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Rare appearance from J Stryker! Whaddup?

Lyrical architect. Craft verses to make you marks defect.
Subjects vary. Raining "points" like I had archers set.
Too many rappers think they killin' the mic. They kiddin' though right?
Spit like they s**t tight, but ain't nobody feelin' ya, aight?
Same crack rhymes delivered through wack lines.
These cats.. they lack spines. No confidence, so try to jack mine.
But I never lose confidence. Criticize foo's "common sense."
The gravity of their competence ain't enough to ground this rocket ship.
Ain't no stoppin this. Douse ya fire with lots-o-piss.
Clown you and your contacts like a Hopsin diss.
The Stryker is the whole equation, ask yo professor.
Spit truth like a bullet aimed at the brain, no suppressor.
Emotions fester.. when my comments hit close to home.
Niggas mad like I ******** the chick THEY were supposed to bone.
How can you hold the throne when you can't hold yo own?
Thinking they finna get a contract like mobile phones.
Sleepy rhymes make ya show fade to black like Hova home.
While I shine blinding bright like super nova blown.
this ones just for shi.ts and giggles lol

im a guy nameed spidahking
walkin wit my bling bling
every girl comes up to me wantin my damn dingaling
rappin really fast wit the beat and the motion
cant top me cause im drunken like a potion
when i talk to girls they say "not yet,oh no"
then i say "screw it", and i stick it in her blow hole
then she says "so,so"
thats when i found out that she was a fuc.kin big hoe
then i said "FUC THAT!" and ran off like a mo fo
and thats wat happens when u try to fuc certain girls lol

the end lol
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Welcome to the unaccountable league of alleged legends
bleed for the pence, the peasants -- bow before evanescence
claims another horseman, headless when repping his set, it's
reckless...forget it, he's mannerless and oh so damn pathetic
also down to bet his medic he let in synthetic
my music have him reusing stitches from linen bedding
I'm threading any Molly who could stick they head in
get WOPPED, leave 'em black and white and wet like I slapped 'em with red ink
and pissed on his head, Yall s**t on the beat? (yeah)
oh well, I'm here myself getting head from the treb'
I don't rap nice, they mistake kindness for weak
I rap knives, and crooked Pastors with diamonds for Teeth
they pasteurized, I'm past the lies, the heat is with the thrill
that's means its gone, on my Riley B. King, you kneel
Armstrong you, they gon' call you a hero
That's one small step...KABOOM! -- ground zero
X'd out, yo dawg, you wanna know what?
I heard ya album wasn't popping, so I had to help you blow up
grow up, you David's is ageless, just little seedlings
eat a DJ's Envy, no Lantern, you call me Giant Breezy
I'm William Holden, you might be some custodian
Oscars getting sloshed by that c**k eyed bi-otch you watch
up on the tube, my grind is breaking her news
I ain't staying wake for new dudes, mature, or else snooze
let's spice it up, mix the garlic and K2, rhymin
sanity challenged, I ain't playing no game, Simon
my verbal styling is violent, it rage like my phallus
when in the kitty, slap a titty, while I bang-bang mayne
could he maintain pain 'fore shooting off with that thang
or is the bang on E? see Stacy, relay remedy
please pay eventually, god forgive me, was meant to be
for all these starlet...harlot bitches that you sent to me
But i've decided hip hops the baddest, that's right I've had it then
'bout to ******** that b***h with a 9 inch xanax, she panicing
calm her down, wrap her arms with a cape and cowl
a** up but her face is down, my bar low but she raise it now
was some Bat-s**t, but its Jason Now...Todd, b***h!
Voorhees only if the 40s poured, he's in your mosh pits
phuk you, not a canibitch verse, you keep the L, go get a joint
so you could all bum a ******** hit off THIS!
it's nonsense, the fact they punching with salt fists
ya all b***h, get donkey punched OR get salt licked
the rule of thumb is to never be under rulers thumb
yeah you the dumb who'll pay a holocaust as Jerusalem
Who cut the mustard? I poupon 'em, yeah I'm ruthless, dun
you wanna cry, simpy mother huggers? should loosen up
and I'm just ******** with you, ******** when I'm ********
I mean ******** as ya wifey future, ******** it, you ain't put enough in
she get it good, it's nothing, shape of a dirty slut, I'm in
form of aluminum baseball bat, she say me husband
I ask about that street n***a who keep the ruger tucked in
she say he tuck himself too much, now he cannot get it up when
it really counts, I'm Blackula, Count, BACK IT UP!
hip hop sucking only because -- that's how she gets the drugs
You bring the dope with it, beats is weed, vodka and coke
I bring a long tongue stroke, 'til there's strep in my throat.
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THESE ARE SOME PRETTY CHILLED OUT TUNES; http://soundcloud.com/jackdriscoll

im actually loving that inception track
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Hey guys please check me out, I make undergound Concious Hiphop, search Earnest Ethic, like, comment, subscribe, I'm open to criticism, thanks alot. (:
Yo from the top of my brain, Im typin up this freestyle
but from the stock of this strain, I'm lit up like a weed pile
Multiple syllables flowin into slowed down paragraphs
Time is ticking up, with a grain in the hourglass
you dare come back, you'll come out into brawl
verbal depiction of my bars hitting raw
Your flaws, are repetitive like a typical rap song
Bling, money, weed, like a lyrical crap pawn
I spawn, and elevate up to the pinnacle,
Criminal phased up from the streets spoken biblical
No minimal, effort I put up to deal with these dissable

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