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Dapper Smoker

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I wish rappers would keep up with they bars, never the less it seems
that they only behind they bars living up in them penitentiaries
slaughter emcees locally, globally. new cats just display a mish mashed cacophony
of piss poor production and lack of a dominating mic presence vocally
I domintate with the pen. introduce subtle colloquial imagery
the meaning the epitome, turn the page to HD consistency
influx of technique, while your monochromatic style will never advance
try to envision - a thought without a picture attached
you cant! that's why we love our televisions enhanced
Im a presence bizzare. neurotical off topic topical star
Kurt Nirvonnegut, pause- mr. misanthropic noir
so toke up tonight, keep the blunt in oscillation, inhale in the tar
if there's a smoke to light no jokes iight
ponder this, it's better if no one really knows who you are
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Fashionable Genius

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Invisible but less miserable.
Carnivorous with this but I aint into bull.
Sometimes I wonder why I ever wanted fame.
In a race to be the best, many s**t on my name.
I tried to show my strengths and found my weaknesses.
I tried to fight for good but few believed in it.
I lost myself in everyone's perception of it.
But I've regained my awareness since I've left the public.
I've regained my body now that I stopped smoking weed.
And I don't give a ******** if no one noticed me.
Now I'm all alone, right where I'm supposed to be.
I've always lived my life with no one close to me.
Everything's so natural and effortless.
A dream inside a dream on some Inception s**t.
Drift so far away from the deceptive s**t.
Teezy Jetson straight. No further messages.
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Dangerous Genius

life so deceptive, a contra band
dismantles their man just to deliver a message
I had a plan to sip on a beverage
with each reach of the hand fire scorned as a contraceptive

the battle was born, the dragons of hell breaking gates
in battle I'm torn, Broken bones searched for one that relates
pedal to the medal I sworn, if this moment would ever take path this way
settle it better if your weather was warm, how can I argue with dinner on the plate?

lead me... us together, I survived the fires to fight the slime
your past becomes mine, when you can not see any better
but in the past it doesn't matter, I'll keep it in line
I'll remain here steady like a bladder, even if you check I'm fine

believe me I'm not the best, yet you believe I am
in that I must confess, my notions and no plan
I had no back block to stand, I threw in the rest
like a gambling man,
with an empty hand I need to realize my own test

Folded and scolded, I hate me for what I've come to be
an animal with sharp razor teeth, and fist bolded
Italicized coded, for better words I'm hiding behind a screen
to be better worded, Inside my shell I wait and see

I've felt the hate rise up in me
Kneel down and clear the stone of leaves
I wander out where you can't see
Inside my shell I wait and bleed

inside of my head, its just a battle and the floor is always red
I can't fix your health, I can't defy what I've made bleed myself
true I could turn the other cheek, and just let you wait out to yourself as you bleed

if I smelt your air and my eyes sharped at thee
beware the scorn that I'll unleash
I'll wander out where you can't see
like an assassin I shall creep

I try to help but I can't breach
inside my mind is where it sleeps
It wanders out so you can see
just how the pain feels inside me

and it waits for you

(rhymed myself with myself had to fix it)
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Dangerous Genius

If pain truly what I seek then let my mind reach out and breach
and he shall find what i have sleep
inside its shell we wait and bleed
if he wants a fight then he shall breathe
nothing but my hand clasped around thee
or inside your mouth is where they shall be
knocked the ******** out wait and see

I can't stress to myself how the hell did I get here
I can only continue to move forward
I can't see any clearer
my eyes barely open as your death creeps toward

I can't call it a night until I have my vengence
the sun rises to seek me
I can only note that I have you pent in
as you strain to leave, feeling pain as bleed

So let it be written
So let it be done
I'm sent here by the chosen one
So let it be written
So let it be done
To kill the first born pharaoh's son
I'm creeping death

believe the rest
your seeping wounds
bleed to death
the cold iron, soon

believe me demon,
when theirs nothing left
I'll let you become
my dying breath
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Dangerous Genius

I bite quick I rhyme slick
off rock bits
I'm a row semi biotic
biological psychotically chaotic

being of another demension
sit back and listen
i might mention
a lesson
from the the words of the wise in disguised as a weapon

wmd's like the time of heel toe
I can recognize but you dont feel tho
I can reiterate but no
why waste a breath so you can contemplate slow

I'm ya loverman baby?
L is for Literate me
please put me in words or o's for oxidated
V very cautious with the words I've stated
E eradicated,
R for M's memory to remember me
A for the assembly that you've brough before
N is for edgar as we qoute nevermore

I slam shut cases in faces
like doors I hope you replace it
I step on toes of those who dont pace it
and reallign honor for those who misplace it

a discrace to your own, I'm not confused simply more grown
I'm lackng sympathy for a beautiful creatures tone
ya sweet you know you bite and my teeth will show bone
ard snaps
like quick back triggers
on mice when they set off traps
like tiggers tail gone missin
a psychotic eruption that we all will miss when it leads us on a mission

the circle of life
the circle of pleasure and strife
the needs and regrets we simplify
tell me would I waste my mentality to breathe like mice
why should fear be part of me when you decieve my plight
I'll take flight
my mentality is ruptured, sundering, conundering land of wonder that you've set me in up right
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Dangerous Genius

Niggaz is angry and quick
killaz everyone corner
realer for a loner let a n***a slip

quick steps
I take deep breaths
count blessings and leave curses
I'll break necks and leave hearses
street sweeper like ya'll niggaz are leaves
delete ya people faster than you can believe

you see a nightmare
ya better disperse off the premises
I'm death like rock big a** sword like Nightmare
swingin at choppers you'd swear I was part Nemesis
hard as ******** my senses just
realize reality and wonder why we fight fair
a quick knife and ya back cold red like my right to sens-this
"Freee at last"
In chains behind the ski mask...
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Dapper Smoker

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cold turkey on whole wheat, it makes me so thirsty
then i drink a ginger ale and slide up in your hoe dirty
mac 11, 12 gauge, counting to chrome 30
mass murders. eating hamburgers with the whole clergy
write like Leonidas. 3 hunna my flow Xerxes
your main lady giving me top, see....no turvy
to the point when we meet up in public she grows flirty
put that p***y in a figure-4 lock, with no mercy.........

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