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yo rate this tracc a thumbs up plz cuz every1 thumbs me down its fuggin up my chaNces of famee
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Friendly Phantom

emotion_donotwant ...And I gave you the benefit of the doubt
Zev Love X
emotion_donotwant ...And I gave you the benefit of the doubt
Wat is that suposed 2 mean.. car e to explain?? eek
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Friendly Phantom

Ok, this is a hip-hop/R&B forum, so we discuss and critique issues within that genre. You should go to the music forum or the independent music forum or even the promotion forum...not here

But people do that from time to time and I still listen because I know they just want to promote their new work really bad, so I oblige.

The "song" was actually an introduction to a song, a snippet of a snippet, why would you expect someone to rate you kindly if your waste their time with no substance? Furthermore, are you an artist or a producer? As a matter-of-fact you might be in the right forum. Do you sing? Do you rap? I can't tell because I didn't here any of that.

The video has some potential, being in a murky pond at night with just a flashlight looked mysterious and creepy. If it lead to something it would be cool, you should re-shoot and add some more. At least, push the water around as if your looking for something (put some kind if story behind it)

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