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I'll drop a freestyle rhyme, but in a minute or two
this school is numbing my mynd, it's got me sippin on brew
so I'ma drop one more rhyme, just to keep up this cypher
get school offa my mind, and chill out for a while...

When lucid chills she freezes the room like a Radiator...
Starting fights like Russle crow, but not a gladiator...
When i spit raps, sure, kids say "I hate her"...
Cuz I could rip em with Shakesphere call em a Cur...
Rip like teeth in Fur, Make dead people unsure...
Of the lyrical extremety in my cyphers I Lure...
Minds ahead of my time, Inspired to join in..
Maybe drop a line, Discovered as Kin...

((One of my betters...Being drunk helps...!))
It's interesting, that I rep my city the best//
But yet I'm pictured as less than I would ever have guessed//
I'm a veteran at this, spittin lyrics that raise spirits//
Americans fear it, and automatically complain when they hear it//
But I'm a miracle actually, spittin so factually//
It's so true and so rational, I pass as I'm rambling//
But I'm not, my vocabulary, is so scary//
That the extent and the clarity of my words are embarrasing//
All these wack emcees who dream of makin cheese//
Jewelery, jet skis and trash, but they're fakin, they're weak//
The United States of America, embarrasin everyone//
From sea to shining sea we send bombs, affecting our character//
Avengin our fore fathers, they just kill more//
Takin babies from their cribs, to support their war//
How can we sell freedom of speech in one instance//
And then the RULES of WAR, right in the next sentence//
USA considered idols, when we are almost a menace//
Attackin Iraq in a second flat, defending our vengence//

Darn, it is late, and I am wack.... sweatdrop
We've lost more soldiers last month even the end o' war/
We're still in battle Bush just needs to check his scoreboard/
The condition of Iraq drove the United States insane/
So we went in and took out corrupt Suddam Hussein/
Thanks to us Suddams plans were all spoiled/
but we keep on fighting as long as its not on our soil/
Statue of liberty symbolizes us but now im really missin her*/
How can we judge other countries when we take nude pics of prisoners/

*Just stating how I think the US has forgot what it stands for (Justice liberty equality)
Off the top, I release my mental baggage/
With a lyrical hymn thats slim to jim like Randy Savage/
As I "snap into a ravage"/
Once digested, I wreck havoc/
On your stomach lining, to cause internal damage/

Once again, sleep deprivation renders my lyrics useless. I apologize.
Damage from inside, Mentaly and Physicaly...
When I slowly slit your eyes, Sure ill do it tenderly...
Simply your screwed, Once i get in your brain your chewed...
Dont be mad when your fooled, Like first grade your Skooled...
In my wake i leave the countless dead bodies of Boys...
Sexual Toys, Now there souls are void...
I cant stop.. Like Songs of Pink Floid...
Once im lyricaly annoyed, This earth is Destroyed...

((Yeah, i think were all in a lyrical rut lately))
time after time or rather crime after crime
I wonder what goes on in a criminal's mind
could it be poverty that drives most of em to kill?
or is it a cold heart that makes 'em unable to feel?
then let us feed 'em cuz I'm tired of burying friends
it's troubling, cuz life's more valuable than their ends
Hey yo, I put the "Pro" in prolific/
Coming with lyrical formulas abstract /
that point to the fact that I'm scientific/
Now I'll be specific/
Mechanical emcees absorb my style like osmosis/
Consist absorbancy leads to a state of comatosis/
I use hypnosis, to adjust the minds of the mainstream clowns/
Reveal vital resources underground/
With Thunderous sound, my foot kicks the bass/
Mainstream is a byproduct of Emcees... known as waste/
Permeate the surface, explore deeper into the mantle/
Lyricists find my creative theories substantial/
Escape deeper from the lyric-less automatons/
Find sanctuary in a city that I call Zion/
I'm the savior, I jack-in the mainstream plane/
Rescue Emcees with my verbal terrain/
I sustain their lives with the choice of a blue pill/
Or give them the red one, to return to Sellout-ville/
Consult the Oracle who told me my style is historical/
Asked why Emcees sell-out, and she said its rhetorical/
I was left in a state of contemplation/
But now I see it was all a mainstream revelation/

A little Matrix reference for those that didn't know.
Where the emcees?, we need to post on the frequent/
So we can keep a thread with rhymes half-way decent/
So feel free to post some freestyle verse/
Elevating the content of Gaia raps dispersed/
Without out a curse or negative thoughts to collide/
We strive to project the positive vibe/

Everyone feel free to post more verses. Its not a cypher, unless we have continual creative input. So please, keep the flows coming! Thank you.
Like the Asian Planet, I'm the definition of ill/
Creating verbal vortex with the rhymes that I build/
Fulfill my destiny through rhyme elevation/
I drive my lyrical lines until I reach my destination/

We need more posts in here. Help keep the thread alive. This can't be the extent of a some-what intelligent rhyme cypher. PLease keep the good flows coming!
wow, i was actually invited to join a thread...thanks Thunder Foot for your words. I'll try to be around as much as i can considering i'm mostly busy at work and with serious personal problems.
Rune Venus
wow, i was actually invited to join a thread...thanks Thunder Foot for your words. I'll try to be around as much as i can considering i'm mostly busy at work and with serious personal problems.

No problem. It would be nice to hear some of your stuff. I just wish more people would frequent the thread, to keep the cypher flowing.
I became very lazy,cuz i got tired of my life.
I just want to go somewhere wonder tru the nite.
Wonder tru the world,follow the wind.
Just wonder and wonder untill earth invites me in.
But untill that happens i'm forever dreamin.
Freedom is the best damn feelin.
But then again,world is not what it really seems.
You need money to acomplish your dreams.
So most of us end up starin at the sky.
And hopin there is better place when we die.

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