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Pop punk is underrated. You think it's just girls like Avril singing some "hardcore pop" but when you realize all the 90's punk bands you loved (like blink 182, The Offspring, Green Day, etc.) fall in that category you won't say pop punk is s**t anymore. I actually enjoy it more than punk rock.
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Ehm, I'd like to think of Pop Punk as merely melodic sounding punk a la Dead Milkmen, Descendents & Screeching Weasel that aren't trying to sell out, but a lot of what gets categorized as pop punk is more like POOP PUNK.
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why you need a gengre and definitions... just listen the ******** bands you like >:c
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It's punk that sounds like The Ramones.

NO! pop culture made The Ramones famous. The Ramones is original NYC Punk.
Their intent was to bring back kind of the rebel without a cause feel of the fifties without the guitar masturbatotum of prog rock. Find 1 pop song about beating somebody with a baseball bat, turning tricks or sniffing glue.
When I see one of those douches with a t-shirt i always wanna ask him:"Hey you like The Ramones? Name 4 members, 3 original 1 later join and 5 songs that weren't on the original first album." If it's wrong I would kick him in the nuts.
Ah but I can only dream of a perfect world.........
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why you need a gengre and definitions... just listen the ******** bands you like >:c

Because langage, for sentient people, is a way to communicate information. Categorization is a way to communicate so people of some mental normality can know and mentally categorize things beyond "WOOOOOOOOOOOO this is kewl" and "MY BODY FEELS FUNNY AND AWESOME!".
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if you want to be guy with mental normality just stay away of punk music.... sorry is only pop-punk forget it
Not sure...I'd say MCR is pop punk.

An okay-ish example of pop-punk.
The best thing about The Ramones was how they were just a '50s girl band sped up.
Hmm, not so sure I agree with this. Could you give me some examples? I'd say a group like Misfits draws more heavily on the vocal music of the 50s, while the Ramones draw more from early rock and rockabilly stuff like Chuck Berry, Link Wray, Buddy Holly + 60s stuff like the Stooges. I'm not a Ramones expert though, I'd like to know why you think this!
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Pop-punk: a decent Subgenre of punk rock that has been destroyed over the years.

Good band used to play pop-punk. The Ramones, Descendants, etc.
Now pop-punk has turned into something else. Mayday Parade, Green Day, Sum 41, etc.

These are bands that seem to think they are punk and so does there fandom. Because of bands like these *cough**cough*green day*cough**cough*, this generation seems to think that these bands are "punk" and liking then makes them "hardcore".
it's deliverance from evil aka rap
it's deliverance from evil aka rap

i have nothing against rap btw.
oh yeah and pop punk is no where near hardcore
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I think all punk is good, even pop-punk xp
I've always considered bands like The Unloveables, Teenage Bottle Rocket, Groovie Ghoulies, Riverdales, Even in Blackouts, Screeching Weasel, The Queers (depending on the album), The Manges, The Ergs, Mr T Experience pop punk.

A lot of the other bands mentioned (Green Day/Blink 182 type of bands or what I refer to as MTV pop punk) I would more so consider pop rock.
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all the music in american pie

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