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Omg...Help me!!! This is so irritating!!
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I seem to be having a problem with the music playing as if there is two separate music players on my wix profile.

I.E. if you hit the "off" button which would normally stop the music, it only stops the second players that seems to be playing, while another one continues.

When you go to the actual published website it doesn't act like there is two players.

I used the converter.

Help, please.

Published Site

Sorry for the late response, are you still having this issue?
If you are, your media probably got duplicated.
To fix, first take out the CSS (you may have to replace it with the word "none", or it won't clear).
You should then see that there are two media panels, but if you try removing one it will probably come back.
Instead, you need to first add another panel, like the about panel, save, then remove both medias and save.
Once you do that, you can add a new media, set it up for the Wix, save, then delete the about.
Make sure all that's left is a single media, then add the CSS again.

My editor won't load :<

Sorry I missed this, but it sounds like a Wix-side issue so there's likely not much I can do for you.
Try on different browsers/computers if it's still happening.

Omg...Help me!!! This is so irritating!!

What exactly are you having trouble with?
If you're getting stuck, tell me which step you were on and what happened when you tried.
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Thank you so much for making this guide! It was extremely easy and simple. 3nodding I had no issues whatsoeva ^w^
I realized the old one that Toxxn had put up wasn't being kept up to date a couple of months ago, so I found this thread that someone had posted a link to in that forum.
I give you a life time supply of moofins! heart heart heart TANK TANK YOU!!!!! ^o^/
It doesn't seem to work anymore. It keeps crashing everytime I click convert. =/
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It doesn't seem to work anymore. It keeps crashing everytime I click convert. =/

This is a known glitch, unfortunately. I'll fix it one of these days sweatdrop
Send me a link to your Wix view page (please, not your whole source code) and I will convert it for you.
Trying other browsers and/or copying directly from the source may help.

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