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9/10 I love the use of jquery transitions. Looks pretty.
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9/10 I love the use of jquery transitions. Looks pretty.

8/10 one side is too bland or nuthings there!
but i love none the less

@rater: i know im a newb and i dont know about codes but i tried my best with the add picture feature.... dont rate me!
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                @ Calligraphy Pen: 6.5/10. It's pretty and simple, however, it feels kind of bland. gaia_angelright
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^ 7.5/10 looks great design-wise but your font color is too light that it's hard to read. And your margins, the about me section needs to be margined a lil bit from the bottom and your copyright section exceeds the space.
    glumbear; 9.9 // 1O
    i love it. but i just think it would be better if the blocked images could be uploaded to photobucket.
    then it would look way better. cause well block images just annoys me a lot. cause you have to click on it for it to load, sometimes you have to wait, and if it's a link button then you have to click it again.
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plant life

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    did you create the background?
    i thought at first glance, everything was uncoded.
    personally, im not a fan of the graphics style~
    and yeah, the "who viewed me" is kinda forced
    and mess up also try fixing the header.
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@11th day
I love how simple it is, but has all the fine details that pull it all together! <3
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1000/10 LOVE IT Looks like a phonixbasilisk profile! <3
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Either you are using this crappy Internet Explorer and other weird horrible browser, or Gaia is messed up for you as the developers says in "Dev Notices".

My profile has been made in a way to scale at any kind of possible resolution screen.
The footprints panel and so on are all aligned on the main column, it's supposed to show 3 visitor and nothing more.

I asked some of my friends who got different resolution size to take a screenshot and send me their picture to see if everything was working fine for everyone and it does. Try maybe refreshing the page, or take a screenshot to point at the issue you are seeing there.

Also, the background was already existing before, I just did a very huge customization of it to turn it into profile's style.

11th day

everything looks in order to me.

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