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I shall now refer to this as open/done! =)
This thread is now open! (Finally! xD)
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I like the new thread, but I think if you wanted to you could have edited the first page of your old thread. lol..it's a lot easier and more simple...I've done it before...

Anyways, what ever floats your boat I suppose.

On topic, I like this set up you've designed its very neat and easy to read.
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Omigawd. This is sooo much cleaner.

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subscribed swell-chan~ 4laugh
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                      I say just have a mod move your old thread to the recycle bin cause I'm sure people will keep posting.
                      But fabulous job swelly. <333
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Awesome remake a lot better the before.
I miss the youtube pictures that link to a certain video ;___;

But the simplified version is really easy to use biggrin
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This guide is PERFECT! thank you very much! I was really looking for how to resize then i saw this play/pause button for youtube and i liked it so much!!! thanks again!!! whee

4laugh heart 4laugh heart 4laugh

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YAY! A NEW ONE ;D Thanks!
really helped thanks : )
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Thank yous and you're welcomes to all of you heart

@ Spandex; Oy... it's not simple placing everything into 8 posts only. That was back then, and I had no idea (nor plan of making the thread a full-permanent..cy. ) It had blobs of red allover the place @@" and way too many words, since I wanted to explain everything in full detail instead of cut-to-the-chase as most people tend to want sweatdrop so I've fixed it to be the simpler it is now, and more readable then the general red color used before to kill eyes <<;

@ Darky; Thank yous, and I had no idea Gaia even had a "Recycle Bin" sweatdrop

@ dj; lol, I might do it again sometime then xd
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Shamefull-less bump back to front page.~
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                    i had used the last thread, so i'm going to subscribe to this one just in case c;
                    just used it to put a playlist on. i like the playlist better than a youtube video~
                    thanks <33

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