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I unfortuantely agree. There are many textee's or Keystylists, just not on Gaia.
I'm definitely not a real freestylist or a keystylist, but keying is easier.It's writing poetry on the spot while trapped in a certain rhyme shceme or rhythm. It helps to improve my poems, I'll probably use some of these earlier rhymes later on.

Now That's What's Up

This thread was ill, and then fell off like Humpty Dump/
But I revive this property... with a shameless bump/
Pass skills in a sentence, and then appoint an apprentice/
To witness my lyrical monopoly/
like Parker Brothers and Donald trump/

Keepin this alive.
life without the lord left the world in temptation
one nation under God or a nation under satan?
I'm hating the way athiest embrace abominations
world full of faggots preaching sin to the nation
make sinful decisions legal, and a crime out of prayer
whisper Jesus name and go to jail cuz you dared
i wanna die now cuz on the real I'm f**kin scared
I ain't tryna hate, I'm just tryin to be real
many dying in sin, man that's just how I feel
I wanna die white as snow, so you know were I'll go
while many choosin evil, knocking on the devils door...

(that's my position on the so called gay marriage and religion smile .. just keeping this thread "positive" and uh alive..)
bump... Brain freeze, ill post later.
As I recite the 1st ammendment inside my brain/
I cling on to the hope that our true rights will stay/
and play an important part within the decision/
With precision thinking, issue sliced with incisions/
Cutting into the reality which pixelates my view/
that if we ban gay marriages religion'll dictate you/
Go ahead and try to bring biblical passages up to me/
I'll just laugh my a** off and bring buddha up to speed/
I know your vein is rupturing with all this talk of gays/
A cross bearing mind can't accept another's ways/
This country wasn't founded on your precious faith/
Even what Jefferson said had a blasphemous taste/
Our fore fathers following the life of wandering deists/
You'll claim that I'm a lyer, but I'm just a pondering realist/
The fact of the matter is you use religion to back your hate/
An excuse to ostracize a human and make them second rate/

MY views on this whole gay marriages(in U.S.A) issue.
"Keep the state out of the bedroom" some Canadian leader said...
So even Clinton didnt, Lets keep that inside your head...
Happy'ness is the #1 issue to life as we know it...
How can you posibly deny this, Let these people show it...
Homosexuals cant help but like who they relate too...
But you hate them, because its what you learned in skool...
You just cant understand till you feel the same way as them...
So you hurt aswell, In love with your best friend...
Its more confusing then Social economics...
Just love and respect them, Those are the simple phonics...

((My voice in the same matter, homosexual marriges in US, and i guess my views on homosexuality in general))
((I suppose from experience...))
Soz, Double post... *Bump*
Aye yo,

This topic is as edgy as a shark tooth/
Subliminal and submarine attacks at the Book of Truth/
Gay Society talks about the Bible in a way thats derrogative/
Whatever Gays do is their purogative/
But I'm a Covert Operative, for the Lord in disguise/
Patiently awaiting the Devil's dimise/
My Lord died... for the sins of all Mankind/
But the Evil leaves Man continually blind/
As temptations of flesh, sink in as sin/
The destruction of the Earth is about to begin/
God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve/
Gay men and Gay women in their element can not breed/
But I take heed... save that for their Judgement Day/
And always love them in the exact same way/
As every other human alive, and for them I pray/
For our souls to be saved as we march through Babylon/
All sins are equal in this land we travel on/
As I spawn, new life in the word of my Lord/
Elevating the content of the Bible's meaning restored/

My views on this subject. While I don't agree with it by my religion and science, I will not deny someone the freedom of will that has been granted by God himself.
*bump* to take it back to the top.
What one religion hates, another may condone/
So you gotta ask ya self what God thinks on his throne/
Does He condemn the "heathens" or sing them praises/
Is he tired of the bleedin' done in His name for ages/
Our faith's put into mazes faced in several places/
Branchin' off into more philosophies, you can't erase it/
You got the teachings of Jesus which preach of peace/
With Buddha its the same none of his lessons ceased/
Go ahead and try to say Buddha is a false god/
Even though "not worshipping him" is what he taught/
Bash and criticize, cuz thats what Jesus wants rolleyes /
"Judge not lest ye be judged" and yet our laws keep it up/
Whether or not your religion allows gay activity/
You gotta respect the Constitution in its own divinity/
For without it we'd be in another theocratic nation/
Where people could be killed for differing opinions stated/
And I'll state this over and over till it gets into your mind/
The founding father's weren't Christian, and still I am not lying/
So this country wasn't founded by the cross or Holy Book/
Anyone to tell you different is obviously a phony crook/
Check it,

You're right, the country wasn't founded by Christians/
But the fact is, the enitre nation is still in a Christian position/
So whatever God says... America will listen/
Because God is loved without any legal condition/
The bible teaches love and peace, not war and hate/
So negative things done in God's name is up for dabate/
I congratulate, all religions in their path for ascension/
Buddha was a prophet too, like Jesus, on a mission/
To sanctify humanity and stop internal turmoil/
Our self-destruction, spilling blood on our Earth's soil/
Recoil... and retract those acts of negativity/
Because Gods tells us "all sins are equal" specifically/
All judgements will be cast by *H.I.M.* spiritually/
It's not man's job to go around doing acts of blasphemy/
Actually... it seems like its universal nature/
For something created, to disobey it's creator/
There's more greater things in life than the Constitution/
It's not perfect, and could still use some improvement/
With a corrupt Government that hides the real truth/
With Un-education and oppression of our youth/
The proof, is in the history of slaughter and slavery/
While the ancestors of those killed, live on with bravery/
That one day, America and the world will recognize its flaws/
And exact justice in the form of a peaceful cause/
Like Martin Ltuher King, whom had a dream/
Of there being peace among all things/
So if that means Gays being married, then so be it/
They have freedom of will to use, as they see fit/

(( The word 'Him' refers to God. "H.I.M." is also acronym for God, and it stands for


I don't mean to get religious in the thread, but the topic is already edgy as is. Plus, I think its a good topic to rap about with much discussion to be expressed through raps, as long as everyone stays civil and respects the opinion of others.))
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there are some nice styles in thhis thread
New topic than:

How many more lives must be sacrificed?
America must want another man's head to be diced
The ruthless killers, beheading anyone, even a civilian
Guess we had it coming after the photos from the prison
All could have been avoided if we never went
But now we got Sadam, yet more money is being spent
Buying guns to kill some more, or just sacrificing a soldier
Daughter's loosing fathers... BUSH, whatcha gonna tell her?
"Daddy's gone because you sent him off to war.
He's gone little girl, but we got oil in are capture."

Sorry I keep rhyming about the war... I've some family related issues relating to the war... and the new Nick Berg video was very disturbing...
while you might support sin, my views still ain't changed
I'm just hopin your a** makes it through judgement day
I say we're bringin apocalypse closer starting with 'em gays
if you take the time to think, you would find it real strange
to see a man kissing a man and nearly eating eachother's face
now they wanna compare themselves with the so called "minor" race
I didn't choose to be black, but my race I still embrace
while they sin in the open, hopin they proving something
switching their gender, saying it's God that made them gay
but they ain't proving nothing, cuz god don't make mistakes
so stop twisting the story and just admit that you're confused
I feel sorry for the kids, cuz it's them that they recruiting
to live the abominable lifestyle that those suckas be choosin
while you may have respect the man made constitution
all cuz it gives gays to many rights that they all are abusin
if you accept them then it's you that's gonna be loosin
I say it's only mere men who wrote the stupid thing

once again, my views will never change about them gay people.. they are the most sick abominable people that are bringing this world to it's end, just like what happened with soddom and gommorah.. Unfortunately, I have to sit through the evening news listening to how they're bringing armageddon to the earth quicker, along with congress sad and then, they have the balls (which I thought they had cut off) to compare themselves to minority.. mad I hope that one day, you realize that sodomy is wrong, gay is wrong, and transgender is wrong, I don't want to see you being led to the gates of hell on judgement day.. it's a sad sight to see, so I urge you and every one out there to read the bible, without criticism.. when the world finally succombs to the wounds it inflicted upon itself (cuz sin = death) I hope not to be here.

PS: I don't support lesbians either...

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