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After Step Mania, I thought this would be so easy. How wrong I was. Going across the screen instead of vertical is really messing me up. But what really has me upset now is when I was getting to level 15 and then missing it by 1% and then having to start all the way back over. Though I did finally make it to level 18... I've gone through this so many times... and I don't know how many more times I can listen to Night Song. I can get 98% on level 3 why can't I do it on level 18, 19, and 20? Grrrrrrr
Gosh I feel less stupid now. My friend told me the dancing is friggin easy.. But there I was trying to push all the right arrows but kept pushing the wrong ones and wondering why the easy song is so very hard and fast. Felt like a true idiot. But I guess the dance game is not for everyone. I suck at it. Guess I'll stick to real life dancing. Much more satisfying.
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Hm, another issue?
All the gaia events I've been to in the past, as long as you kept at it you got the items. It was a matter of investing time.
Now... even if I'm willing to play this game for hours, I'm going to fail out eventually and STILL not get the prize.
What's up with that?
i get 90%-100% on every song i think ur guys and girls problems are hand eye cowardanation
Practice people! That's the only way you can do it!!!
i get 90%-100% on every song i think ur guys and girls problems are hand eye cowardanation

Haha! True dat!
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this event SUX! wtf man....

not only gaia has been extremelly laggy these days, but they also had to mess with jigsaw and now this stupid event =/
I'm awful at it ! I can do DDR, but it doesn't work with my fingers xd Can't I hook my DDR pad up to the computer and do it that way?? talk2hand

Plus the 'easy' songs are mega-hard.
I agree with a lot of the points I've read. I wish they'd let you re-do the round you blew it at instead of maing you start over from round one. I don't like this event and I especially don't like how they've made the songs so difficult to get through. The event also lags from time to time, making me mess up. (I would also say something about the song selection, but I think that's been talked about enough.) stressed
i can't dance IRL or on gaia, lolz i suck
No offense but I find this easier then DDR xD Since you are doing it with your fingers :B And even if the arrows are going --& instead, it won't make a big difference <3
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its part of the game, not everyone can win. thats the point. if everyone won the items wouldnt be worth anything and every one would complain that they spent all thier time and didnt win items that were worth anything. neutral
Yes, but if there were a forum version that runs the way the events normally do (ie not hitting the same post twice, waiting between actions) then we'd be spending a lot of time on it as well, and the dancers couldn't complain.
I find it very odd they made this a Game exclusive event, they normally don't do that since so many people have problems with the games.
The whole thing is really unfair.
Bloody bastards scream
i have a hard time playing it..games like ddr and guitar hero and all racing games screw with my eyes and makes me nauseous...so yeah..i finally got the crown...
i get 90%-100% on every song i think ur guys and girls problems are hand eye cowardanation

Apparently your problem lies more with spelling and grammar. I must say that I am glad to see that I am not the only one with issues about this game. I've pretty much decided to just wait until it's over and buy the crown once it has deflated.
You guys aren't alone. I've been playing this game on and off for ages and keep crashing out at Level 17. I'm just genuinely not very good at it and although I'm getting better with practice, there's no way I'm going to get good enough fast enough to complete Level 20 by the end of the event. I'm still playing the game, but I'm doing it more for the gold than I am out of any hope I'll actually get the last damn item. I really wish we could continue from the level we blew instead of having to go back to the beginning and then crashing out on Level 17 yet again. gonk

Oh well. I'll console myself with the thought that I only really wanted the crown for completion's sake and am far keener on the ribbon and the bow tie, anyway.

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