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Favorite character? (part 2)

Madoka (main character) 0.1282722513089 12.8% [ 98 ]
Homura (Homerun-chan, emo bow) 0.31544502617801 31.5% [ 241 ]
Sayaka (sucks) 0.056282722513089 5.6% [ 43 ]
Mami (unlimited gun works) 0.20942408376963 20.9% [ 160 ]
Kyoko (condom sucker) 0.085078534031414 8.5% [ 65 ]
Kyubei? (******** evil) 0.089005235602094 8.9% [ 68 ]
Madoka's mom (milf?) 0.041884816753927 4.2% [ 32 ]
OTHER 0.074607329842932 7.5% [ 57 ]
Total Votes:[ 764 ]
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There exist familiars who have the power to grant one wish to a chosen girl. However, that girl must then become a magical girl and fight against witches, evil creatures born from curses that are responsible for murders and suicides. A schoolgirl named Madoka Kaname and her friend Sayaka Miki are approached by a familiar named Kyubey and magical girl named Mami Tomoe with offers of becoming magical girls. Another magical girl named Homura Akemi tries to prevent Madoka from making such a deal.


-This series
-Possible hidden meanings
-Whatever else related

Episode 11 and 12:
If you haven't watched it yet, gogogogogogoo

This is the end of this amazing anime, so those who watched it already know. Never forget. ;_;

Episode 10:
->We see other timelines Homura has been through for the sake of saving Madoka from becoming a magical girl. Repeating time just to avoid her becoming a magical girl, and it was also Madoka's dying wish in another timeline.
->Everyone dies in/or before Walpurgis Night in other timelines except Homura.

Episode 9:
->Kyoko and Sayaka are dead. ;_;
->QB confirmed to be an alien and 'doing it for the greater good' of the universe. Sacrificing innocent people makes him a lawful evil.
->Homura does not have an ally for Walpurgis night.

Episode 8:
->Homura confirmed to be from the future, and her power is time control.
->Sayaka is confirmed to become a witch.
->Incubator (Kyubei) confirmed to be evil.

Episode 7:
->Kyoko's wish was for her religious father which backfired and resulted in him killing himself and his family. Kyoko survived, but out of her regret she decides to use her magic only for herself.
->Kamijo is back in school (actually, no one cares--oh wait-), this results in Hitomi (green haired "friend" ) revealing she also loves him.
->Because of the above, Sayaka starts to regret things and is losing it (she pretty much laughs while she kills the witch in this episode). (Ep.1 'Sayaka's the witch' theory true? Let's find out... )

Episode 6:
->It's revealed that every magical girl's soul is actually ripped out of their bodies and put into their soul gem. Therefore, in the event that their soul gem is separated from them, their body becomes empty and lifeless. If their soul gem is crushed, they die.
->Madoka almost killed Sayaka (her body was lifeless for a while and she came back thanks to Homura).
->Homura plans on making what used to be Mami's territory to become Kyoko's and not Sayaka's.

Episode 5:
->Sayaka's wish was revealed. She actually wished for healing powers. Also, unlimited blade works.
->Kyoko starts out as hostile enemy. She's fighting Sayaka, but then they're interrupted by Homura.
->It seems that wishing for Mami's revival is an impossible wish, since you can't revive people (or magical girls at least).

Episode 4:
->Homura reveals that she has seen tons of magical girls die.
->No thoughts/hints on Mami's revival except for Homura talking about how Madoka's kindness could bring her a lot of trouble.
->Sayaka is now a magical girl, and her wish was to give full health to Kamijo Kyouske (the crippled boy she loves). She's a melee type.
->A new magical girl was introduced, her name is Kyoko. Apparently she intends on challenging Sayaka for what used to be Mami's territory.

Episode 3:
->Holy s**t Mami dies. ;_;


Main manga


Kazumi Magica

->Chapter 9 has been translated!

Oriko Magica

-> Chapter 7 has been translated!


->Madoka Magica Film Project Launches!

>Main page (Wiki)
>Other Wikia page
(theories, characters, and other information)
>Opening Theme: Connect - ClariS
>Ending Theme: Magia - Kalafina
OhMyG I love this character! heart
/** NOM! */
eek gonk
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eek gonk crying
I thought this series was pretty unique from the magical girl genre already, but when I saw the scene with Mami getting om-nom'd, I seriously shat bricks... Also, I think I'm in love. Might just be the best M. girl anime since Princess Tutu. <3

... I do hope they wish Mami back, though. >.>
So As I Pray's avatar

Khraleon's Wife

Kawaii Shoujo

Is this the grimdark Magical Girl anime from Nitroplus and Shaft?

If so, I still need to look into it
wait nitro+ had something to do with this

why do i take a liking to nitro+ even though i've only read one thing by them anyway

oh well i am too lazy to watch whatever anyway
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So As I Pray
Is this the grimdark Magical Girl anime from Nitroplus and Shaft?

If so, I still need to look into it
I'm am recommending it to you.
So you better. mad
Something tells me that Kyubei can't be trusted.
I said something like this being like a combination of SZS, Bakemonogatari, Hidamari Sketch, and Nanoha, right?

Forget that. This anime is like the Watchmen of magical girls.
Mami dying was actually pretty scary.

Though, it seems very possible that Madoka will just wish her back to life. But there's Homura that doesn't want her to be a magical girl while protecting her from all of it. (The 'Homura being the cat' theory seems very convincing actually).

Kyubei is so desperate in making Madoka a magical girl... Something evil going on with him.
So, I knew it was gonna be grimdark but what happened to the golden rule of no one dies in a magical girl show?

oh I have a gut feeling someone's wish is going to be bringing Mami back to life Seeing as Madoka looked up to them and so far the only thing they wanted was to be a magical girl.
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Surprisingly, I really love this show. We haven't had this original mahou shojo for a long time.(although I'm not a big fan of this genre) It's interesting how they mix cuteness with an unique storyline. I have a feeling this show is gonna be great (at least I hope so)^_^
The moment Kyubei showed up, I knew he wasn't to be trusted.
It's like his eyes have no soul D:

I guess it's possible for Mami to come back, but still, that was pretty messed up.
MAMIIIIIII that last part was just brutal. I can't help but feel that Mami will be revived.
My prediction as of right now- Either Mami will be revived or blue haired girl whose name escapes me will have to get revived. Whatever happens, this series isn't too bad. It's my first "magical girl" anime so I wasn't expecting much, but it's pretty watchable.

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