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I'm 20 and I don't even like that song. It's too long and should be rated either X or "HOLY CRAP!" The lyrics are way too racy and dirty for someone even MY age! It shouldn't be on a site that was supposedly made for kids and teens. I also read someone's point about the song "Soulja Boy" and I think that song falls into the same category as "Hypnotized". Next time there's an event like this, it'd help if Gaia left "Hypnotized" out of it. scream
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Okay, I've been following this thread, I read from post one forward, so I know that some things I saw will be repeated, but I doubt most people have read every post, and some points do need to be reiterated, or explained better at least.

I want to start with all the people who say you can find worse on the GD. That's what the report button is for. I use the report button for inappropriate posts. Often. Mods are in place to filter such things and remove offensive posts. Just because they miss some does not mean that they approve of them.

HOWEVER, that being said, the placing of this song by the admins makes the case that they DO approve and that the omissions in removals are intentional. I really do not want to believe that of Gaia.

I know there is worse out there, but I for one take pains to avoid the worse. I choose to listen to radio stations that do not play inappropriate music, and if a song that is bad does slip in, I turn it off. I stop watching shows when they cross certain lines. I was a huge Buffy The Vampire slayer fan when it first started. When the show became how much skin can we show, I stopped watching. I make sacrifices to not hear things like this. I am not saying they should not exist, but when some one comes to Gaia because the TOS says 13 friendly, that person can expect a safe haven from explicit and offensive lyrics such as are found in hypnotized.

It simply does not belong on Gaia.

It's not a matter of if you can turn it off. I'll repeat my earlier statement. Just because it's okay for a 20 year old gaian, or even if it were okay for a 15 year old gaian, what happens when their 10 year old brother enters the room?

The comment about lying about the ages, that some one made a while back, is a great one. We can enforce inappropriateness in the forums and arenas with reporting, but we really can't enforce that no one under the age of 13 is on Gaia. We do have to accept that of we have not found a way to ensure that there are no children on the site that we do have a responsibility to anyone who is on Gaia, weather thirteen or not. If some one comes into a country illegally and is murdered there, does the murder mean any less because he wasn't where he was supposed to be? If some one does something small wrong, signing onto a pg13 site when they are 12, does that mean they should be treated like they're 20?

We don't have people checking who comes and goes.

And regaurdless, the song is inappropriate for 13. It should not be on Gaia.

When I was in JHS and HS, a lot of my friends were watching shows my parents had forbidden me to watch. Because they were forbidden I wanted to see them so badly. I've seen them now. I agree with my parents, and would rather turn off the TV then let them play, and will leave the room if some one else is watching them. If we put a warning label on it, how many people who shouldn't be watching it will, just because it's forbidden.

Some people made great points about "just because everyone else is doing it." I agree. Why should we be in a cultural race to be the lowest common denominator? Why should we be satisfied with "theres worse out there"? instead of trying to be "not so bad," why can't we strive to be better?

You can have fun at a clean event with songs that are non offensive. We can rise above the mire and sludge of what has become accepted and we can become better. I'm not saying everything in our lives should be pure and perfect, and I'm not claiming to be pure and perfect. But I choose to not accept something as good because other people have. I would like to think I am not alone in this.

This is not the first time Gaia has forgotten it's own TOS when it comes to outside source media. I was warned by friends and family alike not to listen to the Cory Brothers video. I put the computer on mute and put the screen up in the back. One of the new video trailers I was also told not to watch. I am over the age of 13. Well over. But I am still allowed to be offended by these things. I came to Gaia because I thought it was a safe haven from these things. It's gotten to the point where for a while I retreated into my guilds only, and then avoided some of those guilds as well. So I am cut off from most of what brought me to gaia in the first place, the chance to make new friends and play in wide open rps with verities of people. I have been venturing back onto Gaia proper more and more these past few weeks, and riding the report button, but things like this, being put out by the admins makes me sick. I am seriously beginning to rethink some of my Gaia choices.

There may be worse out there, but I choose to live above. I thought Gaia did too. heart
It's funny how most of the older people find it more disturbing then the 13 years old xD
I think its because they understand what the song really is talking about. Least that is what I feel, that's why they know it inappropriate, and there for most likely disturbing gaia put it on. I don't mind that kind of music; I rather not listen to it cause it's gross. I am just disappointed gaia put such a song on it where I wasn't expecting it. Especially being they have such high standards.xD

@eger28 from page10 : First I was only 9 or 10 about 6 years ago. I was around when that music was just getting started. When it was every one was listening to it all the time. <_< And Clearly you know your age cause you said it to someone else, and clearly you don't know what you are talking about because child abuse would just laugh if you called saying my mom wont let me listen to a song about sex D' : ; further more that is a horrible you think that way that you can just call child abuse a very serious issue on something so idiotic. You sir, have no idea what you are saying; your view of the world is very small. Stop saying its Gaia trusts us, they clearly don't or they would go changing ToC. The actual rules they; and you are suppose to follow. You clearly can't make a good argument, you keep referencing yourself and weakening it. As well as you are completely missing the point as to what the complaint is.

On a similar note, people stop saying things about I can handle it, or its on all the time on Radio and things. Just simply click out of it, or don't listen.

You are missing the point....T.V. has warning labels to let parents know what is appropriate for kids what is not. They is all sorts of censors on Radio's. For it to be okay Gaia should have at least put a warning next to the song. Then I wouldn't have much to complain on. Though its the fact that they didn't, and Gaia has a higher standards than TV and the Radio do. So the fact they are putting it on just is disappointing. So don't say just because I can handle the song, or just click out. Does NOT make it right that they didn't even put a freaking warning when they are always so tight on that rule. The complaint is
It's the fact it was on a site that is always very high, and picky on sexual content, yet they don't even put a label on a song they picked.

Though I wonder if they picked the songs, they do seem to be partnering up with MTV and those kinds of things.
there is no need to protect todays society
I promise you, if these kids are on gaia, chances are they have heard worse else where
there is no need trying to play the good influence
if you want to protect some 13 year old mind from what you call 'inapropraite'
but its bound to happen
so you might as well save the trouble later and get it over with
lest they become some confused 25 year old just hearing this sort of stuff

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Nothing worse than what plays on the radio. talk2hand Gaia's got an age limit - no kids should be playing here. If you don't like the lyrics, don't play the song.
If they're to young 2 hear that song, they're to young to be on gaia! the CLOTHES that some of us where are more innapproprate than that song! (i can't spell, sry sweatdrop )
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I just want to make a comment on the post that said "what if your 10 year old brother walked into the room".

Well ladies and gents, whether you're listening to a dirty song, spanking the monkey, doing the horizontal mambo or other licentious and sexy activities...this is what a LOCK on your DOOR is for.

It's not Gaia's fault if you didn't lock your door, just like it isn't a pornographic site's fault that you didn't lock your door and your brother came bounding in.

Don't have a lock? Well, maybe you should think twice about what you do on the computer with your wee siblings at home.

True, I think maybe a little warning would be a good idea, but there's no reason to remove the song.

ALSO: Why does everyone think sex is so dirty, so bad and not to be listened to? I think people should enjoy their sexuality and that children should be educated properly on sex and sexuality so they have the tools to make good choices. Many, many, many songs are about sex, whether overtly or hidden. This song just happens to be rather overt. Actually...they aren't even going all the way. I think they stop at third base. XDDDD lmao.

This is not a porn site though, and upon first play, I doubt most people would know that a song titled "Hypnotize" is all about sex unless you knew of the song before. It's not really fair to say, "Well, watch what you do with your siblings in the room" when you are on a PG13 site in a place you wouldn't expect overtly sexual things to come out of the speakers.
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Well they are supposed to be 13...
Place me on the "This Song is Inappropriate For Gaia" list.

I am, well, I am PG13 plus PG13 and then some. I am NOT a child.

I listen to, and enjoy, many bands that use lyrics that are much more explicit. Nonetheless, there are places for that, and Gaia is not amongst them.

There have been many many things said on both sides of this disagreement, but one person bothered more than any of the others. One guy seems to think that if the young man shells out so much money to take a young lady to the Prom, then he is OWED sex.

What a horrible way to think! Please, if there are any young ladies out there, getting ready for their OWN proms, this is NOT true, and most boys do NOT think this way. I feel very sorry for that guy. He obviously has never had a real relationship with a girl. Or another guy for that matter.

That aside, I just wanted to make sure that those in charge of Gaia will know for next time that the Gaian community in general would be much happier with less explicit material. This is one of the places we go to, to get away from such language things.

Just my 2 cents plus 2 cents worth.
Oh, and by the way....
(People do not get angry at me if this does not apply to you, this is a GENERALIZATION)

.... I have been going back and re-reading some of the replies in this thread and I find it fascinating that, IN GENERAL, most of the people who disapprove of this song being here seem to be able to type and spell better (and basically have an altogether better command of the English language) than those others, whose views seem to be that we should just "grow up".

This makes me wonder if... well, I guess I don't want to explicitly insult anyone, or especially any 'group', so I will just leave it at "it makes me wonder".
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I heard the song ,and i VERY much agree. However, i like the song.

You have to think in a COMMON sence tho. Kids see and heard worse from their own parents. There's no point in getting bend out of shape about it. The prom's almost over anyway. whee
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Just because explicit lyrics and songs are out there doesn't mean they have to be used on a PG-13 website. It's not trolls on the GD either, it's the admins and they should know better. And exiting or whatever doesn't really count since you need a hot-streak of 20 to get all the items. I was shocked when I heard the lyrics because Gaia's PG-13, I wasn't expecting R-rated materials. I'm sixteen/almost seventeen but I choose not to listen to these type of songs IRL and there should warning that the lyrics are explicit or the song should be removed.
I posted my comments earlier, but I will say it again..

Its not that people can't hear worse elsewhere, or that we aren't their parents so it should not matter to us. What most people have been arguing is that this site does not promote such content. It is in their TOS that they will be PG-13, and the song is not. If you see anything that is worse, you are told to report it so it will be removed. So thats what we are doing, we are reporting that this song is bad and that it should be removed, or at the very least addressed.

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