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i need help

i have a problem i have a mixpod player and it works perfectly
but it has a white background atached how can i get rid of it?
@ killer
I've testing inputting the code with webdev and it works fine, but you can try .media_panel{position:absolute;left:-2000px;} to pretty much hide it as well (though you'll have to remember to take out the code every time you want to change the song and input it back in to hide it)

@ neryan
Aye, there's no way to get rid of the white background attached to it due to security issues and what not Gaia used to have in the past. The most you can only do is to resize it best as you can so very little of the white appears.

@ iPanda
you're welcome c:
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thanks i did the resize
Ily.. @ _@

For the classic Hypster Recap I don't get how you made it those colors. o-o
edit // nvm. c:

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thanks, very helpful.. though since it's me, it took a while to figure it out sweatdrop
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thank you so much!!! you really helped whee

Thank you thank you thank you heart * worships the ground u walk on* whee
um..so for the play button (youtube) i dont get it, im using the current profile and i dont know how to use the code? usually people put things like <code>url here<code> but im not seeing that. and am i supposed to paste that in the url section when im editing the contents of my profile? like http://youtubelink.com&autoplay=1then your code here?
thank you for this exclaim
Oh thank you thank you for taking your time to show us EASY step-by-step
instructions ~ Oh how I appreciate you doing this!
*Bows down in pleasure* "Oh great one..."

(I'm random, so dont be suprised, I just want to let you
know how thankful I am for you making this. whee )
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Thanks for helping me.
Thankyou for the help.
Much appreciated~
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