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Yo, yo, yo,
******** my parents, I'm careless,
that means I could care less,
I'm fearless but I'm not impaired yet (so that's good),
I wreck this s**t like a terrorist,
freestyle, uh, you should feel embarrassed,
like a b***h that just got harassed,
I'm removin' the mask, I'm not like the rest,
in my mind I'm the best,
like a b***h shoppin' for a dress,
I'm just tryin' to set my mindset to rest,
you feel it yet?
Good, 'cause ya' should,
pop the hood, got the goods,
got some good, pot, some kush, rock ya' hood,
gotta' push, off the clutch,
lead foot driver, try'na get to higher,
planes of knowledge, take a hostage,
into my voodoo chamber pot son,
unknown prophet, droppin' that "who knew?" banger,
goddamn! I'm a ********,
violent cuz of, childhood problems,
stylish rugged, tryin' to come up,
on top of my ********' project,
that don't even exist,
******** the game, I'm leavin' it pissed,
bleedin' from wrists, peepin' ya' s**t,
then stealing it, b***h,
ya' feeling this yet?
Mageda's alive, and rattling the prison
cages, b***h I'm battling the system,
and baffling dumb bitches, while I'm raffling some tickets,
in a casino parking lot, with a black mask and a hit list,
and listen up b***h, Drake is not the ********' man,
and I really don't think you bandwagon faggots understand,
so you caught your b***h in your bed, sleeping with another man,
then ******** her man, blame it on that new Usher track,
and pig skulls are like release dates, b***h I push em' back,
abuse that weed, don't ******** with crack,
I'm ********' your whole crew up with bats, n' big macs,
like I was feedin' 'em McDonald's, a quick snack,
best hide your bimbo bitches before all their purses get snatched,
I'm hidin' in your attic with a sack full of this smack s**t,
and I'm 'bout to get frantic with it, beat you with my bad habits b***h,
then turn your ********' system up 'til I collapse your attic in,
my s**t is immaculate, you aint' even listened to half of it,
this s**t's automatic kid, ******** your favorite b***h-a** rapper's s**t,
I'm watchin' his career go up in flames while I take a swig of that magic gin,
and I have to grin, now I'm chuggin' that s**t from plastic bins,
in the ghetto, got your b***h walkin' like she in stilettos,
'cause I get bread ho, now this s**t's dead yo,
misinfo, hit bimbos, them insults, just get old,
up in smoke, this s**t's so, official, ya' been told,
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Invisible Humorist

Ty S Eliot
Ty S Eliot
EDIT: I got 99 problems, like adding up nine 11's
Seven forty seven's , I'm strapped in, the s**t never ends
You cant touch my riches,
Even if you had Bernie Madoff or them 'lanta housewives bitches

but a b***h ain't one, so life is pretty easy
like Mr. E when the pen is being needy
my value is glorified
like the thought of black men liking their chicken fried

The little line is a flip on Biggie's opening line in the where's Brooklyn at freestyle

i knew it sounded familiar
my little line was original sweatdrop
I'm chillin' in the basement,
I'm startin' to feel impatient,
nothing to do but get high as ******** while I sit, waitin',
and b***h, change the station,
if you aint' bangin' what I'm bangin',
kill that magic dragon like the enemies I'm slayin',
you can catch me in your neighborhood, pissin' on the sidewalk,
right next to the asphalt, that's writtin' on with white chalk,
in a neighborhood that exists only in my sub-conscious,
bang them subs out til' your whole crew go unconscious,
I'm eating nachos, while beating off, (oh)
and I'm not into trannies but I'm still beating off hoes
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Tipsy Genius

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Dapper Dabbler

[Off and] on unlike a light switch,
You figure a flash of brilliance would cover the highest
Hunger drive, providing a stipend...

Of rice is covering my appetite
But my metabolism's that of an acolyte.
Given twice the hype for half the price,

My ego feeds on the eco-friendly virginity
I have concerns about your fiber
Until you're sickly and spindly.

What's the skinny on your friendly neighborhood
Life expectancy deficit? For the death of it,
I will give your picnic table goods. (It's)

Not as if fables could do me justice in the present
Era because the errors of my

The bipolar opposite of the predominant
Doesn't betray my demeanor either
So some just need not get on top of this

Need for comparison.
So what if a style's resurrected within
Babe Ruth's texture, I'll just sweat The Mexican

Until my foot work's done; hoofing to one
Institution to thematically undo this
Music pollution and my kettle's cooking is done...

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Dapper Dabbler

(same beat)

Engines of old pinching to gold pennies for the love of them
I call them greed personified but the lines read "Republican"
However, any collective of respective people in bipartisan
Relationships in arguments can sadly augment art against
What natures of developing lines of thought that manifests.
Through protests for the rest of the restless, it can attest
But, not account for, the damaged chest and collapsed lung
Upon trying to dive right into the liveliness of this passion.
I am not made of lines, I was born in silence,
Geometic quicksand, I'm subtracting the minus,
acid bath rain dance, spiritual lyrical miracles,
your voice is loud but I'm not hearin' you,
probably because I'm not feelin' you,
if you were a drug I wouldn't be dealin' you,
but if you were a fish then I'd be reelin' you,
in, out, ******** real talk, I got real thoughts,
you were programmed to speak up before your fad gets killed off,
and ******** politics, that's just honest s**t,
******** all your s**t, b***h I'm off of it,
but if you got that green then I'm on top of it,
coughin' it, then sneezing from my last pollen binge,
allergy addiction, battling with fiction,
and it's a losing war, what you shoot me for?
and now I'm done like stimulus,
******** this stupid s**t,

(Portrait of a gun rapper)
Free flowin, bout to bust these geeks open
Weed tokin, watch the eagle predict ya future like greek omens
Try to settle fam, quick to let the ******** metal blam
The heat'll raise you to 300, like a ******** credit scam
Forget it, damn, dumb prima dona, tucked with his momma
I'll creep up on you like an Arab, when I ******** with the llama
Spark cables, buck till ya gone with the wind like Clark Gable
Ya'll fables when I dot up ya flag with red stripes, now it's Star Spangled
Properly listen, when I'm quick to let the shotty glisten
Bombin bitches, when I let the chrome heat up like a modern kitchen
******** tell yo crew, stomp them niggas out like shell toe boots
I've dealt yall fools, cause I'm ******** strapped to my toes like Velcro shoes

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Dangerous Lunatic

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And now comes the dope s**t...

It's da microphone wrecker, slice necks with broken records...
******** panty raids b***h I got a stash of stolen dressers...
Frozen sceptre, ice cold flow blow through ya sector...
Expect the unexpected, none lesser...
Throwin' dynamite at fish with Uncle Fester...
Nothin' better...
Doin' lines when I'm stressed out, crack under pressure...
Always in the lab like Dexter...
Perfectin' equations down to the last letter...
Damn I'm so clever...
Trap door wack MCs in the booth, pull the lever...
Goodbye b***h! See you again never...
Sell a hectare of hexed sess to Hector...
Dip out the country with a classy trash b***h named Heather...
Pack black/white chrome for any season, salt and pepper...
Rob pirates for the pleasure...
And whipe my a** with the map of the treasure...
My endeavor, to ******** the trend setters...
These fruits so light I put'em down, feathers...
I should've learned my lesson/
had a kid in the middle of a recession/
with the financial stress and/
we in a neighborhood where kids are all about reppin/
i suggested we get a weapon to protect out investments/
now i got a girl with postpartum depression,
that just started P.M.Sin/
plus access to a .38 caliber Smith and Wesson/
now she's back,
to watching Snapped,
like crackheads watch for crack,
i't more than her past time it's her obsession
this girl's got connections
and i'm afraid,
i'ma get laid,
in a shallow grave
off of I-97
two weeks later when my family and friends notice i didn't check-in
that's when she'll begin with the lies and deception/
tellin em we've been fighting and that i left them/
and i'm black so when the detectives come there won't be no detectin/
no first 48 confessions CSI crime-lab lookin for gunpowder resin/
so what's left then?/her pickin up a life insurance check and/
blowin thru it like bullets thru my chest and
she,ll get off scott free plus she gets to keep the murder weapon/
in the end it'll probably be just another trinket in her collection/
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Blessed Exhibitionist

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I've forgotten more quotables offa the top
than when you drop on the spot,hold up...
was rhyming in my mom & battled the Doc, shoo nuff
Way before Doom done sent for you fools to get the pot holders
weeding out rotten posers, they seething I see 'em, shoulders
be leaning ain't swinging, bro ya ain't Young Dro, so
gotta get ya whole flow snuffed out now, there whodi
quote meh, speaking on you as the Worst Thang Smokin'
my rhymes get deep on ya a**, have Lupe scoping
ya cutey scope. I'm deep in that a** when I'm Loc'n
Tone have you choking, breaks catch a beat down
whatever I ink down has jokers folding, you know it
I'm stoic, you'll see me never lean back,you could be Neo, I'll be Moses
leaden the chosen, protect them, sponsored by Trojan
ain't dicking, yeah I'm knowing to show it as Logan
test yo' mug with knuckle blades in this place, "Let's go bub!"
My favourite verses always sound like I'm talking
So I just spoke my mind with this here recording
It's still a rap, so I've gotta throw some metaphors in
So you won't understand. And I can feel important.
I think that's what's missing from the game; meaning
I've heard too many raps that don't have any meaning
Overused cliches; they've lost all their meaning
Roof on fire or an inferno on the ceiling?
It means the same thing but creates a new vision
Actively makes you think, it actually makes you listen.
But you can always tell who didn't
They don't get the bar and don't rate what you've written
I don't hate them. I'm too smitten, with the breeze.
Do you see? They give me nothing so they're air to me.
Which cools me down so I could never prepare for beef
I love that, they're like fans, so I'm Smitten, with the breeze.
Obviously you wouldn't have caught that at the time
I honestly hadn't even thought that by that line
I only even brought forth that, cos it rhymed.
And piecing it all together's kinda a talent of mine.
And I owed you metaphors, I'm not one to be indebted
Illustrate my point with examples to hope you get it
You could say it's just like a Calvin Harris record.
With less repetitive beat loops and none of the chart successes.
In case you've forgotten today's lecture is on meaning
I think that's what's missing from the game; meaning
Overused cliches they've lost all their meaning
Eye's too big for your belly or too much to sink your teeth in?
Both those which I just spoke, evoke, pictures of eating
One you'd heard before, one you figured out the meaning
One you never think about, one you deciphered using reason
Now that old cliche translates to something you'll believe in.
See me? I plan to do away with cliches
Supply original thought, instead of the instant replays
******** the "I'm so original carbon copy hipster chic" wave
Promote "I'm not gonna do that, just because he says"
And that should go double for myself
If I knew what I was saying I'd have no trouble with my wealth
Allow me to support my point with some mild hypocrisy,
But I'm not telling you this cos it's good for my health
Excuse the used phrase, I couldn't pass up the convenience
But if I've taught you anything it should be not to be lenient
Don't listen to the rappers who talk it but never seen it
Find someone who speaks their mind, talks it and means it
And then maybe the game will have more meaning
I've heard too many raps that don't have any meaning
Overused cliches; they've lost all their meaning
You can turn the charts to something you believe in.
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Invisible Humorist

i spit that...
cohesive s**t,
attracting legends spit
joining the room where heads nods and kicks hit
drop the lyrics and make em shake, attraction
eyes ogling waiting more to happen
and imma make it happen with these hi hats
and claps to make y'all clap at my act
fact is im a blacksmith in spirit
flattening the iron after burning y'all to a crisp
scraping off the chinks and slitting dragon's wrists
composed of misfits, hope the fists never touch lips
or you'll be talking with a lisp like a b***h
and these lips, are charred and ancient
was under the ruins till niggas ain't saying s**t
and was ressurected to ressurect the art form
that is used to make y'all famous
y'all hating?
guess the smug face is awakening
was baking during hibernation just for this occasion

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Blessed Exhibitionist

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Went from one foot in a gravy grave...to my lady's savior
the 80s Babe, I court her like Ruth Joan Bader
would spit her name, but whats the point if yous gone hate her
I choose drones for these fickle fans living in a trance
you could spit advanced, Shonuff, you know it -- glowing hand
but if you ain't got a dance, well ******** it, everybodies "mad"
'This n***a at the party trash' - now he at the bar, he stag
asking bout them Ru Paul bustas - "why everybody drag?"
While every hottie brags, squawking about...
I'm thinking bout my mommi, callin the house...
and I'm not there, stop there, I'mma pot compared to Macs
it aint PC, She'll use the MPC to beat my black a**
Yall don't get that? ********, little kids stack trucks
she be Csonka with her Tonka - Fullbacking it up
I can't focus, make the queen pissy on purpose
shape of paternity test, hope she know how to work it
"you nasty" - giving me permission? oh, gladly!
girl, I will lick up all the DNA links you got from yout family
love you more than inbred hicks love repub devils
******** harder than Reagan would Hannity - nah that's disheveled
Hannity would wanna butt Crunch Reaganomically
that means Ronald would bleed, as does our Nestle economy
said I couldn't focus, am I sorry? yeah probably
my Atari was faulty, B, butt Linx? it was sodomy
if I am really the by-product of my past...
Than I am half-man, so yeah that ain't half bad
and If I ain't half that, it's all a part of the plan
and you can keep the laugh tracks for all those smart-a** cracks, damn

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