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I am routing for John Cena because I think he is one of the most underrated superstars in WWE right now, He is ridiculed for having a limited move set dispite MOST wrestlers having a limited amount of moves, He is arguably one of the strongest wrestlers pound for pound in recent history (and that includes the likes of Batista, Brock Lesnar and Goldberg) but the main thing is the fact that what he says about The Rock is true...The Rock is nothing but a hypocrite who walks in when he needs to promote something then he runs back to Hollywood, Cena may not be the most popular but the fact is he too does Hollywood and a Music career and Make a wish and so much more yet he still manages to get into the Ring week in and week out!!!

1) The Rock had his time in the spotlight for six years and then left after he had accomplished everything he wanted to in the WWE. Listening to Cena, you'd think the Rock never gave anything to the WWE, but there's several years worth of him working his a** off, touring the country, beating himself up night after night, much like Cena does now.

2) Cena does not do Hollywood movies. He does movies for WWE studios, which is pretty much the same as B movies. He also does not have a music career. The albums he put out years ago were also from the WWE.

3) No one is saying Cena isn't strong. No one is saying he doesn't do a lot for the company. But there are plenty of reasons for why the man should be booed. Part of it is because booing him is booing Creative who have shoved the same crap down our throats for years, and always falling back to him, even though fans have made it apparent that they don't like him. If he were any other guy, he would have been fired long ago. Another big aspect isn't his move set, but the flow of all his matches, which are exactly the same. That is not an exaggeration. The only miniscule differences come in the only two finishes he does...comeback for the win or get screwed over for the loss.

If anyone is the hypocrite, it's Cena. Once he retires from the WWE (which will hopefully be before he kills the product) watch him do the exact same things he criticizes Dwayne for.

Point taken but I still think Cena will win and I am hoping he does too
2002 Hulk Hogan Vs The Rock - The Rock

2012 The Rock Vs John Cena - John Cena

2022 John Cena Vs ???? - ????

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The Rock will Not lose to Cena Simply because the match is Gonna be in Miami The WwE knows the Fans are sick of Cena being shoved in our faces all the time and Cena knows it too Im pretty sure this will be the main event match because Cena is always the Main Event Even at the elimination Chamber he wasent even in a titlle match but he was the Main Event Why is he even on the face of everything Why not Triple H or Jericho or Undertaker shoot they been here
Everyone knows John Cena is going to win. Why? because hes super Cena.
the rock will win because he is awesome 80% the rock will win and 20% john cena is gonna win biggrin biggrin biggrin heart heart heart mrgreen mrgreen
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The Rock would win if he uses his advantages. John Cena is one of the smart players sometimes) so it really doesbt matter becuase to me, the two seen equal sobce The Rock and Cena share strength even when they dont know it.

Think of The Rock below Cena- obviously he would go for him, but Cena has tine to wrastle him before Rock gets to him. Wrestling is really real, unless theyre toys and stuff. I know this becuase I do wrestling as a girl and my friends have the action figures, stadium set, and the DS game. I rule at that.
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The Rock and John Cena have a 50-50 chance of winning. John Cena has a good chance cuz he has a long time experience, however, it doesn't mean that The Rock hasn't had just as much experience.
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What happens If the Rock win ...... He will go back to making movies and having a little bit more money in his pocket. On the other hand John Cena a little bit money in his pocket and doing his job which he love.

After the match is over .... I know this for a fact, that there is going to be more viewers watching WWE

If I had to choose it will be John Cena
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Probably The Rock. But personally I'd like for John Cena to win.
The ROCK will OWNE CENA hahaha
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The Board, naturally. They're the only people that get anything out of a shitty match like this.
Vince Mcmahon
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My moneys on cena. But the rock is a better wrestler.

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