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Let the beat breathe 'cause it be my oxygen
Yeah I'm cuttin' trees, but the seeds you be coppin' 'em
Blunts 5-0s; can't see who's spottin' 'em
the kid hold weight; straight scalin' to the top of 'em
Settin' bars; yeah reppin' that old school
Letterman jackets Illmatic was homeroom
Honin' the craft; puttin' cheese in the pot
Battling in the cafe so no one own you

Guys Can you please Check out MY BOBBY Shmurda Diss aka. Hot n***a Diss
Its all over the Radio
http://youtu.be/QB7uMS6mDvQ?list=UUkn_MALPanww2V5jA7qSGxQ 4laugh
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Jesus Christ you niggas suck, where the bars at?
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After hearing this song. 3nodding

I do believe that I...should not worry about being redundant.
Everything that I drop is asked of... It is not nasty, just pungent
Whoever smelt it dealt it? Well it was I who dun dun it
Like the ones that come before me I left swift only to run with
The right intentions... but critics color others into the wrong
Such as... every voice of the downtrodden is a freedom song
Not another dispirited spiritual, there's no need to sing along
But if you want to join, I'm going to need you to catalog
Those very sentiments that make you feel insignificant
Save them for a retrospective in times of your ambivalence
And know that... you can withhold antiquated innocence
Because if there is concern... then a damn is surely giving it...
Water... underthebridge- overthebridge- this part of the song... should not prolong the...
Contemplation you'll be facing if that stage of your preponderance
Questions... the result of that which you have had to ponder.
Just. Part. From your dysfunctions for a predilection's reconnaissance.
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Thought this could only be a dream/
But my ranking is starting to beam/
We flow in a stream/
somewhere in between/
free of king an multiple queens/
Those who ignore feel my steam
like 2 teams fightin in one scene/
ends with you drownin in soft serve ice cream/
You won't understand my fame that i've gained
or even the pain that has to stay/
call me shady but i had to grey/
an learned not to obey/
No taxes on pay day/
so you shall all see by end of may/
So don't be gay/
respond to my horses neigh/
or be stampeded /
under clay this very day/
so I shall lead this thy stead /
unto my succeeded victoraie/
Im done with my ranted brag/
finished flaunting this flag/
We've already attacked/
signed by names/
from your pack a pact stating the fact/
you lack dominance/
overpowered by my confidence/
leaving you conciousness/
in a sarcophagus with/
shards in the esophagus/
no dignity left with urinary incontinence. rofl

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