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Short one...

Ravenous savage who's animalistic banter leaves the fans in awe like twenty four bitches who've dropped their panties...
Either way I'll manage to damage, while niggas struggle to fathom and grasp my concepts, you're non sense, a fantasy...
I'm a reality, no punctuality, never succome to fallacies, but shout at me and you'll get one in the mouth, undoubtably...
no bluffing, pure honesty, comprehend my psychology? Dishonor me, and you can catch a knife to the throat like tracheonomies...
Im an emcee till death deals me rest from todays plight
Im old school, beyond boom bap Heat of the Night
Old men style of justice proper channels are watched
Yet my young mind will botch last line when chaos stalks
So off kilter is my law when raw I do adore
Mi amore witch is a nine the kind that has a roar
Aim swift my gift of accuracy mixed with vigilance
The beat runs my arm to finger Dilla-gence
So when the snare drops I pop with my precision
Stop your heart schisms my mark is my main mission
Chris Black Allah another wannabe Five Percenter
Who uses that justice to have you sleep in that final winter.
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Haven't made a rhyme in a long time. So heres something I did. FYI City Kings is the name I made up. It's actually supposed to have 5-85 in front of it. But in this remix I just decided to do City Kings.

We Made It. Originally by Busta Rhymes Ft. Linkin Park.
Remix by T.A.B.(Thats my new name now)

Together we made it
We made it even though we had our backs up against the wall
Forever we waited (haha)
And they told us we were never gonna get it
But we took it on the road (City Kings!)
On the road (City Kings!)
On the road (We be the City Kings!)
On the road (R-O-C)
On the road (R-O-C)
On the road (yea yea yea)

[Verse 1]
Ever since I started this rap game I've been hated on.
People doubted me and laughed every time they heard one day I would make a song.
Some people said I would never make it to the top.
But I'm right here steadily making my way to the top.
All these haters should give me props.
I work so hard everyday just to get some bucks.
But these haters obviously don't give a fuc k.
I never claimed to be a thug or a gangster.
I joined this rap game just make myself major.
I joined it because it helps me stay.
But all these people assume I'm trying to gain a name and some fame.
I'm just a normal suburban dude.
Obviously most rappers will hate me too.
Because rap is about struggle within the city, yea I know I ain't a fool.
But I feel the struggle everyday.
The discouragement I hear everyday.
But I try to stay positive and I throw all the fake s**t away.
This is my time to shine no man will take my away my time.
I'm reppin 5-85 City Kings, it's my time.

Together we made it
We made it even though we had our backs up against the wall
Forever we waited (haha)
And they told us we were never gonna get it
But we took it on the road (City Kings!)
On the road (City Kings!)
On the road (We be the City Kings!)
On the road (R-O-C)
On the road (R-O-C)
On the road (yea yea yea)

[Verse 2]
First started out when I was a young dude.
Still am, but getting better everytime I make a rhyme I choose.
Some people give me props.
Others just talk about how Im already out.
But if I lose I'll come back right around.
Diss me, I'll probably just ignore it and go on with my tracks.
You can try your best to criticize me and make me a mess.
But I ignore all the haters and keep writing my rhymes.
These haters don't know me so they don't have the right to interrupt my lines.
Everytime I rhyme, I swear I shine, disagree with me?
Thats out of line.
I ain't gonna diss back, rather even take the time to reply back.
I'm reppin my name, reppin my place, 5-85 City Kings.
Once again, its my time.

Together we made it
We made it even though we had our backs up against the wall
Forever we waited (haha)
And they told us we were never gonna get it
But we took it on the road (City Kings!)
On the road (City Kings!)
On the road (We be the City Kings!)
On the road (R-O-C)
On the road (R-O-C)
On the road (yea yea yea)
to MF DOOM ALL CAPS instrumental

ima big dog
man i do big thangs
yall talkin like you big range
but dont have big change

and ima slick snake
make ya knees quake
the way i shake
flowin this rap
for f**kin raps sake

hip hop is changed
so insane
lyricist no fame
but its cool cuz the rap game
is so lame

ive always thought
in intelligent appearances
but intelligent's irrelevent
its all about serious

im buddha
i just meditate
wont hesitate
to conciously lyrically celebrate

on this rap i premeditate
im a heavyweight
i laminate my space with all of you featherweights

if you see through my eyes
my emotions that arise
everyones disguised
stabbin each other just to get to the prize

now if you tellin the truth
it means that you dyin
hatin bitches lyin
and they'll kill you just for tryin

mind my mind
becuz my rhymes
with all the s**t you feel inside
i understand, i also feel confined

(beat recharge)

like its time
to cut my prime
to get mine
mad how i kick lines
spit rhymes
lines and rhymes that give ya good vibes

guerilla tactics
words that come blastin
sick instrumentals
put together now it sound fantastic

yeah im spastic
like a colon
im just flowin
in the water
ya'll swimmin
got my boat and im just rowin
On another level, I be coming up like a bubble,
Some shiny kind of diamond from the rubble
I go BAM, BAM on the double.
Look out! Here comes trouble.
I don’t think you know what’s good so let me in the huddle.
I’ll show you the game plan and
How I am the man
That’s going to stand against
All these insignificants that (double time)
Won’t know what to do when I come through with the flu
That spews from my two cents.
If you want truth, what you must do
Is forsake the embrace of all nonsense
niggas is soooorrryyy
Crazy Sexy Fool
niggas is soooorrryyy

Sorry that they intimidated you too much to put down a rhyme.
ah ha! Keep praying and maybe someday you'll have your time.

Aside from Eminem, you need to stop postin' all this lame s**t.
Quit tryin to make money off of old a** tracks, that were lame to begin with.
Your just as much of a peice a s**t as the music you tryin' to push.

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Dapper Dabbler

Overblown with dope's potency knowing the ropes
Of an older folks air flow quickened to low and denote
The promotion of the ego like young people after a
Steven Seagull remake, lacking the gull to be all
Taken into claim like the lay of the name of lordship.
How is the handling of your grandure after abortion
About a better body of thought bore fruit? Shoot!
Even failing at degrading yourself deserves the boot.
But my size teens will keep clean, not stepping to bat,
In muddy waters of your quarters for it to retract and
Repeat. These feet feed defeated fiends, studious
For purposes of outrunning game hunters, no nutrients.
Revitalizing rhymes I spit not for the mind of many
Or the few who wish to prove they've got the zenny.
By reference broader than merchandise, the collective,
Indiscriminant of aim, refrain to protect perspective...

Blowin out the kush,
inhaling purp
widow is the entree,
rhino is dessert
i'm in a trainwreck
well in my mind
call it a brainwreck,
and i'm smoking lime
and we getting higher,
by the dime
rockin acapella
no beat but still i rhyme
c'mon why does smokin weed have to be a crime
LEGALIZE, or atleast Decriminalise.
murkin beats till the day i die
into the time
of when my brains are fried
from all the kush and henny
and a little remy
one blunt two blunt turns to many
burning like a bonfire
this weeds so good its actually on fire
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Greedy Bloodsucker

Alright I'm back guys. 8D Gonna just make something lulzy for now

To put it bluntly I hunt c**t, past the abdomen I head south 'till my eager mouth touches c**t. I tongue lick 'till it's slick 'n all set to get d**k quick. Maybe I'll get sick, catch an STD while I'm ******** with more energy than PCP. It's okay if I'm not b-i-g, my girth whole might barely fit a DVD hole but my rubber caught more little souls in it than Ghostbusters. I mostly love her but tonight I got her dirty like a dump trucker when we ******** sweaty and I made a condom my c** dumpster.

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