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apparently you can't necro bump "old threads" anymore... but.. the last post was only october.. 6 months and that's it now? ******** that, bumpin old s**t is a forum STAPLE, lord knows how much funny s**t can surface.. now how am I going to continue my yearly bump of my "Detox STILL hasnt come out yet" topic? :{ Severely disappointed yo

So yeah, part deux I suppose.. kick it off with this s**t.

Awesome battle on both ends, but AyeVerb probably edged him out on the first 2 rounds... and BODIED his 3rd round, which contains a sequence so profound it is honestly strong enough to derail ANY battle rapper's career entirely xd Verb took it to a level even higher than the Arsonal school bus s**t

try to peep the whole thing though, s**t is pretty tough
Battle Rap is all ive been followin in hip hop lately, and yes, this was a great ******** battle...Aye Verb KILLED IT THO, for those who dont know Aye Verb's work, here's a small snippit of one of his famous Guardian Angel line


Latest SMACK battle

2 newcomers, I gave it to John John but it could go either way depending on the style you like, John John needs to see Hollow Da Don for that name tho...he'd get crushed lol
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this english battle just makes me giggle as lunar c just ******** up the other guy

X Factor disappointed me on this one, but still a decent battle

This battle right here......ILL. JC tho.

JC is a problem on the real son is nice as shiiiiit
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When I saw this title I thought... actual battle rapping.

Which, I would be down for, since I'm so ******** rusty...

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Yo Imma be real even tho I used to do it too...keystyling=/=battle rapping.

Reason #242569 Soul Khan is a legend, chokes to the EXTREME, then comes with the HEADSHOT REBUTTAL. DEADED.

Real Deal another dope a** dude out there, son has SKILLS. Lost his last battle with Moneybagz imo but his third was hilarious...and pretty much true for that "Imma real n***a goin on 30 tryin to make a career with music with a family to support" type deal haha

You dont want it with me bro, Ill catch Verb chasin some b***h, on the green line, with a mean nine, and wont even let three go, see that b***h, ill approach her, with that poker, poke her and her amigos, and watch blood spray in that Subway, now that's a cold cut trio.

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In this one, an english teacher actually battles one of his former students and murders him.
I thought this was quite hilarious.

Loaded Lux back

He gon get this work.
!!! Yes Sushi, good update, completely forgot about this topic.. had I remembered it I would have updated this s**t hella, but word, wanted to see this s**t since it was announced.

Nothin like watching Summer Madness... in the ******** fall, ******** BEASLEY

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