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Evil Twinkie
I'm new at this so don't be so harsh... sweatdrop

Hey, this verse might come out to be incomplete,
As soon as start that imaginary simple beat,
but you that it needs to be smooth and silky,
To come out to match with my amateur spitting,
I need someting to combust my inner self rapper,
Ignite the burning flames which move my infinite flow,
you know, i might be quite new to this game,
Like a rookie who got drafted from to the NBA,
But I'm not comepletely clueless,
I know how to do this,
I'm know not awful but I know I'm not good,
knowing this just makes me hope could be better.

I know I need a lot of practice. gonk I'm kinda young so I don't have a very good vocabulary.

If you say that you're not good, don't ever rap again.
Be a man, stand up, device a new plan
And comeback to hit it like a tram
The main point about rappers is that they're cocky
And that they know that they don't suck, see
They fight of attacks with passionate strength like rocky
It's time to show selfconfidence, make a stance
Or piss of, cause you never would've had a chance.

Evil Twinkie keep ya head up, because I'm young too/
Only 13, I got into hiphop while I hung out with my crew/
Though my years are few, I'm trying to emcee and learn/
Though listening and doing seemed quite a huge turn/
Like petrol flying through hell, trying not to get burned/
And when I come to this freeflow sticky to return/
I hope I'm much better, because I dont feel like I've flown/
To the best of my ability/
Because at the moment, that there all that there be.../

how was that for a first time? sweatdrop
I think it was cool Demi. I think my second one was much betta though. sweatdrop
The Evil Twinkie Just walked in and man he's on a roll,
its since just scored with pretty lady Yet I ignore the mole,
On the left side of her cheek which kinda puts the unique in her pretty,
I'm just hoping that she's not stupid but quite the opposite,
Which means I want her to be really witty,
Yet I don't mind who its dominant in the relationship,
The water will sail them down with the ship,
Yet your mother dried up the water and left us astray,
At the end I just shake my head, stafing to the bay,
Muttering out five syllables.
" This s**t ain't worth it."
put on the thinkin cap so I can bring it back
you wanna to learn the flow then check out the lyrics black
I got fiends for my music cause I spit that crack
so don't get sloppy and try to release that wack
you get shot gunned and street sweepered right off the rack
don't have to feel me I already got fans
they keep me cool while my women get tanned
after she do that we roll around in white sand
all supplied by the mic in my hand
see wheter its freestyle or written I spit straight venom
if a challenger come I let my fangs sink in em
verses burst like bombs piling up mad victims
female mc's bring it and I'll bass lick em
like them country boys do to a bucker in a fight
hard to kill like van dam cause I love my life
so holla when you see me and show me some love
we all God's children I consider you blood
all the unrighteous get swept by the flood
while the blessed get love from above
Lord Nfamous and I don't play no games
but if you gotta go there I shoots and hit ladders on lames
so I send this to all the suckas in the forum
but I'll leave it incognito ain't no need for names
My name's chris and my emcee skills are strong and stout/
Lyrics so strong that cut open and clean you, just like a trout/
I flow like a butterfly and sting like a bee/
I'm gonna snap and attack you, electrifyingly/
Mentally, incredibally and impecabbly secure/
Just like a tornadom waiting to occur/
like the perfet poker player, waiting for a turn/
My lyrics are on fire, and your brains gonna get burned/

I'm kinda new so dont be harsh 3nodding
YO a free flow by kwick daddy tell me what ya think....

Syllable compounds mixin atoms to fist/
my fist a atomic compuster your atoms been split/
nuclear warhead wit an EMCEE guided tip/
headed straight left at your lyrical battleship/
you been lost for a century like teh unstoppable titanic/
leave all bitches wanted more and in a tragic panic/
corroded and rusted at teh bottom of your own sorrow/
suprize attack an emcee like teh movie "day after tomorrow"/
an unstopable rage it just cant be sustained/
never gonna get locked up in that padded cage/
cut through emcee's hopes like adamantium bonded to bone/
like wolverine im naturally wild never tamed im all alone/
in a world created by me it's just allmy own/
i eat souls for fun but never eat teh GRAND ONE/
it's impossible to ever eat a living legend son/

little kwick spit let me know what ya think...
Come on It's the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The 4 of us rock so much you can see our shirts sells
Keep it up and no the shredder can't face us
The Technodrome hey yo, Krang wants to blaze us

You can see I am so fly, probably the coolest in the group
Red bandana over my eye, I'm even more gangster than Snoop
Come over like only i can and you know somebody dies
That's the plan, cut em up with that weapon called Sais
It's the price you pay for messing with green super machine
We're so mean, heyo Bebop you know you just got creemed
Stupid pig, walking with his crew acting like he is something
But you smell like a fish and can't think, ugly smelly dumbthing

Hey it's the genius of the clan, the T.M.N.T, you can't see
We hiding in the sewers because people like to fear mystery
I build the car, the one we riding in and shooting so far
It's for the Foot to pay attention, so we let them know we at war
Now Slash wannabe just like us, but when he comes up, he bust?
Man, Turt, what's that s**t about, fam should be fam Mr I'm gonna crush
Wears a black banada, oh s**t you so cool (dark like the night)
is somewhat larger, but this b***h is such a fool (you wanna fight?)
That's right

Hey it's Michelangelo, the crazio, in this placio I'm like a daisy yo
They say, Michelangelo he's so wack, but hey yo they can't face me yo
I like Pizza, I eat it up the faster than Johnson on gold shizza
I don't give a s**t ya gatta keep you mouth closed when I'm eatin pizza
Rocksteady ain't s**t without this song so why you wanna diss ma?
We could've rolled, you got a big nose but I like yo flow it was tight
But I came at a hold, you chose that Shredder was right?
That b***h skinny a** Ninja, thinks he looks so cool with his gear on
I'm in the rear son, you look scary but you know we fear no one

Yo, I cut and everything up in a hush, we're so fast
You wouldn't even know we were there to clash
Who is left? Tell me who is left?
A robot named Krang with some brain in his chest
Oh wait, that's a mistake you are the dysfunctional brain
Rotten like hell, why you want to fight and be a pain
You live even further underground than us, you chickend out
Talking that Rulling the world s**t, man I should've kicked your mouth
But there's the dillemma i wouldn't know which one
You're lame and annoying so you better wish you can run
I don't have gun but my swords can slice and dice anyone
Living in the Teachnodrome, s**t man try to catch some sun

Come on It's the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
The 4 of us rock so much you can see our shirts sells
Keep it up and no the shredder can't face us
The Technodrome hey yo, Krang wants to blaze us

I was so bored.. that's the s**t.. that's it.. haha..TURTLES RULE!!!!!
Not the new.. but old skool!! biggrin
Not bad kwick, the s**t all fit together with the nuclear s**t, attaomic and goin' with battleship and titanic, got some good combindin'...see what you think of this

now this is a story for the playas n pimps
rollin' around 2 miles a hour in our whips
shootin' at the haters with hollow point tips
cause we don't deal with the jackets go strait to the bone
like what your girl does when we enter the door with a loud moan
tellin' me all sorta freaky s**t she wants to do with me over your phone
payin' the bills thinkin' you ownin' your life
but you can't even get your girl to become your wife
and way to scared to go rob someone with a knife
so she drops you when the rent ain't paid
cause she took all your money to come get laid
buyin' me s**t at the mall while you work all day
not much for me to do so all i can say
is you better realize the status that really matters
listen to those who forewarn you of these disasters
bringin' them right to your face on platinum platters
what else can we do thats the way we play
buyin' big houses right near tha bay
so we can go down to colombia for some yay
any time we want to while you sit and scrounge for a jay
we smokin' columbian s**t doin' coke off your girls a**
while you're at the dope mans house hopin' for a pass
but all he does like us is say your a** is grass
get out and make some pay or learn to fass
cause we don't like gays who suck c**k for crack
those type of people get no resepect and get shot in the back
so watch these streets, and get out the way for the real mack.

Hey Fayt, I think you just need to work on your vocab and put some mulities in there... Your flow's ok, just need to make it more complex.
Well it seems that I gleam/
brighter than golden seams (sp?)/
on the platinum baseball/
wait, paul!, Are you gonna take all/
the credit for yourself?/
Its bad for your health,/
talkin bout your solo success when the whole team helped?/
should I be your daddy and pull out my belt?/
slap you silly with my tilly (hehe...) till I give your mouth welts?/
acting cocky when you as stocky as a malnurished mantis?/
if it wasnt for my good mor-als, I woulda slaped ya./
i think you spelled it right Oo

nice though nice.
yo kas hook me up wit that SIGGY man thats PIMP..... give me teh URl that s**t si teh PIMPNESS.....
When the day seems like you just went through/
Knowing the some punk grabbing on to you/
Probably Have hearing problems/
When you say "******** off" they only worsen trouble/
until they burst your bubble/
You will pop off, probably punch off their tops off/
now living like a snake/
Only takin a s**t weekly/
If you pop em off good, he'll shine your shoe squeeky/
So now they bow down to your fist/
Knowing if they ******** up, they're up for a good twistin/
Probably a good wrist slit and some d**k lickin/
The punk just he never had started bitchin/
Now he's under daddy's rules/
He knows you know you'd suffocate him by throwin him in the kiddy pool/
You'd stomp on him like the Super Mario Bros/
So he lets you treat him like some sort of a manwhore/
And You know that, so you walk over over the floor/
Cuz you know/
He's just a daddy's whore/
Yo I tried to write on that topical flow thread made by Apoc the topic that was up was Video Games so hee I go


It all started back with Mario in eighty-eight
A & Bing on a pad while controllin an ape
The right combination seal the oppositions fate
From the Tecmo Bowl tournament I eliminate
Like drug addicts I made tetra lines dissapate
But I gained weight like Burger Time so fill my plate
Sega the rebirth also known as the Genisis
I Kombated with Mortals killed em with Sonya's kiss
Then brawled in the twilight Zone with a Comix twist
Joe Motana had a special zoom feature
And if I get the Cowboys its guaranteed I'll beat cha
Pump action on Doom a guaranteed life leacher
But I can take the long route with either Link or Ness
Or race with the Koopa Troopa or make Maxi break a chest
You can get the Super Scope if you really wanna see me
Call me the p***y City Pimp cause I keeps it real breazy
Playin 64's will get you Super Brothers Smashed out
So I can Poke A Mon bout a Toros he say that he a cash cow
Ooops my stupid cousin hate to lose so he try and pull the plug out
We fight and break something so my mama kick our a** out
She put the game away so I got nothin to talk bout

Peace and 1 Love
Your Boi, Lord Nfamous the Regal Legal Street Pharmacist
gathering information is like loading the clip
i do what i gotta to get after thar radar blip
thats all you are to me when you get too near
get you in my headlights and you stare like a dear
shaking at the knees down to your ankles with fear
about to piss your pants you let out a tear
i come wipe it off and tell you don't worry my dear
its just your time the end of your final day and year
what can i say for the rest of your existance you're gonna sear*(i think thats right spelling)
while you're getting whipped by the devil on your rear
too bad you couldn't find a better carear
you couldn't last up in this one, one rhyme you're dead
open casket for all to see you laying on your death bed
i hope its comfterable for your final rest
its your own fault though, don't mess with the best
we're like indiana jones on the holy grail quest
dodging danger left and right but never losin' our gear
always making sure we all clean in the mirror
to finish off i give you your last drink, a ice cold mug of draft beer.


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