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its easy, just play "the night song" 20 times, its easy and short. thats how i got mine.
Focus on the gray arrows... and playing "Night Song" helps too... and some arrows that are clustered need to be hit alternately, so like said before... don't panic..

Hope you get your crown! took me 2 days to get mine mrgreen mrgreen
I can't get past 15 in a row, so I don't know how many more to go.

you must beat 30 rounds with 4 56 combo's to get the crown
That's not true DarkKingJaden. It is definately 20 rounds in a row.

Night song is the easiest and shortest song to play. I finally got the crown! I used both hands on the arrow keys, my right hand fingers on the bottom three and the index finger of my left hand on the 'up' arrow.
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So far i've made it to level 18, so i'll keep trying for 20. sweatdrop
Two days of playing this damned game on and off have left me good enough to get up to level 19 then crash out with 82%. So frustrating. emo

... and it turns out that reading this thread for the sake of bitching about my crashing and burning on Level 19 was a really good idea. Following the advice about moving the window so that the bit with the gray arrows was in my sightline and ignoring everything but what was immediately coming up finally paid off - I played right through after reading this thread and by the end I was getting percentages in the 90s. Thanks, UnaAngelFay - I know you'll probably never see this but believe me, I am ridiculously grateful. See, this is good advice. Listen to these people, for they know of what they talk. 3nodding

(Also, I am stupidly glad my Internet chose now to flake out on me briefly, rather than doing it five minutes earlier. I would have killed something.)
yeah..the night song and chillen are both easy songs...you can do the same songs over and over.
I just played 3 of the same songs over and over again (Night, Chillin', and Da Gold). I think those 3 are the shortest songs and I switch off because I don't want to hear the same one song 20x. More fun to mix things up a bit.

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