This is a composition of the main discussion threads of the fashion and style forum. These cover general topics on certain styles and more

Online Shopping Linklist
A guide to shopping online with various stores in all style genres

Lolita Fashion thread
For the discussion of the lolita fashion

Discussion on steampunk fashion

What did you wear today?
A thread for discussion on the outfit you wore today

J-Punk/ Visual Kei thread

Discussion on the j-punk visual kei fashion

A thread discussing all things gyaru

Japanese Fashion
A thread discussing the many types of japanese fashion

Makeup and Skin tutorial
A helpful guide to applying make up and properly taking care of your skin

A thread discussing dreadlocks

Vintage hair
A vintage hair thread with tutorials on the styles

Scene thread
A thread discussing the scene fashion

Punk Fashion
Discussion on the punk fashion

A thread to help you for prom and for you to discuss your style plans for prom

Kigurumi Thread
A thread dedicated to the Kigurumi

Creating your own Look
A thread to help guide you in creating your own personal style