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More people added to the roster:



(Going by the vid, I believe the 2 mystery people at the bottom of the roster link are Goldust and DDP. And I believe 2 Cool is new to the roster page and not shown in the vid.)

Also, the picture of Natalya looks like Beth Phoenix. confused

Yeah, so the part about Linda McMahon is also to keep this from being moved to the gaming forum. Val Venis (the porn star) was added to the roster. I doubt anything will actually come of it, but if the Democratic candidate in Connecticut who is running against Linda gets wind of this, they may have a field day...
Your thoughts?
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Linda's competeter is gonna give a ******** about a video game DLC? Something anyone with the video game could download?

Seriously, why would he give a ********?
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Don't worry, this can't be moved, even without the Linda stuff. If it relates to wrestling in any form (including movies that star wrestlers), then it's relevant to the forum.

As for the race, I don't think Blumenthal is going to care if Val Venis is in the game or not. If he wanted to use that stuff against Linda, all he'd have to do is go to youtube and show clips of Val being in the company to begin with. It'd be of more benefit to him to base his attacks around her views on the issues.
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I hope they give Val his limp wang taunt. I remember him having that in No Mercy. Used to crack me up every time I saw him do it in a Rumble match after tossing someone out of the ring.
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Isn't Linda ahead in the polls? I thought I read something along those lines the other day. Then again, I'm not really keeping up to date with it since I don't live in Connecticut. My source for news on that race is pretty much whenever wrestling sites post something about it.

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