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Don't know why WWE doesn't take the oppritunity, and make a new N.O.D...

Get Henry in there since he's not going for anything at this point.

Have Khali get in, to avoid racial confusion [even though .N.O.D. kinda nodded torward that until Hart got in.]

Maybe put...Bourne in? Or someone who really has no place in it, just to be the one white guy in there.

Sorry but a Plz no. No. No. No. No.

Actually, that might be an interesting choice.

Have HOF's Faarooq return to lead the group as a manager, then have Ezekiel Jackson, Alicia Fox, JTG, Hunico, Camacho, and Khali gradually join it, since none of them are really doing anything in the company right now, and they could all use a small push. It'd be a good heel faction, and it could have really good comedic value.

They could have feuds with people they're trying to recruit, like Mark Henry and the current Tag champs, and we could see a storyline where Otunga is persistently trying to join them, being rejected every time.
That idea has win all over it. Maybe, actullay have a new Nexus attack?

And like I said, remember, we need at least one or two white people. Just to avoid this generation's over sensitivity to the joke that's known as racism.

Nuh-uh. There'd be two latinos and an Indian, so who cares if there's a white member?