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don't really TNA
WWE is the best promotion ever and TNA Sucks 3nodding
1) Dragon Gate (I love the constant team warfare.. And Masato Yoshino wrestles there. Do yourself a favor and check him out. blaugh )

2) New Japan (The classic days with Mutoh, Chono, and Hashimoto were good times; and today, things are picking up with Nakamura, Goto, Nagata, and even that princess Tanahashi.

3) NOAH and ROH (I like a lot of the matches in the companies, but the have things that ruin it for me (NOAH's booking makes me cry, and ROH pushes some of the blandest guy like Tyler Black. Sure, he has nice moves, but he has no charisma. Even Danielson has that going for him!

Though, I watch Hustle when I want to be wowed by Kawada's dance moves and soothing singing voice.
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Since I get only two promotions here regularly, and one Japanese Wrestling show every quarter, I'm gonna say WWE.
Right now it would have to be TNA becuase WWE has gone to kid fans and left us real fans behind
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i watch TNA when i have nothing to do although it is more entertaining.
i don't care for ECW but i havent missed an epsode of Smackdown! or Raw since Armadeddon.
of '07.
WWE but i like TNA too
wwe raw and kwf(means kids wrestling federation) burning_eyes in grass valley
TNA.....is actually starting to win points with me. Watching Impact for the last 3 weeks, I've been thoroughly entertained. The silliness with Suicide has died down, thankfully, and TNA's starting to get on the right track by putting on a solid show.

Also, they managed to do what I thought was impossible: make me care about Eric Young.
TNA is currently my favorite. Although they have slipped in their storylines since Bound for Glory, they still manage to pull off exciting PPV's. They also have much better live events. I'll take tickets to a small TNA house show over a WWE PPV any day.

ROH has quickly risen to my number slot ever since they got on HDNet. I can actually follow a storyline now. Although they still have some work to do here and there, the in ring product is the best there is right now. And they can really build the feeling that each of there matches are important.

WWE is honestly almost the worst it's ever been. The epic Hogan length Cena reigns were it's worst. Their storylines are so-so. But what they deliver in the ring is terrible. No one can make the argument that what WWE delivers in the ring is better than TNA or ROH.

As for the indies. Locally, I have Division 1 Pro Wrestling (D1PW) and Jimmy Snuka's Coastal Championship Wrestling (CCW). I also get to see Florida Championship Wrestling from time to time. (FCW is actually more enjoyable to go to than WWE shows.)

I also enjoy Combat Zone Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.
I used to be commander in chief for my pimp ship flying high,

ECW is a brand. WWE is the Promotion

♪♫Till i met this pretty little missile, who shot me out the sky.

Knock You Down by Keri Hilson
Donald Trump's Commercial Free Monday Night Raw

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