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User ImageHey! Listen!

I'm trying to get my background to come up from where it's stuck itself at the bottom of my page. I'm using Firefox and my profile is set to current.

I cannot, for the life of me, figure this out. I apologize if this is somewhere ahead of me, but I double-read everything before I decided to post.

Thank you!

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I'm having problems with my theme! What do I do? I chose the Kiki kitty one and everything is still black sad
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I'm having problems with my theme! What do I do? I chose the Kiki kitty one and everything is still black sad
Your CSS override is still overriding the new one you chose. You have to remove it to see the theme you've chosen.
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I have a problem with my theme. The first theme in the Gaia section keeps popping up as my theme instead of any other theme I want. Say, I click to paste and add an Alice: Madness Returns picture from Photobucket, but after I hit save, the Gaia picture is the one that is saved, not the Alice one.
I've tried this three or four times now and it is still the same. Why is it doing this?
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A picture I uploaded years back for my background will not go away even though I've changed my background 100's of times
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Does anyone know if [Q]'s Flash FAQ is still correct with gaia's coding and such? I'd hate to start reading in depth and learning how to flash if the information there is hopelessly incorrect. I know it's outdated (by.... many years), but it might still be usable.

Please quote me if you have an answer. Thanks.

I'm gonna drop a PM to [Q] - but if anyone has any updates or opinion/thoughts on the manner, please feel free to quote me and chat. c: Or if you know of any good tutorials etc,etc.
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  • Browser: Firefox
  • Operating System: Windows 7
  • Profile System: V2
  • Problem: Opacity unchangeable between .panel and .panel:text
  • CSS Code (optional):
    .panel h2 {background: green;}
    .panel { background-color: yellowgreen; opacity: .3; font-weight:bolder; }
    .panel:text { opacity: .9; } (font/text) neither work.
  • Screenshot (optional): Not Applicable? Please refer to current profile.

Gah! D:

I want the text to be fully opaque, and the panel to be translucent. y it no work?

Edit: Profile edited to retain text opacity and background translucence using red green blue alpha
.panel { background-color:rgba(173,255,47,0.2) font-weight:bold; }

Source weblink for rgba advice and contrasting text/background opacity.


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