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Dapper Dabbler

Dizzy off the drop, I guess the air pressure's getting to me.
Because I was on a location on high hosted by yours truly.
Some are both so fly and so full of it, they figure it their duty
To drop some hotness. But a lot of it is not of the proper script

Let a brother propagate the propane salesman pitch
I'll be certain to put work and detail in it.
Maybe that is all I have to say. Well that spell and this
But for a litter of kittens, some have surely got a lotta lip...
Its Life or death which go way do i go is it right or left/everyone say they great but who really rock the mike the best/competition is growing the world is sucha cypher fest/the grand stage is being set please someone start to light the set/ACTION camera flow eat yall like some cantaloupe Thinking you got bars you only put yo hands on soap/not aiming to diss nobody but when i aim it i dont miss nobody/ POW! gunshot but i dont have no gun cocked/my lyrics are my bullets and the ammunition just wont stop... (Pharrow_LynXX)

ninja Look out for me in the future Thank you for your time mrgreen
Jesus Christ you niggas suck, where the bars at?
Krysis speaking better stop and f***in listen
ya better hold up now and pay some attention
its been a while since i dropped a few lines
and you crazy addicts be sniffin it up like old times
im one crazy motherf***er and i love this s**t
quick to lay it down and never quit
ace of a player texas hold 'em
fold 'em
pull the trigger
load them
and out grow them
changing syllables quicker than ya mother changing men
slick with the tongue like lesbians
sorry no mean to offend
but im one of them and i finally came back round to battle again
this aint pretend, your girl came back around to me man
peace out i got to go push up on her in the grand stand
I'm a mutha ********!
Don't give a s**t about your struggle,
cuz when it comes to it, no rules in a tussle.
I ain't trying to hustle, I'm trying to burst your bubble
with a post-consumerism, penetrating ******** YOU.
I should probably close my eyelids, cuz wherever I look
all I see is you getting stripped naked and beaten with a nightstick.
Wondering what kind of sounds you would make in agony,
As I steal your freedom and this f** thinks I'm scared of him stabbin' me?
Sand does not break, and you see-through containers...
you're about to meet your maker, so make 'piece', because you're in danger.
ayo little emo white b***h finna try and drop some s**t lame a** s**t holla

dey call me yung chainz
and im in ya area causin mass hysteria
my rhymes is sicker than africans with malaria

yeah fr thats all i got
life has got me caught up and i stopped
doing what i love i guess life got me copped
i stopped with the passion
grasping the concept to keep rappin
but im back now, yo, everlastin
everlast, yeah i'm like that
white as f**k but i dig in to what i love
lay it out like this is the one f**k
i give to play so if you dont like you can suck
b***h i wont quit
slick and sh*t
f*ck i guess this is it
for this line
i be back around another time
to drop another rhyme on a dime
presise like nines
i'm out motherf**cker like you father did in your mom
krysis the greatest of all time
Jesus Christ you niggas suck, where the bars at?
rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl
Lemme conjure a cosmic blow to drop and cause overload.
You wanted some domino's but I'm delivering carnivals, caramels and condom holes.
Vomit blows as I poison with parlor shows, and barbers know...
I'm the real Damian; maniac, crazy in the cranium.
Flames are back to torch the world cup, make it boil over, erupt.
You're ********! Like a prostate exam and I'm hard a ********, so take it slut!
As I ram it down your throat like a bible thumper.
Got a 9 in my mind and it's pointed with the safety off
You may be an animal but I'm a hunter and my jetpack is taking off. Boba!
You and even worth half a point on my quota.
Call the coroner cuz I got this sewed up, yeah it's over.
And I ain't even gotta try, do this s**t in my coma...
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Versatile Smoker

Been awhile since I've done one of these. Sure why not?

beat- Quasimoto- Jazz Cats Pt.1 (Great album btw.)

Point my rebels to the throne stay vigilant,
Mine is mine no resemblance,
To yours; You don't got my benefits,
I'm the show, and the commercial-
Purple leaves, girls cinnamon,
Go on? You ain't gettin my sentiments,

I'm supposed to be quittin,
Sleepin you missed it,
But at least I ain't snitchin,
Like every rapper take a plea on his time,

Barely clever but they clutter your mind,,
Most of em sound like they get hit from behind,
And that's the hardest they tryin,

I got my mind on my money,
2 Bens on my mind, (Ben Frank and a Benz)
With a car full of aces,
Pullin Two-of-a-kind,

Put The Wire right to you,
I could 'show' you some crime,
That's how a young electrician get's signed.

K. That's enough. :L
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Tipsy Genius

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Momma shot bricks like a Shaq at the free throw
Gettin' double tapped for the crack and the needles
Was usual; Workin' in her cubical
Circlin' the who-you-know
Fiendin' for the pills and a Ruger nose...

work in progress.

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