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I very much enjoy Hardcore, especially Burning Spirits HxC and Metallic Hardcore.

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bung life
insulin only
im sure its not up to the rigid standards of "good" on such a knowledgeable well-versed messageboard such as this, but the new NAILS album is that work.


Double Yessss.
i like oldschool hardcore. that sound makes me bouncy and happy every time!
just wanted to say that some hc concerts have actually been the most fun and impressive live acts i've been to! like Gorilla Biscuits way back when, even recent grey/white haired zero boys ^^ and the short lived local ******** You Crew
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Oh yeah. I love that stuff. Favorites are:

Minor Threat
Black Flag
Suicidal tendencies (in their earlier days)
Early descendents (and new descendents, but you said hardcore soo)
I guess you could consider old No Use for a Name hardcore
yeah, can't think of anymore at the moment.

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