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Okay, i was having trouble with this, but now not so much.

But how can i do about having a scroll bar??
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You can only have a scroll bar on your last section.
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Oh right.
Im only trying to add one custom section tho.
hmm...I'm rather satisfied with the success rate based on the poll so far.
I'll get around to more advanced guides on the matter soon...recently had my motivation to do anything drained, but I should be back to being productive again soon. biggrin
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For the record. Custom Sections are built into v2.
.custom_panel {height: #px; width: #px;}
You just click the custom bar in the content.
Oh my--

I just realized that fr34x0r had a chick avatarl! gonk
Shuriken Jutsu
Oh my--

I just realized that fr34x0r had a chick avatarl! gonk

rofl it's been like that for quite a long time now...lol
I guess I never studied your avatar before.

But in IRL, you're a dude, right?
I've been looking for coding for multiple custom sections for a month now. I've come across a few others that just didn't explain the about section for me as simply as you have. Thanks so much fr34x0r!

- (mule of LauraBrokenInside)
@ mascaratearz: thanks, and you're very welcome! whee

@ shuriken: heh, yeah, I'm a dude. rofl
I always thought of you as a dude, maybe 'cause you talk (type) like a dude.
just a little note to some of you: please post here if you have questions, I'm not even gonna answer to half of you if you pm me for help...especially if I can barely understand your message

just, post it here and me or someone else will be more than glad to answer it.
Nice guide. =P

Its alwasy a b***h trying to explain to someone who is new at coding how to add a custom section, now I know where to send them!! ~~ heart xd
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      hey im new to making profiles. check them and see.
      i had this BIG problem.
      Now,i made the layout design so how can place them in together on the following sections?D; HELP!!

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