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And captive eyes create a captive audience that's why they still there,
open up the sky and let the rain fall down like cool tears,
I'm weary in the night but still I'm clinging to the truth,
like spiders cling to walls I'm holding on to proof that's still ungiven,
cuz without it we know nothin',
we just frontin' on existence and claimin' we push the buttons,
when really we just children
and we don't have the wisdom,
to even to think we crawlin' on with this our sacred mission,
indecision:gets you killed; but haste can do the same;
when men cry out and go to war but say "In Jesus' Name,"
Holy Text in one hand, sword held in the other
Same race, same God, still you kill a brother
All because you beleive in a figure like Jesus
And they beleive that he did not save us
So you take it out another human being
Turn the whole world into a battle scene
All religions beleive in a final destination
So leave, before the earth is past recreation
I don't want to inhale more chemicals in my bloodstream
Already too much drugs, + biological gases keeping my body from running
I'd rather not die from internal chemicals eating my intestines
"Come on up to the nuclear death bed, you're the next contestant!"
Gladly, I'll jetison, Mr. Hamtaro /
That golden insight's appreciated /
The flow is a bit narrow, but please, just stick with it /
Like Impact Webbing, /
or the glaze off a jelly doughnut /
I try my best to stay within THAT, lovely freshness /
Or factual radius /
Formally, a biodegradable gas mask /
Blessed from MacGyver blueprints, /
and Racer X's joint adventures /
Walking was such a nuisance /
Believe it or not, /
it's really just none of your business /
I admit, My style is not the core of hip-hop...
Im not one to be shot, Not one on the top...
I am the Gangsta version of Brittney Spears...
The white girl that reigns fear, And Tugs Tears...
Skin color is just the Balance of Pigments..
For adeptation, Earth, Time, what Wigum meant...
In the last simpson episode, They shot the Cop...
Ooops, Rebellion, Network message was they Cop'ed,
one strait to the temple,
So stop being so judgemental...
Ill shove up your nose, Rice, Carrots and Lentils...

((No problem thunder foot...You sucesfuly made the transition from Freestyling to Keystyling...Im trying to do the opposite (HARD AS HELL!) but imma keep trying... O.ptional, Realy like your style, great to have someone switch it up!))
A quick freestyle on Graff...

Yo, the life of a graffiti artist is rough
Little kids that need mandatory schooling act tough
When they don't even know the history of graff
These chumps carry weapons and Ben Davis khakis that make me laugh
Using stock spray can nozels and Sharpie markers tagging on MTA property
It's too bad i'm suffering from this s**t called poverty
or else i'd be in the streets more often teaching these kids the way it's done
We already got Zeser, Pysa and Revok Leaving Toys Stunned
But so far none of those toys tagging up sidewalks seem to notice and care
They seem to be more concerned with can techniques and catching nice flares
But when it comes to serious graff wars and battles
they just seem to fall out of line and get manhandled
I don't care what city you're from, just remember to respect the game and the elders and veterans
Just like you'd respect a dead soldiers grave and Wolrd War 2 veterans
Very nice, Rune.

Hmm...how do I play this... /
Very variable courtesy /
Yeah, I felt that /
Consider things kicked, /
and respect necromanced /
Twilight certified by, /
and entitled, Danger Hereby /
Guessless was taken /
When? Why? /
Abound the forth time /
Ten o'clock shadow freckled /
Iron clad manipulation /
Clueless, /
however as to handle the fin-ish /

Oh, and thanks the props, Adept. Just the same, if not much more rebounded back at you. I appreciate it.

I took a break from writing long ago, because the majority of it was abstract bullshit. Now I'm just trying to get the basics down and messing around with a few things. Always glad to know I'm felt.
once upon a starless night/... to black knights went out to fight/...
with only tha moon shin'n down upon thay head../.. . one left Blue.. and tha otha left Red"!../... blood shed tears fill tha nite/... one black wariors' cry fills da nite ../.. standin' in tha midst is one mans' mistress/
..with dreams to rise from tha ghetto "? /// naw!.. she still works at club "impress"..

with her heart torn in 2.. /she prays to God this wont be U" /..wearnin clors' of red'..blue".../
killin a man over tha color of his thread"? .. pullin tha trigger and puttin' him to sleep in his own death bed!!.. when he should of had his @$$ home in his own wife's bed!..

those tears of blood"?... she was shedin' them for U"
ran out of time to free.. pluss cant get tha message across tha first tyme..
ran out of time to free.. pluss cant get tha message across tha first tyme..

why not? All you have to do is express the key points of your story, and we should have a pretty good summaryu of the story you are attempting to tell. The same as giving a short version of a long story. Good flows though, thank you for posting.
Yo, time for some seriousness off the top. Here we go,

I tell a story about one of my brethren/
And his meta-physical journey up to heaven/
July 9th, the day Jah claimed his ascension/
Remembering the days we goofed off in detention/
He was goal driven... positive with no strife/
Until a fatal car accident took his life/
At first I blamed the world, wanted to take revenge/
With so much pain, I almost ended it all with a syringe/
But then I cringed at the thought. What about my mother?/
How could she live though life without me AND my brother?/
Even though I suffer, I'm sure she feels it even harder/
So then I took refuge with word from the Heavenly Father/
With continuous prayer… I wept day after day/
Then one day, the Lord told me that he’s ok/
Took his rightful place, up within the Kingdom/
Spending eternity forever with Love and Freedom/
He shines on me… to help my life’s destination/
And live a good life to face the Maker of Creation/
So have a new appreciation… of life and its inheritance/
As I reflect the divine light shining from my brother Clarence/
I miss you/

((In rememberance of my brother Clarence))
Some mad props for an emcee thats spits his soul...
His life story, His dreams, His goals...
Letting the world into his emotions, his Abode...
Releasing his soul, for a higher purpose before he implodes...
Fool! Curse the simple fact of our existence...
May we keep wispering and emotionaly spell "Distance"...
Its only the Self Resistance, May i die by my Pen...
Or my pointy, sharpened pencil that writes to the End...
So Big up to the people keeping the weight of Style on there Back...
The only last thought, is Lucids forces aint Slack...

((Mad props thunder...That was realy good...Amazing how you could talk about your life. Props...Keep up the good work!))

What would they say as the world turned to Cosmic Dust...
From the blast, the incarnation, of the Earths Lust...
No Trust, this is a Must, Not like emcee's when dey Cuss...
When were buried in our graves, To the Wind, Fire or Bust...
Truth be told, I dont care about the End...
No i wont be missed, Simply because I lack Friends...
When will they realise the lines that emcee's Crush...
As long as you know, I would never betray your Trust...
cmon people!
Thank you for your kind words Adept. Unfortunately it still hasn't sparked many minds to post some creative content... or post at all for that matter. I hope my flow didn't intimidate or scare anyone away. Its a testament to my triumph over my own inner demons, myself... with the help of my God. Its a shame that we don't have more posts, I assumed this thread would have been 20 pages of lyrics by now... but I suppose there isn't many Net emcee's interested in Hip-hop's positvity it can offer. I'll try to refrain from such personal verses in hopes that we continue to cypher. Come on people, I know there is more wordsmith wizards than this.

Respect to Gank-Lee for his deep contribution to the thread. Very well said.

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