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Let us here it here...

Do you think or have been told by anyone that if you were to entered a contest of ugliness, the judges would most likely have to disqualify you for not letting others have the same opportunity to run for ugly as well..? [Say whaaaa...!!! D:< ]

Many of the kids today, and teenagers--have started to idolize famous actresses and actors as same as singers, simply for the fact that they seem so perfect on the other side of the screen--it almost seem impossible to believe that this type of people actually live on the same planet as one...! [But that is normal, isn't? ]

I for one have been part of the big percentage of victims of the so called low-self-esteem, and for that have had to start reading up documents for helping me raise my esteem and to believe in myself.

Others have committed suicide because they have suffer bulling at school, or even online! [Is that even real bulling?? P_P'' ]
YES! cyber bulling in fact has become one of the top bulling forms in today's youth communities.
Still... the fact that kids are been victims of the "ugliness" is only happening because of the advertisements seeing and shown on t,v., magazines, internet, flyers, and so on... [I don't believe that.. o.e'']

Famous models have had to face the fact that if they do not loose weight they can be kick out of show biz and singers have walked on the way of anorexia or bulimia... [OH MY!!! :O ]

It is incredible how fast and dangerous kids today are following this ways, and called it trends...
Many of us think are ugly...
But tell me... Do you truly think you think to be ugly?

...........I can't really figure out what this thread is about.

I think you're trying to say something like,
"Do you think you're ugly? I myself am struggling with low self-esteem. Many think the media is to blame. How about you?"

In which case, no.
Once upon a time when I was 12 or 13 perhaps, but it had nothing to do with the media.
As it stands now, I've blossomed, and am quite happy and proud of my looks.

"There are no ugly women in the world, just lazy ones." – Coco Chanel
I have never been called ugly by anyone except for myself.

Also, my cousin once told me I was ugly but that was like 5 years ago.

I don't focus too much on how I look. I pity people who care that much about something such as appearance. Of course I look presentable, and I put more effort into how I dress rather than my face. I don't really wear make up except for eyeliner. I'm comfortable enough with myself not to need to wear make up. Plus I know if I start wearing it I will become dependent on it.

I do blame the media 100% for creating this word "ugly". The only time ugly should be used is to refrence someones personality. Some people DO have ugly personalities, but that doesn't mean they're ugly on the outside. But who cares? Beauty is subjective, but everyone is beautiful in their own way. As corny as it sounds. But really, what is UGLY? What is pretty? No one can define that except the person their self.

I mean I could write a whole 10 page paper on this.

The way I see it is, the outside doesn't matter. As long as you're healthy. That's all that matters. We all die. When we die, whether you believe in God or not, how pretty you were in life WILL NOT MATTER. Your body turns to DIRT. I don't know about you but I've never seen pretty dirt. In short, life is too short to care about what you look like. Seriously, wake up!!!

Sometimes I don't feel bad for people who call their self ugly because I think they're being shallow and focusing on appearance way too much. I mean there's people dying in war and dealing with horrid stuff in the world and you're only worried about whether you're ugly or not in a society that bases it's beauty on FAKE standards. It's pathetic....

When I was 10 years old, I was at summer camp where a new girl, after having garnered the friendship of just about everyone went around saying how I was ugly to her newfound friends. As it happened, I may have been an awkward looking kid but I was not a lonely one, so I was told of the incident by my friends.

Since then I have second guessed and hated myself. It escalated in two points. I either didn't care for myself or about myself, thinking I was hopelessly ugly no matter what. This was through what is high school in America.

I improved with the defiant notion of "I'll prove them wrong, I am not ugly" and started taking better care of myself after turning 18-ish.

Only to escalate again at 20 when I started university. The stress of moving away and being on my own and school demanding more than it had before manifested itself into a severe anxiety about my appearance. Some days I would get out of bed, spend an hour trying to make myself presentable, only to go back to bed feeling overwhelmed and heartbroken. Social settings like the grocery store or the bus were overwhelming as I was preoccupied thinking that either no-one looks at me because I am so insignificant, and that if someone does look at me it's because I am ugly.

Does media affect me? It does, despite having studied communications and marketing and knowing that it's all smoke and mirrors, that the women you see on magazines are not real. They can be the patchwork of up to ten women carefully stitched together in Photoshop. There's plenty of scientific research on the topic of how commercials and ads that surround us change how we view the world, each other and ourselves so subtly we barely notice.

So that's my long ugly story. I'm on my way to recovery, but have relapses.
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Heh, am I ugly? Hmm hmm...

My answer: HELL NO!!! I'm small, adorable and versitile. My mind is more advanced than most of my family members that are OLDER than me, and I can wear just about any style, prep, goth, lolita, ganguro, swag, whatever, and look amazing in it. Although I have very low self eesteem, that never stops me and never will.

In otehre's eyes, yes. For some reason I'm too much or never enough of something. I'm either too fat, too thin, not smart enough, not sweet enough, not pretty enough, not self hating enough. Heh.

You know, what I have found out these lovely looking portaits of what everyone eles wants to be is that they're nothing more than shallow hollow shells of humans. In fact, that maybe their true form, nothing. Its sad that this world is so vain. My skin, eyes, hair, everything is dark. And for some reason, if I dont wear these stereotypical clothign of teh hip hop artists and pop singers of today, I get these strange looks and laughs like I am trying to eb someone I'm not. Pfft, please.

I am no stereotype. Everyone else who is, is ugly. I am probably not original, but I'm not a complete follower, I knwo who I am, I know what beauty is in me, and my beauty can outshine the world any day of any week of any place, anywhere. So in short, YES. I am ugly, but only when I try to impress teh standards of the social human vanity. But in actually, I'm more beautiful and more daring and more rare than anything anyone could ever imagine, so don't try or you'll blow your own mind ^w^,,
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i honestly think i am. sometimes my mind tries
to boost me up but it only lasts for a couple of
minutes at a time. why is my self esteem low?
i don't know. though it grew worse the first time
i was cheated on when i was 17. my teeth are ugly. i'm chubby. my hair sucks lol. i don't know. on top of that i have bad anxiety so i think everyone hates me and thinks i'm gross ,..so..yeah.
how i feel about myself fluctuates. i either feel awesome and confident or i feel so disgusting and crappy. EVERYBODY has those days though, it's normal. i know i'm not the most attractive person, but that's okay because although i'm not very confident in my appearance i'm very confident with my personality.
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        no I'm probably one of the prettiest girls I've met in real life.
        i have a goofy looking mouth, though.
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I guess I have had low self-esteem issues in the past, and maybe I still have them, or not, I really couldn't say. What I do know is this:

I'm comfortable enough with myself as I am right now. There are things about me that could be fixed, things I want to get rid of, things I want to somehow sort out even though some of the issues might not be fixable without surgery. In other words, I'm being realistic about it - I'm making the best of the hand I was dealt.

I used to hate myself a lot. But I was an ugly kid, so I guess that made sense - I was spotty and very fat, and my skin was always pink/red no matter how I was feeling or what I was doing. My skin was also oily. I was tall for my age and I stuck out like a sore thumb amongst my classmates, and I looked like a freak. But I was a kid, and back then, I had other things on my mind, like getting through school without getting bullied too badly.

I'm trying to focus on the good bits. I have an hourglass figure. I'm not tiny, I'm not a size 2 and I never will be, but I have damn awesome tits and hips and a nice waist and I like my hands. If I do my make-up right (foundation, a bit of mascara applied the way I like it and some eyebrow definition) my face looks better than I thought it ever could. Sure, I have lumps and bumps in places I'd rather not have them, but what woman doesn't? Well, unless she's airbrushed ...

I have too many other things to worry about in my life right now. I love clothes, I love co-ordinating outfits, dressing myself, making myself look my best, because it makes me feel good on the inside when I do. But I don't have time to stress out about my body and all the things I want to change but can't as of right now, because I'd rather be working. I'd rather be getting paid. I'd rather be driving and saving up to do the things in life that I want to do. I don't have time to get hung up on the way I look all the time.

There are always going to be things you want to change about yourself, unless you're exceptionally blessed. It's harder as a teenager, because it's something that seems to come to the forefront a lot, and people do pay more attention to your looks at that age. But once you have other things to worry about like getting a job, keeping a job, and paying rent ... bodily imperfections become unimportant so long as you know how to hide them well enough.
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Do I think I'm ugly? Nope. Actually I think I'm beautiful <3
Sometimes I have those days were I'll get a big pimple or something and be self-conscious but I don't think I'm ugly.

Do others think I'm ugly? I'm sure some boys or girls might. But I've been told by family, friends, and strangers that I'm pretty so I doubt it.

Do I think I'm more beautiful then all others? No. There are a lot of people in this world, models, friends, and people I see on the streets that I think are prettier then me and yeah I guess it does hurt my self-esteem but that doesn't mean I think of myself as ugly.
most people find me very... attractive, so my assumption is that i am indeed not ugly.
I like to think I'm pretty. I could sit and pick out everything wrong with me, but that would get me no where. I'd rather focus on my better features. True, my self confidence is very low, but I have never thought of myself as ugly. Just not as pretty as everyone else.
I'm ugly. No, it's not the media that's made me think so.
The first time i remember being told i'm ugly i was about 6years old, and have constantly been told so ever since, by bullies, friends, and ex boyfriends alike.
Even my current boyfriend thinks i'm ugly, though he loves my personality.

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