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This is driving me bonkers gonk
I want the "about" box to be bigger but when I increase the width the text adjusts but the box itself is still the same size and cuts off the text, see here
I then tried the box that reads "text" in the "edit my profile layout" since it's a larger size but it's too large so I tried making it smaller but I can't find it's name in order to input the right code.
What am I not doing right?
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Could you explain to me how to hide where it says online/offline on the details section? I want to hide that only.. :X
thank you~
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Posting for reference at a later date

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This thread is made of win and wonderfulness. -promoted at bottom of profile-
Thanks so much. Tremendous help. Awesome.

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How do I make my youtube play/pause button go to the bottom left? I'm using this code right now:

.media_panel h2
background: transparent;
bottom:0px; left:0px;
padding:0px!important; margin:0px!important;
width:100%; height:25px!important;
.media_panel embed, .media_panel object
width:100%; height:25px;
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I tried to add my profile a new cursor and when I saved ,it somehow disabled the css code?
When I keep the place where you write the code open and press update, it shows the right layout,but then,when i press the save button it disables it again.

Code :

.panel {
background-color: #36454F;

#columns{width: 1300px; margin-left: 150px; margin-right: auto; float: none; position: relative; top: 60px;}

.panel{border: 4px double red;}

selector{font-family: Times_new_roman;}

selector { font-family:Verdana, sans-serif; }

.panel {opacity=0.75;transition: .8s;}
.panel:hover {opacity=0.75;}

opacity: .5;

opacity: .8;

overflow-y: auto;
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edit: nevermind. i'm dumb.
i just forget to end the code. 4laugh
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I wish this was stickied .
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I am blatantly overlooking if this was already answered, but can someone please tell a dummy how to code a simple drop-down menu in the "current" profile theme override? I am trying to get it to show up in my about section. All codes I have tried seem to not work. I am probably making a really obvious mistake but I just have no idea. Again, if someone can enlighten me that would be wonderful.

I have tried:
{#id_about ol

width: 100px;
#id_about ol ol {
background: white url(arrow_icon_image) right center no-repeat;
border: 2px groove black;
padding-left: 2px;
#id_about ol ol+ol {
position: absolute;
border: 1px solid black;
border-top: none;
padding: 2px;
padding-top: 0;
background: #EEE;
display: none;
#id_about ol:hover ol+ol {
display: block;
#id_about ol ol+ol ul {
border-bottom: 1px solid #888;
padding: 1px 0;
#id_about ol ol+ol br {
display: none;

And just pasting that into the very bottom of the theme override. And also this in my "About Me":
[list=1][list=1]Dropdown top[/list][list=1][list]item 1 [/list]
[list] item 2 [/list]
[list] item 3[/list]

I have a feeling this is dummy work cat_gonk
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So helpful heart
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Blehhhh I read the whole thing but i still dont understand how to get rid of everything in a section except the information in it (the text) if someone can pm me how to do that id be very grateful >.< ,
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Does ANYONE know how i can edit the color of the links?
Does anyone know how to make your avatar float up and down?
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Does anyone know how to make your avatar float up and down?
Maybe it has to do with a pixel? I mean, there are people who just make that for you. Make your avi float up and down and such.

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