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This is the last lyricism thread to be created in this forum. The rules are simple, anything goes, as long as it doesn't violate the Gaia TOS, and it's not spam.

Post practice flows, post flows you want people to rate, post dis flows (so long as you don't get to the point where you offend somebody).

This is not a chat thread, it is a flow thread, do not spam this thread, or you will be warned. Do not chat in this thread or you will be warned.
Simple No?

Now That's What's Up
Ah snap, an OFFICIAL FreeFlow? Ill, Imma have to drop something......

Finally up in effect...
we have an official place to rock the text...
so Imma start practicing sets, no more gettin tipsy...
off infinite smilies and the thread getting lost...
Cuz this ones a sticky...
delivering the Holocaust, when Thunder Foot starts to Flex...
so verbally rich, my words bring crack addicts outta debt...
and thats not a boast...
I'm chillin out on the Left Coast...
where sets get smashed on, by cats known who rep most...
and a toast to Caz and Kim for holdin it down...
yall can consider this a formatted pound...
without sound, thumbs down to cats that Slept on me...
cuz I'm an adept Emcee, with a bit of shrouded mystery...
and physically known to drop Thunder in a single kick...
thats why I'm Thunder Foot,
Stratus clouds rumble whenever I spit...

Just droppin a quick one to start things off. Thanks Caz and Kim... finally some continual MODing in the Forums.
Sick to the point light a joint then i'll burn em/
Alcohol plus liquor addicticed to korn em/
Heavy metal raised plus grew up on rap/
Like dr. said said, "you can have it back"/
I attack with my brain, a gothic pride thats so high/
A mercenary that's very scary my weapon's my supply/
Goin off the top of brain not really tyin to think at all/
The more cycles of insomnia keep reconstructin my jaw!
My rhymes are twisted, wrong and blasphemous,
like a female teacher givin head to a student with a handful of cannibus,
But not in that order, in an in~humane disorder,
rhymes negate, disrupting flows emit dimensional disorders.
I'm about to be out.... lemme drop a really quick one......

Lil_short91, thanks for the props Ma'am...
but no spam, you've been warned...
drop a flow, or you got to go... its been adjorned...
and that rhyme's sober... delivered by Caz Nova...
now I simmer and bask in this task...
catchin flack, for givin the mass the cold shoulder...
Thunder Foot... brewin Rain clouds whenever I brainstorm...
props to the homie wit insane flows... J. Thorn...
got me into Text, now my rhymes are that of the Paranorm...
out of this world whenever I perform...

( peace out. )

When you're underpressure everone act like a retard

Cuz of the drama that we start/
~Heat Sparks~ Kids catch strays while they emcee and beat box/
but if you think smart/
you can ~see far~ past whats visble tho it seems hard/
~we all~...have a chance to escape the systems trance, and find a cure to this ~virus~/
its not the options were born with but wich ones we choose that define us/
as tough as ~life gets~ obiding by the white fist of uncle sam and his tirants/
But my people rise quik to be rememberd like the Titans/
not ~fighting with violence~ but opening your eye lids to the truth when were ryming/
I keep my cool even tho my heads hot/
bless the lovers of hiphop with a flow the one place its appreciated then we get the ~threads locked~/
Id rather get poped with spred led shots and ~drop quik~/
Then have moderators get my threads ~locked then~/
Tell me thats not what ~hiphop is~/
and say were only in need of 3 lirical theads when theres still beoynce and 50 cents ~candy shop, s**t~ based threads flocking/
Bull crap~ talking~ about how ~hot is~ industry ~artist~/
who has large tits and how groupies seen the "hot vid when usher was topless"/
But the mods dont ~stop this~ or even try to ~Pause it~/
but when we create a lyrical thread on some real hiphop ~content~/
They quikly jump on offense, and lock it, Its Non sence/
I say it needs to stop quik we need a mod who understands hiphop vote apoc kids/
its cold when, the mods take something so special away and dont even notice/
It goes to prove if you dont post in this sub forum you shouldnt try to control it/

I still think my Topical flow thread should be put up here. That was fun while it lasted.
Do we follow the freakin flows rules here?
sorry ya'll felt like spitin crazy s**t...... here goes

my hypnotic flows linger in your head it grows/
gonna implode the fact that ur heads gonna explode/
burnt by the same oven twice oops... ment teh stove/
italian stallion(thats me) here to steal everybody's hoes/
your jolly like a rancher what ur flavor of the week/
ur hopes are bleak like that crowded ghetto down the street/
u talk into the trash can start bitchin at the trash man/
all he does is give u a fresh start every week when he pick u up/
you keep spewing more garbage when my lyrics hit the gut/
give u a lifetime for a come back it wont happen i dont giva ********/
all ur b***h sais is cluck cluck homie dont step dont try and get buck/
just sit ur fagget a** down b***h.... what n***a what/
strike fear into emcee's heart like a missle guided dart/
shot by teh cupid dont say im stupid u flow like a retard with lupus/
you got a desease just call 1-800 HIV for ur special online treat/
lights are on but nobodys home ur all alone sittin talkin on the phone/
keep u locked up in that booth killin you is the only satisfaction to my lyrical sweet tooth/
i pick on you like a scap that wont go away/
ur ******** annoying and no i dont wanna play... hey im smelling tooth decay/
the garbage you spit has rotted all ur teeth and ur breath stinks/
drop u off at the dump like an old pissed on couch/
get mad at me when i kick ur house pop out the trash like sesame street grouch/
ur hopes of gettin laid are like teh hunchback of notre dam/
only p***y you got was when u dileberatly popped out ur mom/
she felt so bad for you she invited you to ur own prom....

HA im done.... yo peeps tell daddy what ya think....
haha, i like that

its really quite simple as one two three/
come back and sting you like a killer bee/
watching you dodge and bolt as you try to flee/
but just like a flea i catch and pop you like a pea/
then take over your woman and buy her a house on the sea/
while you'll be long gone stuck under a tree/
gangsta style ******** around ain't allowed/
runnin' from the cops, hell no those fools get plowed/
20 inch lift with monster a** tires/
crushin' fools is as easy as bending wires/
so do you still want more/
sittin there crying on the floor/
sucking clean your bloody vibrator/
i would call you a dirty a** whore/
but that would be a disgrace so just exit out the door/
don't need no rucuss/
all you'll say is to ******** us/
and tell me not to cuss/
spittin' s**t out like a pimple with pus/
your mouth everyday looks more like a puss/
gettin' dicks in it like passengers gettin' on a bus/
so sorry too bad please come back again/
cause i love to smoke up and begin/
Greenmeenee Kas
Do we follow the freakin flows rules here?

No, Freakin' Flows has it's own rules, this thread is for everyone to flow in without restriction to content. It's also not connected. the cypher works as well as it can, as a real cypher, you're flowing with someone, the dome works as well as it can, like a battle you're flowing against someone. Here you just flow. If someone puts up a verse they want criticism on they get it here, or if they just want to show a rhyme they wrote, they can put it here.
Drop your jaw and get back,
The Boy's Gone's on the attack
Bringin the softer side, some peace of mind
a touch of divine to this God-given rhyme
So white chicks lack rhythm?
You've got to be kiddin'
me, I take pride in the ability
to turn words into poetry
With Jesus Christ at my side
Can't believe that he died
for my stupidity, my inadequacy
still he loves me unconditionally
If that ain't impressiveness, giving a face to the faceless
A father to the fatherless, and hope to the hopeless
I tell you this:
Greater love doesn't exist.
north south east and west
i party all over the place its a fest
and if you come around better try your best
to impress and not act as a pest
cause if you do best be watch your back
with the one two punch i got what you lack
having better stuff in my bowls to pack
that you just dream about in your sack
prayin' tonight won't be another bed wet
while i'm sneakin' up slittin' the throat of your pet
so he won't disturb me in the process of stealin' your s**t
and if you come too best duck or get hit
pimp cane in hand, your skull makes the perfect fit
so just sit back and breathe while i fill the pit
cause you're unconcious about to go ta sleep
cause the time has come the reaper will make sure you don't peep.
My rhymes are ill like houston poppin prozac filled pills.
man i bet hes gonna be poppin' more pain pills than prozac,
pull of the lock
get from the truck
when I go off it's all a blur
pull out the onslaught like the punisher
get set get ready to run
The priest is gonna have some fun
place looks like a slaughterhouse
your clothes are doused
don't try to hide cuz' you'll still be found

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