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Sick to the point light a joint then i'll burn em/
Alcohol plus liquor addicticed to korn em/
Heavy metal raised plus grew up on rap/
Like dr. said said, "you can have it back"/
I attack with my brain, a gothic pride thats so high/
A mercenary that's very scary my weapon's my supply/
Goin off the top of brain not really tyin to think at all/
The more cycles of insomnia keep reconstructin my jaw!
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Invisible Humorist

had the spark of an artist
had god in my fingertips but the art was heartless
misplaced the features. end result, an unknown creature
intended to be a cutie, i'll let god handle this tedious
formation. i guess i wasn't as creative as he.
but for me, i always thought i can succeed
if i went at it with ease and find my own seed
grow out these roots for other's to see my fruit
but thats the future. i'll let it stand as my mirror
and tweak out the creature before me for the future
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Dangerous Lunatic

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Got the heart of a starvin' artist, mind of a busines mogul...
Local shows wit full blown flows till the s**t is global...
Never over, one man show in the flesh, kick it solo...
Bring ruckus like a clown car drive by full of bozos...
Honkin' fo-fos, barrels big as they whole nose...
I let'em know, off rip I came to tip the richter scale...
Never is the mission failed, always fresh and fit for sale...
While you small fries stay half baked gettin' stale...
Sickening howmany get well soon cards I get cause I'm so sick...
When I spit - I just got another one. s**t!
When will it stop? Never! Even when at the top...
Get better ever clever now and forever hip-hop...
Shredder make turtle soup out, cats, hurdle hoops...
For labels, BUT, before you murder a track they gon murder YOU...
Believe I'ma leave it that, sit back like a hitman...
Cleanin' his gat while chicks suck out the cream in his sack...
How you like that?... 1
I spit fire like a spitfire, when I ignite the spark like a bic lighter,
and I'm just tryin' to get it higher, make you see your idols are some big liars,
and I got a little bit of time, to get in a couple rhymes,
though I've got a troubled mind and I'm livin' in the struggle, I
shine like I just struck diamonds, figured out how to write a rhyme but
all my time is used up findin' how to keep from becomin' blinded,
by the daily things on my mind, money, women, and fine lines,
between bein' happy with my life, or tryin' to find myself a fine wife,
'cause I can't be held down by a female, even if she reads all my e-mails,
and she thinks that they all matter, and expects me to call after
first time sex is over, I'm gettin' older but I aint' gettin' sober,
I'm liftin' boulders up over my head,
with the weight on my shoulders, bolder
true but I still feel colder,
where's the love I was once so familiar with?
I'll need to do more than just build the bridge,
when I used to be stealin' s**t, 'til I learned my best friend was built to snitch,
we both could have been filthy rich, but instead we had to deal with sentences,
oh well, got off track again
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Invisible Humorist

I'm a parasitic host for this microphone
Disease on the speakers when I chant a flow
An uncontrollable substance when subs submerge
In these waters, they'll experience a melodic departure
In a rapture I try to capture an essence
Of godly MC's, the ones that rap to disco beats
And went through the streets to bash police
Trying to breed fear on the next seed
As we proceed to damage ourselves with nicotine
And chant weed is the apple to Adam and Eve
I'm the serpent, slick tongue with a sharp point
So it's no exaggeration that im slaying opponents
Supposedly there's competition that causes rigor mortis
I'm afar from those that cause childish emotions
With hand gestures, motions turn to paralysis
Give me a hat, a knack for tricks and anesthetics

My mind expandin' ten times imagine,
that s**t might happen while I am laughin',
Takin' time, to make a rhyme, straight from my, faded mind,
naked mimes, chasin' limes, wake up fried, make some fries,
Yo! I am ******** serious,
and if you disagree you must be delirious,
I am ******** superior, you are the king's inferior,
write my name with a knife on your ********' forehead,
if you call the cops your mom gets ******** then your dead,
I'm getting hard just thinkin' about it, I'm makin' a sound with,
the tip of this proud d**k, you're makin' 'im roar and you 'bout to get prowled b***h,
'cause I'm a ******** holy alien, and I am boasting amazing sins,
because I don't live by a false god's standards,
I am from space b***h,
I am from space b***h,
existentialism, is building a prism, of some of my favortie fam-i-liar women,
but they're abandoning their children, then crashing in the buildin',
where my parents live,
and I am high as ********, I am high as ********,
and I'm rapping over an experimental beat,
peripheral leaks footage not meant to be seen,
on this planet or any other, I'm getting covered,
in many covers, that were designed for protecting lovers,
from the ******** cold in a house that's plugging no,
goddamn plugs into the goddamn wall,
I don't give a damn about your god at all,
******** it I'm not mad at all, I just got cats and dogs,
on my feet and they're the cutest ******** things I've ever seen,
I love my dog, I love my cat, I love my cat, I love my dog

Metallic entity emerges from infinity in surges,
the enemies get nervous because they just met our friendliest servant,
so we secretly sending 'em curses, and rendering surface,
details to ending absurd s**t, and ending the verse with,
something that's relevant, to the ending of a piece of art,
I deceased the stocks, left crashed n' leaking parts,
and I'm decreasing charts, and increasing flocks,
of sheep at my doorstep, thugs thieves and five more checks,
leaves at my doorstep, that means it must be autumn, must be autumn...
Lol so this place still exists. One time for your mind...

Contemplating the next move I make....
It's Kinetic, that dude you've already assumed is great
I'm used to hate, all cuz I'm better than you.....it's fate!
Cuz this is SIRIUS...I've never been "in tune" with fake
I'm so bomb with these dope rhymes they love my speech, Obama
You still want a n***a to give you CREDIT, like a Co-Signer
My flow's monstrous, I've got a Run-on these wack emcees, no commas
I came through BROOKLYN just to NET profit....Joe Johnson
Everything I write? Sickening! I tried to tell em from the start.....I'm Serious
And all these hoes want my heart.....delirious
I aint nothin nice with the pen, these are LIFE SENTENCES
so you'll always be behind my BARS.....PERIOD.
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Tipsy Genius

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I was born educated, dedicated to the Game
Cos my pain elevated and I hella hated rain
So I painted sunny skies without blood in my eyes
And made it no doubt through the bouts of time
I'm on the clouds of Ninth; I wonder I'm nice
But blundered minds be like; what are these rhymes he writes
I'm redefining mics, they're too blind for sight
Of talent; I'm balanced on my insides alike
Yes sir I'm certified with verses that versify
A disperse of words that reverse the hurt inside
Rap's my blood; F*ck the crime and thugs
I write rhymes for the love never mind all the drugs
Yup music's my life; don't confuse it for fame
I pay my dues in every line; they're too stupid for Game
My intelligence's relevant; they stay hella bent
While I spit emotion; their notions are nonsense
So the next time you're lookin' for a CD to cop
Just think man, is this real hip-hop

old ish from the vaults.
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Tipsy Genius

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Hip hop's my life; I put my heart on the line
And if they hate, it means the stronger the grind
I write, to father my kind; stay sonnin' to shine
Buddin in Mayweather, dog I'm climbin in the vine
Pen's....cypher devine; Insight for ya mind
180 ya eyes
My flow Ali; no race with I rhyme
Givin' sight to the blind; Puttin' Nikes in ya eyes
Kickin' brain, you lames; I'm professin the spit
Not a KRS but I put a lesson in scripts
Yall sweatin' a b***h; I'm reppin this s**t
207 man; I carry sets when I flip
That's flexin; never trustin' a b***h
That ain't a diss; dog I'm hustlin wit
And you hoes; givin money for brain
And I'll never Wilt, but I got a hundred a game
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Yeah, up in the smut, Chump
I'm sending 8 bars up in ya smut, punk
Go To Sleep rappers under my trunk bump-er
spent quarter is what you rendered, playing Defender
I'm liver, with saliva from b***h rappers who slobber
on my Golden, 'member...even Beyoncé Knows
you catch a cold from your Blasé flows
I catch a Olds from under my nose, my brother, I 'rose a General
Motor boating these ho-ho-hoes, and d**k 'em too
we knocking boots, ain't no Navel officer, ******** a sub-liminal
******** a bar count, put it on my tab
Alt+F4 slores, and Shut Down that a**
Sultry? kiss me.Pitch, I R.A. Dickey
whack niggas say that me off beat? MISS ME!
what they claim as lyrical, miserable, you spitting bull
I'm like "this kids isn't true...He Yankovic, satirical!"
you ain't a d**k, you spherical, that's why I'm hitting you
the back swing is to rapping that thing of what Tiger get into
white bitches, tight sitches, things that I don't like
die wishes, I get that this is just business, guy!
and thus this is, the clutched fist hit
the drag you through the mud, drunk, dumb b***h hit(I done did it)
ya dame sadiddy, She came with bummy
I feel like a billionaire, c'mere, she leave with money
she call you Smoochy, I'm throwing mama outta the duplex
running train on honey where it always sunny
and I don't need to play the game no more, look at ya leg
now crawl on over to William, tell him what Simon said
Or -- SHUT THE ******** UP!
90 percent of you niggas are wack.
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Dapper Dabbler

These are the breaks;
Ligaments, marrow, rules and hymens.
I break wind when I break silence.

My tense is pretentious
Convinced of its incentive to
Implement such an intensive

Regiment of rhyme, I'm
To seek betterment in time
Trying only when I make the effort, any line

Of thought gets intersected
By perspectives
Perpendicular to no particular collective.
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Blessed Exhibitionist

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time that I throwaway, grime up and torn my frame
twenty twelves hells bells failed, here go the thirteenth rang
go head and curse me, mayne, hate on the surgery
precision when spitting, you penning ain't really hurting me
internal rhyme be the sign of my time, BOW!!
on my inferno grind, and you crying in time out
I toast and burn you guys I'm the nicest
who no like my devices? I'm Bobby Brown, ******** out the way
your little vest get sauted while you eying up mine
divine is the mind, you sizzle surrounded by iron
you fizzle, but say that me pop? I say the beat knock
make then cleats knock, bruh what you say, the heat hot?
I figure if he Spock, he shouldn't really honor bull
be honorable and stop with the lil crock pot shots, Doc they illogical
if I get on ya crew, I promise you this kid
give your mother, sister friends and cousins real reason to listen
far as an end piece, I give you this pie as a sen-tence
instead of Mr. Pectaculour...they call you b***h tits
Mr Limp Wrist, clearly ain't fit, coming 'gaist this
is like Cobain, un-slain, say he like Bizkit
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Tipsy Genius

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I was raised...swiping...EBT's
No debit or credit, we ate state cheese
Fienin' for Ramen while dealin with problems
Mom's on lines Dad's sipped his conscience
No focus, sworn as hopeless
Gram was there and gave a home to the homeless
So nevermind that foster care
******** DSS and them mobsters there

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