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creating a new topic and no one answered... therefore i'm asking u guys!1
when i try to dance, in any room the window that opened in the first place is too small i dnt see all the buttons and evidently i cannot dance!!
PLS help me, how do i make the window bigger? and i dnt have the "maximize" option available in this window, cannot open in new tab
I suck at it too - Im jumping all around the dancefloor while every else playing is standing still. Why is that?
I was wondering that too. I'm still having fun though, even if I do suck at dancing, here and IRL.
I agree. Especially when my hand has been cramping up really bad. I think that we should be able to start where we leave off of instead of starting over. I don't see me getting that crown. crying crying

i agreed !!
i really had totally no idea
that i needed to start over!
i where on round 13 =D
but then i took a break
then i did it again
i lost i needed to begin
by round 1 ...
T________T ~
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I'm just like you, Metria: okay on the dance floor IRL - but I suck at this "game".

I think the Admins should have a second set of Items for the Forums as well, so that no one feels left out.

Agree... I also agree that the keyboard configuration is a problem, as well as the fact that the music beats don't sync with the arrows.

Also, even the "easy" mode is too fast. I suppose it was okay for the computer geek beta testers using their top-of-the-line equipment, but anyone on dial-up doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell.
its part of the game, not everyone can win. thats the point. if everyone won the items wouldnt be worth anything and every one would complain that they spent all thier time and didnt win items that were worth anything. neutral
I don't get this game (maybe cause I got a super old keyboared hooked up to a brand new computer........)
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the game sucks scream
Yeah. My advice is to buy from the marketplace.
i hate it and suck at it...hate ddr type stuff ;-;
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Heaven is not just over our heads...

I can't do it because the arrows on the screen are not in the same configuration as the arrows on my keyboard. It confuses my fingers. They should be letters in a vertical line, like NJI9 or something.

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...but under our feet. -Thoreau

Or even better, a horizontal line, so that we can actually use four different fingers. How can we hit up & down at the same time if we use the same finger for both? gonk I might have to cram both hands on the little arrow pad at the same time if I want to break the next level.

And I love how after spending forty minutes dancing, you can get thrown back to the beginning for having a bad round...
I use two hands, overlapping them. Use your right hand for right and up and left hand for down and left.
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I'm so glad I'm not the only one having trouble with it. I thought it was just that I sucked. oh well, no items for me. D:
Well reading all of these comments is making me feel less stupid! *giggles* I have tried and tried to dance and can't even get to 25%.....I suck at this and it makes me mad! I can dance in real life but not here.......and I have played Guitar Hero..not constantly but enough to get good scores but geez......I can't do anything here...... crying crying crying I keep saying I am not going to let this stump me.....but now I'm wondering.......
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Yeah, I have a keyboard with keys that stick. I don't see getting the prizes any place but the marketplace. crying
The "game" is too much like DDR which i suck at redface

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