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What I find helps me is that I turn the music off and just calm down and concentrate on the arrows that are at very right of the screen (the ones I have to hit to score). Also, what I did is that I played that "night-something" song for all 20 rounds. I think it's the shortest and with the music off, it doesn't really matter if you play that song 20 times; it becomes a matching game instead of a DDR like game that way. But the most important thing is to just concentrate on the arrows. I hope that helps in anyway. domokun I was having trouble getting the crown too.
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its part of the game, not everyone can win. thats the point. if everyone won the items wouldnt be worth anything and every one would complain that they spent all thier time and didnt win items that were worth anything. neutral

Then why not randomly pick 10% of gaians that get on at the event get an item and nobody else. There are enough new people getting on for event items to raise. It just depends on how nice the item is really.
My biggest complaint is that the arrows are not in time with the music. They're a tad off, but it totally throws me off. I can't do it with the sound on even. I have to mute it then watch the arrows or I'll start missing like crazy.

I really wish they could have gone with the vertical alignment. Did they think Konami would sue or something?

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