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In real life I move pretty good, but this arrow thing with the key board? I suck at it. If I could use both hands, one on each side of the keyboard it would work better.
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Heaven is not just over our heads...

I can't do it because the arrows on the screen are not in the same configuration as the arrows on my keyboard. It confuses my fingers. They should be letters in a vertical line, like NJI9 or something.

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...but under our feet. -Thoreau
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I'm just like you, Metria: okay on the dance floor IRL - but I suck at this "game".

I think the Admins should have a second set of Items for the Forums as well, so that no one feels left out.
That game really sucks... stare
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I think the game is fun. I just really suck at it. sweatdrop

I wish we could do some kind of practice mode, instead of trying to keep our dancing streak going. Then it wouldn't be so frustrating.
I suck at it too - Im jumping all around the dancefloor while every else playing is standing still. Why is that?
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omg no1 answered my question when i created a new topic so im just gonna go asked u guys bcuz i am soooo confuse n its really making me sad lol how do u guys dance to get streaks to get points to get item? some1 plz answer me this time? crying
I think the Admins should have a second set of Items for the Forums as well, so that no one feels left out.

I totally agree with you, Ketira. Even the easy songs are difficult. sad
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They should have set it so that the arrows flow up, like on ddr, so my fingers wouldn't hate this... I can't make my hands and eyes coordinate. Especially with the big glowy flashes when I get good combos....
I'm frustrated.
what are combos???
Combos - You get the arrows without missing

Right now, it looks like most people biggest complaints are that the easy levels are too hard, the music selection bites, and the configuration of the screen is throwing people off. Not only do I agree with every one of those points, but I'm gonna add one: I want to be able to save my progress or just keep trying the level I'm on instead of starting over at the beginning when I'm one percent off from getting the crown! scream Grr, that's happen to me twice now and I promised an out of town friend I'd do my best to get her the items as well. No telling how many more renditions of Chillin and Night Song I'm gonna have to listen to now.

I'm not one to normally agree, but I stand with all of you when I say; the Admins need a better way of giving the items for this event. Even thought I like the DDR, they need a better selection of music, two ways of getting the same items, and slower arrows to hit.
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I agree. Especially when my hand has been cramping up really bad. I think that we should be able to start where we leave off of instead of starting over. I don't see me getting that crown. crying crying
Having played Stepmania for a while, and not using the arrow keys while playing it, I feel like I'm terrible at this game. And it makes my hands hurt. Music needs to better as well. The only one I like is the trance song, and it makes my fingers cry. They should also have allowed you to pick your buttons for it. A,S,K,L FTW!

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