


Baby, the Stars Shine Bright + Black Peace Now stores
@ NEW PEOPLE center [2nd Floor]

1746 Post St,
San Francisco, CA 94115
Mon-Fri 12PM-7PM
Sat 12PM-8PM
Sun 12PM-6PM

Harajuku Hearts / Angelic Pretty USA
15 Kearny Street
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone Number: 1(415)788-0862
Opening Hours: 11:00AM ~ 7:00 PM (Mon~Sun)

They carry Angelic Pretty, Algonquins, Atelier Pierrot, Putumayo, Deorart, Listen Flavor, SEXPOT REVENGE, Metamorphose and more.

Tokyo Rebel
170 Avenue B
New York, NY 10009
Tues-Sat 12:30PM-8PM

They carry Putumayo, Atelier Pierrot, Angelic Pretty, Algonquins, MAXICIMAM, Hellcatpunks, SEXPOT REVENGE, Victorian Maiden, Innocent World and more.

** for stores located in other parts of the world, please ask in the thread or check EGL on LiveJournal.com. Electric Alice and MFashion are two such options.


XE - Currency Converter

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EGL Livejournal Community
The largest English-speaking community of lolitas online.

Hello Lace
A really good resource for beginners. It describes the styles and provides visual examples. They also have started a database for cataloging prints.

The Lolibrary
This site is devoted to providing measurements and stock photos, as well as the original prices, for any and all pieces produced by Japanese brands.

Lolita Handbook
A basic guide for beginners.

A site about the style, with details about the history and sub-styles, and information how to start your journey to becoming a lolita.

The Guide to Accurate Measuring (for sewing lolis) -- by Cyrin
Exactly what it sounds like!
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