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I'm just wondering.....?

I remember once I was looking at the nail polish section in this one store and the
selling lady was trying to help, and when I asked her if they had black nail polish
she looked at me like I was the devil .___.
Is it THAT weird?

If you're wondering...no, I'm not emo, punk, blah blah blah
I'm just a -semi- girly girl who likes to experiment with different things.

I also never see girls wearing black nail polish generally (except the usual emo, scene, metalhead range...)

Have you ever worn black nail polish?
Do you see girls wearing black nail polish often?
What do you think of girls who wear black nail polish?
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My boyfriend LOVES when I wear black nail polish, but I'm just so pale that it looks really strange so I usually opt for blue (His favorite color).

The saleslady was probably just a b***h.
I like wearing black nail polish, but i do it so i have a french tip in another color, to make sure its not 'emo'.

like this (its just googled.. but)
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
or this but not just for halloween, and not orange lol.
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i don't wear black np ever but its just a personal preference. I do associate it with more gothic/scene/emo styles because those are the only ways i see it worn ---but I'm sure if it was a black glitter polish or done differently, it could be any style you wanted it to be
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Nah. When I was like 12 and 13 I was really worried about it, but now that I'm in college I just paint my nails whatever I want with no care in the worrrld.

This frequently includes black. Or pink. Or orange. Or green. Just paint your nails whatever you'd like. Top coat is your friend.
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I wear black polish a lot, but sometimes I wear teal or very dark blues, purples, and burgundy. The closest I come to subcultures is lolita-ish or 1950s, To come to think of it though I don't see that many girls that wear black nails. The style seems to be neon colors in my area, so right now the only other people that wear it are subculture girls. I don't really have an opinion of girls wearing black polish, it's a color, like red, or pink, or grey nails.
I don't wear black because I find it a pain to remove. I tend to steer away from really dark colours because of fear of my nails getting stained (even with an undercoat on, this has happened before and you get to look like a filthy 40 a day smoker!). I do tend to associate black with emo/goth kids because I used to be grunge style when I was 13 and that's what I did! But I would maybe try black with a glittery top coat for a party or something.

At the moment I am wearing Maybeline Forever Strong in Ceramic Blue. It's like a really soft blue/grey shade with a hint of shimmer in there. Very pastel like for spring whee .
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I love black nail polish!
But everytime I wear, people ask me if I'm "emo" or such.
And then my Dad was like "That's for white girls"


But I'd say this, while it's good to hold people's opinion of you in some regards, what color you paint your nails is something totally up to you! heart
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I wear it with other colors. Usually black and white stripes. It looks nicer to break the color but that's just my preference. All solid-colored nails (with no design) look a bit boring to me though.

I do assume people who wear black nail polish are into thinks like punk & rock. It's a dark color that makes your nails stand out.
Its classy.

I don't wear nailpolish period
In the fall/winter especially black and other dark shades are popular among girls of all different styles. It's less popular in the spring/summer but not unseen. It's not at all exclusive to more "alternative" styles.
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I used to wear it when I was younger. I havent for a long time, but I dont think its too weird.
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I don't wear black nail polish since it would make me look more emo than I am now... emotion_8c But I probably will anyway if I get my hands on it.
Yeah I've seen "normal" people wear black nail polish. They look pretty normal with it. It doesn't matter to me who wears it. If you want to wear it, then wear it. You can always take it off it you don't like it so it's a win-win emotion_yatta
No. It's fine! Don't worry about what others think. :]
I was friends with a girly girl. and she wore black nail polish

You know whats in these days? Black nail polish mix (or already made) with glitter! its so cool looking. And it reminds me of the outer space look too, depending on what colors were used.

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